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  2. I had never seen this photo of Matt before today. Anyone know who the other guys are?
  3. Same thing happening for me on multiple slabs. Looks like something's down.
  4. Yep, I usually have a dozen or so invoices and they're all gone. Also, you can't verify any graded books so something is either being upgraded or there is a catastrophic failure.
  5. If it is a recent book, it might be Star Wars. Marvel overprinted tremendously on that title. So much so, that Diamond has had several sales of the ratio'd variants. Or, it could have been a book destined for a Loot Crate, but the orders from Loot Crate came in well under what was expected.
  6. The response I use to let people know that what they have isn't worth anything goes like this. "Everything has value, but not everything is valuable. If a dealer had your small stack of books at a swap meet or convention he would probably ask $1.00 each. That's value - but at one dollar it's not valuable. And because it sells for a dollar, a dealer would not be interested at any price. Now you know that your comics have no value. That information in itself is VERY valuable. You can recycle them knowing you're not throwing out a million dollars." People get this.
  7. Will this AF15 CGC 7.5 reach 100 000$ or possible more? It's at 83 200$ with almost a week to go.
  8. CGC Submission Data Down I've tried for past couple hours getting into the CGC Submissions to see the status of my submissions but I've been getting "no order found" Anyone else having this problem?
  9. I don't think that sticker was put on at the printer. I think a sticker very much affects the grade. IMO, it's a big flaw. I've never seen one slabbed. It's probably not worth it.
  10. Which then indicates to me that it'll be too late as the boat would have already sailed by then. Especially if the market is flooded by a ton of these books with everybody thinking the same way.
  11. Nice, Jon! I've never even SEEN a copy!
  12. The witnessing service that CGC provides is covered by the cost of the SS grading fee - if a creator wishes to charge $20 for a sig on a book that will be slabbed and $5 for a sig on a book that'll be kept raw, that money goes directly to the creator; it's not given to CGC to pay for the witness.
  13. The Infinity Gauntlet saga when growing up as a teen. Got me back into the hobby after years of hiatus when Thanos made his on screen appearance. Also I love Jademan comics with all the martial arts mythology also. Too bad they went under here in the US.
  14. Hello i got some cool slabs for sale starting at .99 god country #1 9.8 Batgirl #12 artgerm 9.8 New Mutants #12 dell otto variant 9.4 Rick & Morty sdcc 1 9.6 Star wars #7 boba fett sketch variant 9.6 wolverine 66 9.6 deadpool back in black krs sketch variant 9.8 deadpool secret secret wars 1 run jewels variant 9.8 street fighter cammy virgin variant 9.8
  15. It seems everyone is holding their copies right now ready to pounce once that first Avengers trailer hits.
  16. Looks like a 2.0+ is gonna cost $30k+
  17. Here a few I got back that I left with CGC at WonderCon I'm pretty happy with the Results on most of them especially the Peps and the Tec 205 Highest Graded.
  18. :takeit:
  19. The bucket has not worked for me since Thursday. I logged in a few hours ago and it wouldn't even take my email or pass word. I'm in deep doo doo...
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