Iron Man and Sub-Mariner # 1



This is my "pet" comic book. I can find a reason to like ANY comic book, but this particular Issue was one that I could not afford when I was a young boy. I vowed that one day that I was going to own at least one. And keep it forever. This IMSM was a "true" one-shot - it was never intended to go to Issue # 2. Marvel Comics had just obtained permission to add extra titles to their Statements of Publications, so they gave Captain America and the Hulk their own titles immediately. But Marvel could not add all four( 4) new Premier Issues for the four characters right away; there must have been a one-month delay to publish all four titles. This presented a problem of what to do with Iron Man and the Sub-Mariner, even if it was one month. Iron Man was teamed up with Cap in that classic series, Tales of Suspense( TOS). The Sub-Mariner was teamed up with the Hulk as those two shared another classic series, Tales to Astonish( TTA). Cap got to pick up the numerical sequential number of # 100, as TOS left off at # 99. The Hulk got to pick up at # 102, as TTA left off at # 101. But what to do with old Shellhead and Pointy-ears??? Stick them in ONE comic for the ONE month, and everyone will be happy. It was decided that Iron Man would be the o





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