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Number 4- The Yard Sale Score

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Everyone out there probably has a flea market or yard sale story. Sadly, here where I live, yard sales are very VERY junky. As a result, I rarely go out to look unless the yard sale specifically lists old books, comics or magazines. Occasionally to save time, I will reply to ads or call to see if it is even worth my time (most people are great to talk to plus it can get word around that you are someone looking for comics). This "word" is how this yard sale came to me. My family was visiting us to see our son for the first time so this is only a month after the previous X-Men collection. My wife gets a call from her nana that she is helping a friend with a yard sale and he has lots of comics. Unfortunately, she missed the call to her phone around 9am and by the time she saw the message, it was nearing noon. We were gonna go for a walk with the little guy so I figured lets stop by and see on our way. When I got there, I was told that someone already bought a bunch. To this day, I wonder what that person got. Old Spideys? Silver and Golden Age goodness? I think about it on occasion. Luckily, the guy said he had another bin full in the garage so I went in, not expecting much but boy was I surprised to see these.


I ended up spending a whopping $60 on the stuff. Sold some books to break even but I was most pleased with adding to the collection. The books were in really good shape considering they were just stacked in a pile in a bin, some with bags, most without. There were others I kept too but this was the main score. I always hold out hope I will find more at yard sales but a local collector friend has also only had one find in the last decade or so in this city and it was just some Bronze Age Rawhide Kid stuff. Very high grade and cheap but nothing one would consider key or noteworthy by any stretch...and this guys hits yards sales hard. 

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