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Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture.  Video games, sci fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.  Join us and sell some of your items, or come in and take home some treasure from your childhood you thought was lost forever.


We do not charge entry for our shows.  We are a family friendly event.  Our purpose is to spread the gospel of geekdom!  We welcome all who may have an interest in comic books, sci fi, toys, video games, costumes, and other nerdy stuff. 

Free Vending

So, you have some items sitting in the closet that you don't need anymore?  We are here to help.  Quad Con gives you four feet of table space for FREE!  If you require more space, it is available.  Additional 4 feet is $25.  If you need another eight feet, the cost is $40.  Please note that we limit the number of tables per vendor.  If you need more than 16 feet of space, it may be available.  ALL inquiries - please email vintagetorque@gmail.com

We are a FREE show.  As a result we do not have a budget.  What does this mean to you?  We may not be able to accommodate your requests for electricity, wall space, or location.  Vendors - do NOT be late.  If you have not checked in 30 minutes prior to the event - you forfeit your space.  Sorry, no refunds.  We are a drama free zone.  If you are causing drama - you will be asked to leave.  If you are a vendor who does not get along with your neighbors - you will not be allowed back to our events.

We Need Your Help!

PLEASE help us get the word out!  This is as simple as sharing info about our event on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Odds are if you want to go....your friends do to.  And they may need to know about the event!  So spread the word - it helps more than you know.


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