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Quicker CGC Turnaround Time



Has CGC finally overcome their delays in the slabbing process?

Can hardly believe it.

I sent 2 batches of mixed silver/ copper/ modern books for slabbing (non-fast tracked Value tier), which CGC received March 22.

Couple of weeks later, I'd sent a 3rd batch in, 30 books modern tier (also non- fast tracked), received April 7.

As of today, all 3 batches, have now been marked as "Shipped/Safe", way ahead of the advertised 40 business day turnaround time, and way ahead of the previous 50-60 business days it took them to receive and ship earlier batches I'd sent through. The 3rd batch was actually processed ahead, shipped out about a week ago.

I'm impressed.

I'd also like to acknowledge Mr. Eric Downton from CGC, who managed to resolve some issues I had with the books I'd sent. There was a mix up with one of the batches when I checked status online. CGC got the invoice number correct, but the books shown online - Avengers #1 and # 4 (great books by the way) - werent mine, which really worried me for a minute there as a lot of the books in the batch I'd sent in were silver age Gold Key books which I'd wanted slabbed really for nostalgia more than anything else (they were handed down to me by my dad, old Tarzan/ Korak/ Mighty Samson and Space Family Robinson issues).

I'd also sent in two chrome variants of "Sachs & Violens #1", initially marked as regular issues, now identified (correctly) as variants after I'd raised this. I recall contacting CGC in the past, a couple of times, without getting a response. So, again, pleasantly surprised at both the quick response (within 1 day) and resolution.

Thank you Eric and the CGC Team, for working this out.

I hope CGC keeps this up, and the fast/ quick service isnt just an anomaly. I guess the true test would be items sent for slabbing right after SDCC, where I'd imagine CGC gets swamped.



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