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My Top 10 Online Comic Book Sellers



Really cool online sellers

Thought I'd share with all of you folks my own "personal favorites" list, of CGC sellers I had transacted with over the past few years (mostly in the last 12 months), since I got into this hobby. Covering nearly 400 slabs in all, different grades and various titles and ages which I'm chasing (Avengers, Avengers/Invaders, Turok Son of Stone, Infinite Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Locke & Key, etc).

Really a random list, mixed bag of established brick and mortar stores dabbling online and folks selling off personal collections. Guys who offer what I view as fair prices and shipping rates (not too far off guide for raw, and CGC points value for slabbed), accurate product description, good communication and reasonably fast shipping.

In no way am I connected or affiliated with any of these shops, beyond a relationship as a buyer. Also, I'm disinclined to mention sellers whom I've had unfavorable experiences with (gotta admit, it IS tempting to sound these guys off, but as the saying goes, "if you dont have anything nice to say ...." :).

Here goes, my list of "top 10 sellers", in no particular order:

1. Mile High Comics - been buying raw comics off Chuck Rozanski's store for over 20 years. I've had 7 silver age "Turok Son of Stone" raw issues purchased from them slabbed by CGC, and they were right on the mark. I have looked at their listing for CGC graded books and have bought a couple, find it a bit pricey. But raw book prices are very reasonable, especially during their special CODEWORD sales/ promo period (which happens practically weekly I think). Great seller, overwhelmingly massive selection (and their newsletters are wonderful reads!) from whom I will continue to buy.

2. World Wide Comics - first bought off these guys in the 2009 SDCC. Purchased about 27 CGC books from them, to date, primarily bronze age Avengers. They have a great selection, cool website (mentioned by tnerb in his post also), fair prices, and co-proprietor Stephen Ritter is very reasonable and easy to deal with basis our communications around prices and haggling (for lot purchases). I also think they are listed in Ebay as "spectre52", (from whom I purchased books also) but not sure.

3. Timetrapper - an aussie-based shop (I think) whom I'd transacted with in Ebay, for Turok Son of Stone purchases. Also pleasant experience. Has a nice Turok collection (also here in the Registry), many of which are posted in Ebay right now.

4. Jerry3204 - bought a few NM/M and Gem Mints from him, off of Ebay. 100% satisfied (pricing, communications, shipping). Great Locke & Key selecion. Thank you Jerry.

5. Metropolis Comics - another big seller. Purchased a few Turoks and Avengers from their online site (slabbed and raw), as well as their Comic Connect auction site. Very professional. Website is also top notch and easy to navigate. The CGC grade for the raw books turned out to be even slightly higher, makes me fully trust their raw book grading system.

6. Neatstuffcollectibles - Purchased a sizeable lot of silver age Turoks from them via Ebay, amassed I assume from various sources, and had over a dozen graded. Right on the mark. Only wish they'd had even more key Turoks in the lot. Thanks guys.

7. quiltmomma70 - another Ebay seller. Loved their modern age Avengers books. Quick shipping.

8. comiclink - cool auction site, where I'd managed to get great deals for some relatively high grade silver age books.

9. Paradise Comics - another good seller, whom I'd transacted with in Ebay for a number of modern age, CGC SS books. Professional and quick shipping.

10. comicxchange - nice site where I bought a dozen raw books from, now all graded equal to or higher than their grading system, similar to my experience to date with Metropolis. Definitely another site I will visit, again.

So thats my list. Not all inclusive, as I'd dealt with many others seamlessly also. Of course, cannot guarantee everyone will get the same experience from these guys (dont sue me if you get a bad deal, okay?), as this is solely based on my personal assessment.

Hope you guys find this useful, and that we can all continue to share great buying experiences in this forum, which only helps all of us as we continue with our personal CGC collection journeys. Makes it much more enriching, and fun!

Happy collecting!



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