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It all started with Archie, Richie Rich, Walt Disney

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I started reading Richie Rich, Casper and Walt Disney comics back in the 1970's.  I also had over 100 Archie digests.  I don't recall the exact moment I read my first comic, but I do remember going to the corner drug store a couple blocks away and buying comics.  I still have the comics, but threw out the Archie digests just last year.  Here are some recent pictures of the Richie Rich books.  These books currently fill up one short box.

I eventually outgrew the Richie Rich and Archie, but I continued reading Uncle Scrooge - loved all of the stories and adventures that they went on! 

Richie Rich & Casper, Profits, Success.jpg

Richie Rich Gems Profits.jpg

Richie Rich Fortunes Jackpot.jpg

Whitman Uncle Scrooge 115,143,165JPG.JPG

Gold Key Uncle Scrooge 76,154,157,158.JPG

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Thanks - I have really enjoyed them.  Interestingly enough, I only recently learned that what I had were actually reprints of earlier stories published in the 1950s - 1960s, with the same exact cover.  When a boardie had some of these for sale recently, I jumped at the chance and got these.  These stories are timeless over all these years - that's for sure!

Uncle Scrooge 5 FC.jpg

Uncle Scrooge 28 FC.jpg

Uncle Scrooge 29 FC.jpg

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