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In order to start, I need to end... where was I?

Dan Dare... Fantastic Four?


Wait!  I was underwater. Yes, that must be it! No, something is wrong here...

Let's try to go back.





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As things progressively got worse around the country and around NY, I still had my job to do and that was actually going to be required more now. As I went from state to state and city to city the signs were all starting to point in the same direction...




This was figuratively speaking of course... my roads that I would travel daily remained opened, but for pretty much everything else, things were closing by the day and by the hour. Ultimately things turned for the worse when they announced that the public schools were going to close followed by hints that soon all 'non-essential' businesses would have to close. This was when I realized that whatever this was, this CoronaVirus from December 2019... it was going to devastate everything.

I got my haircut... thankfully.

And I visited my LCS.

I went in there feeling that this would be my last time here. For whatever was about to happen, either I wouldn't be here anymore or this store wouldn't be here anymore. Whichever way it went, I took my time in there and definitely overspent. I asked myself what would I want to read again, what did I want to revisit one last time?

That's when I found this hardcover and thought it was perfect.

The Flash of Two Worlds.

Because that's precisely where we were about to go.

That night, I texted my friend Rob...




So yes, this was what I chose to read right before we were all about to die.

And a nice peated Scotch was to go along with it!






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I'm guessing some people might've turned their social media accounts into hourly PSAs as the news was updating by the hour. Through the remaining weeks of March and going into April so much was changing that many of my family resorted to the same activity of informing other family and friends of these changes or where certain stocked items might be found.

It was also around this time that in multiple states they were asking people to restrict travel... and that's when I received my Travel Authorization papers from my employer. That was weird. As if everything else that was happening wasn't enough. It was simply a formality to indicate to law enforcement that our business was categorized as an 'Essential Business'.

Strange Days.

So from city to city and from state to state, the signs were clear...

We were definitely not in familiar territory anymore and certainly not in Kansas.







So my job hadn't changed in terms of expectations, but other factors surrounding it did. Despite my stubbornness to simply go along as if everything was business as usual, for the safety of my wife and daughter, I altered my daily activities. Some by choice and some by force. Businesses were shutting their doors out of precaution or by order and certain Governors decided it was best to close all highway rest stops in their state. So for those of us that traveled through multiple states each and every day, it was a bit of a challenge.

Even my employment destination point had made drastic changes. Just weeks earlier we had access to offices and break rooms / dining ares and then one day, we were regulated to conducting our business from an outhouse or shack.

I think this was the point where for me, it was the beginning of the end and I'll get to that later.




Despite all of these drastic changes, there was one that kind of made each day more and more creepy...

The people were gone.

The roads were empty.

The quietness of the world.

The skies.

No planes, no cars, no buses...Just the wildlife.

They came out of hiding and it was fascinating to see.


Like a movie.






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