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Aquaman 51

john ivic


Just bought this one on ebay, the last of the three Aquaman issues I needed with Adams art on Deadman backup stories. I've decided to do something similar to what Krydel14 is doing with his $25,000 challenge. But on a much smaller scale. Counting down the Neal Adams books I need that have his interior artwork dated from 1967 to 1974, there are only eleven more books left that I do not have, either raw or slabbed. The remaining issues I intend to buy CGC copies, and will provide a journal for each as I near completion. Like I said, a much smaller scale then Krydel14, as I estimate about $5,000 to $6,000 to purchase these books and a year's time to acquire them. After the goal is accomplished, I should have around 85,000 registry points. Enjoy.



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Have fun. It's pretty challenging but rewarding when you put restrictions on it and get that book for the right price.

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