Slowly moving forward...



I'm moving so slow with this, it is amazing I can even consider it forward progress. Been looking through my comics. I had more than I thought. Some Silver Age stuff! But are they worth saving?

When I was a kid, my dad would take me to a comic book store near my neighborhood. It was run by this big tattooed burly guy. (Thinking back, he now reminds me a little of the Comic Book Guy from ?The Simpsons.?) Although big and scary, he also seemed like a really nice person. I would come in once a week and buy whatever caught my eye (usually Hulk or X-Men). One weekend he told me he had a bunch of old comics that he just can't sell and asked me if I wanted them. I said sure. As time went by, I stopped going to his store. I think I heard later he had to close up. It was a little sad to hear. He seemed like a nice guy. Those old comics he gave me, along with my 80s comics I was collecting, have been collecting a thick layer of dust ever since.

?until yesterday?

I took them out yesterday and now I can?t help but wonder if there might be a treasure in there. Although I am hopeful, I sort of doubt it. Although they were in plastic bags, the bags themselves are in worse shape than the comics themselves. Long story short, some of them are Silver Age comics (so Wikipedia tells me). I have a #1 ?OMAC? as well as a few issues of something called ?THE FOREVER PEOPLE?. Also in there are issues from a book called ?The Dingbats?, whatever that is. If these issues were in pristine condition, I?d probably have reason to be excited. Unfortunately, I am not sure if they are any good.

I know NOTHING about collecting and grading, so I am not sure if what I have is good or not. The covers are without creases and all the pages are in good shape (no tears). Some of the books lack sharp corners, but most are pretty square. The bindings, however, are not in the best of shape. They look flattened. The binding itself is actually flush w/ the cover. The pages are not sharp, but let?s face it, the books are old! The covers are not super vibrant, but I am not entirely sure they ever were. There is some slight yellowing in the white areas of the covers.

Since I am such a newbie, I was thinking of taking some snap shots of one or two covers and putting them on the message boards. Maybe the good folks here can give me some constructive feedback.




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