First Five Books are Back!

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The first five books arrived today.  Luckily, everything went well with this reholder submission!  Before pictures of the below books as well as my explanation for starting this journal are in the 'about this journal' section of Adventures in Reholdering!  

I'll start with the Superman: The Man of Steel 18 9.9...  I was really worried about this book.  There wasn't anything wrong with the old holder but I knew it would look better reholdered.  I took a chance and so far so good.  I also show a picture of the 9.9 which I think is pretty cool.  This is the only book with the flap on the back that I show in the third picture.  I am not sure why this is.  I am 'guessing' that maybe they didn't remove this one all the way from the inner well because it would be hard to retain the 9.9 if they did, but I really don't know.  I do know I have seen pictures of books that didn't do well with this flap so I am glad mine is good to go.  Just weird that only one of five books I sent in came back with this.


Very cool Gold colored grade!  Look at that sharp corner, no wonder this is a 9.9!


This is the flap that is only on this book.  The small specks are anomalies due to my camera because I can't see them except in this picture.


Next up is Superman: The Legacy of Superman 1 second printing... I don't have words for this lone 9.8!  It just looks so much better now!


This one is my grail... just love the combination of the black and white art, purple and yellow 'The Adventures of Superman' title, the DC Universe logo, and Roman Numeral IV.  The previous holder was the old style and had a crack. I feel much better now and the cover along with the yellow Signature Series label just POPS!  The lone 9.8.


The lone 9.8 'The Adventures of Superman' 505 now in a new holder, sweet!  I recently was fortunate to have two copies of the Collectors Editions of this book both come back 9.8 so now I have both editions in 9.8 and in new holders!  Very happy about that!


Lastly, another Signature Series obviously not in my main set but which looks tons better in the new holder, plus the old holder had a crack along the bottom.  The First Avenger would be very pleased!


This is my first entry showing these results and to be honest the process of adding an entry blew my mind... I am not sure if this will show up on my original 'Adventures in Reholdering!' entry, or as it's own entry/journal.  I also plan to figure out a better way to show before/after pictures side by side for future reholder submissions.

I'll post my next reholder batch when I send it off.  For now I'm just happy to have these back safe and sound!  Now maybe I'll get some sleep!


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8 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

wow ! a 9.9 ! don't see too many of those !!

Thanks, I feel really lucky to have gotten that one!  I got it along with some other books from a board member that had moved on from trying to finish his set, he was really fair in his dealings otherwise I don't think I could have ever gotten it.

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9 minutes ago, Brandon Shepherd said:

Those are some beautiful books, I can only imagine what was going thorough your mind during the shipping and reholdering process. I’m glad they’re back safely!

I will admit the universe just didn't seem quite right when I sent these off.  I'm really happy to have them back and am now working up the energy for the next batch.

3 minutes ago, Brandon Shepherd said:

Also, I think it’s standard for CGC to use tab/flaps on the inner well on all 9.9 and 10 grades, I’ve yet to one without

That would make sense then, thanks!

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I also have a "flap" on my Signature Slab of WonderWoman #9 signed by Legendary George Perez graded at 8.5...the flap is on the back...eventually I will get it reholded with another slab that needs to be reholded cause it dropped to the floor and now has a crack. :(


Edited by Etreiw

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10 hours ago, Etreiw said:

cause it dropped to the floor and now has a crack. 


Check back in and let us know if the WW book still has the flap after the reholder. Will be interesting to see if there is a trend either way!

Edited by Iconic1s

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11 hours ago, Iconic1s said:


Check back in and let us know if the WW book still has the flap after the reholder. Will be interesting to see if there is a trend either way!

will do but it will be awhile....there's this big signature thing happening at the end of October...I don't think I can fit those 2 CGC slabs into the same box as the other 4 others orders I have for comics to get signed....... ;)

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Since 2019, I have sent back over 150 books to be re-holdered as I want all of my books to be in the latest holders. Now I usually wait until I have 10 or so to do it but have done as low as 3 books. I especially dislike the early first generation CGC holders which some people refer to “old label goodness “!:roflmao:

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11 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

i had considered a couple re-holders for awhile but i guess i'm happy with the old holders and no additional cost or worries

It is pretty nerve racking... at least it was for me!  I have about 40 more books I want to send in but keep talking myself into and out of it :bigsmile:

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2 hours ago, Ghastly542454 said:

I want all of my books to be in the latest holders.

Same here, especially for my main set... look forward to the day when I have them all done!  Can’t imagine them updating the holder again after the current one but then again I imagine people were pretty happy with the old one back when it was new too!  Don’t even want to think about that! :pullhair:

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