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Finally...."Graded" status!



The long wait is over...kinda...

Glad to see my 3 pending batch submissions, for silver/bronze age Turok Son of Stone comics, finally hitting "graded" status. 1st batch sent in early September, last batch mid October.

Exceptionally pleased with how grade ratings for books I'd acquired over the years, through reputable dealers like Metropolis, neatstuffcollectibles and Mile High, turned out - definitely reliable sellers with obviously fair and objective unslabbed grading systems, from whom I will continue to purchase and highly recommend to anyone.

Also quite happy with grading results for a batch I'd sent to CGC which was significantly damaged during shipping. Initially expecting mid-grade results prior to hearing about the damage from CGC, expected terrible grades, but finally got grades which werent too bad in my view, given the circumstances.

On the other hand, I'm extremely disappointed with a handful of recent key issue purchases I'd made via Ebay from a particular seller, which upon CGC's professional scrutiny turned out as being restored books. I'd asked the seller about this specifically during the listing, did not get a response, thought nothing of it (not the first time it happened) and decided to push through with bidding. Cant really complain, no? But caveat emptor, hard lesson learned, never again!

Nevertheless, all in all a pretty satisfying 1st time experience for me with CGC submission grading....so far....

Now wondering how long it will take CGC to ship these out.



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