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Opening the flood gates...



Lofty goals abound!

OK, I've decided to leave ebay behind, save for a few slabbed books to buy every now and then. ebay was not good to me in 2007 and I found it just too arduous a task to try and sell books to build the collection I really want.

That said, I now intend to find the greatest specimens in the raw at conventions and shops up and down the East coast. It may take me the next 20 years to complete the sets I've added to my profile, but I will do it. And I will enjoy every moment of the hunt.

As a long time 'reader' and not a 'collector' I am somewhat inexperienced in finding those rare gems and great deals and grandma's yard sales that are the stories of myth. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find these nuggets I'd welcome all advice. Even wholesale auctions, trade shows, or shop sales would be helpful to know about. I'll also be happy to share any info I stumble upon in my journey.

'nuff said!



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