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  2. Jaydee

    Fantasic Four Relaunch

    Me Trying to get through another page of that Fishwrap called Fanatstic Four 1 by Slott. It Was Terrible
  3. Wall-Crawler

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    He is living in Bora Bora now off the profits of his Bitcoin trading.
  4. hey my brother; you might be able to sell this one if you tell everybody WHICH page is white!!!!!
  5. Thread closing tonight Metal Men #4 CGC 9.4 $459 Lois Lane #2 CGC 4.5 $95 Daredevil Comics #28 CGC 7.0 $200 Make offer or take what is left for $500 shipped
  6. Sorry but IMO, this would be a complete waste of money. The only chance with a book like this is in a high grade CGC slab, something this example will never be.
  7. That is not true, Lots of Talk about Poop and Pushing out... I gotta go ...BRB AFK
  8. Mine is the same grade. Bought it 8 years ago raw for around a $100.00. I now wish I could have bought 2 or 3 at that price.
  9. boatfund

    My Comic Shop Experience

    the last slab i received from MCS had 4 of those foam blocks (one on each corner), slab was in its own "slab box" (I forget what they are called), and paper packing surrounded all in the larger box. The slab box fit between the 4 foam blocks. And they did look like the picture posted however there were 4 of them), same 90 degree shape, same color. Looks like the similar outer box. I don't see the inner "slab box" in the larger box.
  10. The last couple of sales for 9.6 books have been around $4800 - $4900. Should be interesting to see where they end up.
  11. Zolnerowich

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    You have an eye for color, Jack!
  12. Aside from Spider-Man being more popular, ASM 1 is his second appearance. IM 1 is like his 100+ appearance.
  13. looking for a raw, without damage or signature, within U.S. and around fine condition or better. Offering $100, plus will cover shipping, so call it $115. I am interested in other David Choe material, please send a pm.
  14. It's time for our annual "keep your day job basketball game" Time: 8:00AM Friday, August 24th (Usually goes to 10:30 or so) Place: Rosemont Health And Fitness (A couple of miles away but you will need an Uber for sure) 10225 W Higgins Rd. Des Plaines IL 60018 (847) 698-2582 Cost: $25 (CASH ONLY!) $20 if you are able to present a hotel room key (all hotels qualify). Need a room key for each player present to qualify for the discount. Details: You must have a photo ID. No exceptions. You must be 16 as of 8/24/18 As evidenced by our previous games, no skill required. Alex, Austin, and I are all in. Post here or PM me if you can make it.
  15. steelcity

    Legion of Superheroes collecting thread

    Action Comics 285 is a book that even on first glance everyone knows is something special.
  16. You had it until the end where the Modern guy resorted to name calling. It was actually the "normal person" who did that and thus lost their credibility.
  17. Mayor006

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Oh and here's a new one..... So I get the package from ComicLink and it feels a little light to be holding two slabs to me. I open it up and it just has the Starslayer book. I look at the invoice with it and it only has the Starslayer on it. I know for a fact I was charged for both books, I can see it on my credit card charges on the website. I call them up and they let me know that the Thor 337 was an accidental listing! It had been sold in a previous auction and has somehow been relisted and it wasn't discovered until time to ship to me. I'm sure with the sheer number of books they have come through there it happens, but #1, please refund me my money for the phantom book I paid for, and #2 why is it that I had to be the lucky one?
  18. Lucky Baru

    Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    I did a double look at that cover. Made me think of an ACDC song. When I see a cover like that I believe that the artist sitting in the Marvel bullpen were laying bets down on what would and wouldn't get published before they turned them in.
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