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Ayn, Neal and the world around me...



Kelly Brook

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A Dale Roberts sales thread.

A Dale Roberts sales thread is a crazy place. Books are plentiful, well graded and well priced and buyers are lurking every where. You must have tricks, internet speed and hot keys to win. What most amazes me is selling multi-hundred dollar books like candy the day after Christmas, during the afternoon, you have something special. And if there is a book left unsold, you can bet its part of the Land of Misfit Comics. It should pull its own staples and jump into the nearest fire barrel.

Good times, hitting the refresh and waiting for the gold, or silver or bronze. 

Thanks Dale.


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The cover to Action Comics 425 is perhaps the greatest example of the kid inside myself; the reader, the collector, the one imagining being a super hero. Done by Cardy, it has stood the test of time. It captures every day life, kids and teenagers hanging out and dreaming of their favorite heroes battling it out and maybe even flying by. The mom watching over. The group-read and over the shoulder views while the youngest of all, the most Child is the one with vision to see the real hero; always the most innocent with the most vision. This could be any where, at anytime, children and kids longing for adventure, longing for escape to a fantasy world when all along reality is flying by if they could only step up to greet it. 

Blessed are the heroes.


Action Comics 425 CGC 9.6 .JPG

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