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  2. Straw-Man

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    love seeing all these copies: such a great book.
  3. jeranimal

    WTB: Hulk #1 CGC 1.8-3.5 OW/W

    Hulk #1 acquired! Wooohoooo!! Thanks rec1978
  4. DamienSwarb

    Death of Wolverine 1 Alex Ross Variant Cover

    I have one for sale on eBay will do a private sale though
  5. I do the same. I look at the scans, derive the grade I would give the book based solely on those scans, and then submit my guesses. The process takes no more than a few minutes. This is just for fun.
  6. ZimmermanTelegram

    WTB: John Byrne Fantastic Four Artist's Edition

    Just a quick bump for this in case it got lost in the weekend shuffle.
  7. I have 1-70ish. I'll check tonight if newsstands and PM if so.
  8. DST

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    I had wondered if a boardie won this. Gorgeous copy, presents so much nicer than the grade, nice score!
  9. chrisco37

    2018 Heroes Convention Report

    I know it doesn't matter who buys what, but how many/often is a "great show" that consists of selling a majority of inventory to another dealer? We've talked in the past about the "advantages" of doing this (the main being that dealers typically have more to spend than Joe Public and will buy more in one fell swoop). Someone mentioned that Rich had a very big sale. Was that to another dealer or to a collector? For the guys that did set up at the show (and had what you would call a "good" show), were the majority of the sales to Joe Public or to other dealers looking to replenish inventory? Not asking for figures or dollar amounts. Just curious as to what constitutes the bulk of your sales at a large show like Heroes.
  10. Thanks Retro! That one's too NICE for me,
  11. Today
  12. I hear you though, I just got a high enough post count to get rid of the one that says, "I was posting here when you were in diapers". There are worse ones to have....I don't know "exactly" when it changes to something that you've said on the boards, but I do believe that you have to be considered a "seasoned veteran", that you can see on some of the older board members "above or beneath their profile." And even then you don't get to "pick" what it says it ends up just being a quote that you posted on the boards that had an impact, was funny, or all in all short enough to fit in the space...
  13. This is a very interesting conversation and one I've thought about from time to time when I see how the prices on some things have risen. When I speak to people I know outside of the comic collecting world very few of them have any idea about which comics are collectible, let alone do they think of buying any for investment. These are well educated people for the most part. Every once and a while, someone has a friend or relative with a 90's comic collection they are curious about. I love comics, but there is no way to compare them to fine art. Art has its ups and downs, but the pieces that are sought after are one of a kind. Comics (unless you are talking about OA) are not. Even limited edition signed lithographs, are usually limited to no more than 300 pieces which is miniscule next to comic production numbers. Think about this, how many comic museums are there around the world? I know I've been to two and I've heard about another. One was in Rye NY and I think it moved to somewhere in Fl. It was cute, but very small. One is in Baltimore (the one I have not been to) and I went to the one in Belgium, which was little more than a store. I'm sure there are one or two others I've missed. Art museums are all over the world. Comics are much more easily affordable as a collectible than Fine Art, so that makes comic collecting an easier hobby for most of us, but you are in different worlds. I collect comics because I love them, they were part of my childhood and there are many I can buy without depriving myself of other things. However, if I had a ton of money and wanted to park it somewhere, I'd buy land or houses that I could rent out. Not that anything is a sure thing. One thing we should think about with the more modern books (like Hulk 181) is that a lot of younger people are into comics in digital form. Some of those younger people are even trying to convert their parents;) If anyone ever told me that I'd give up my stacks of (reading) books for a Kindle, I would have thought they were crazy...but here I am 7 years later, with this one thin space saving, dust saving piece of electronics I'm totally dependent on. When I need a new book to read, I go online to the library, download it and voila! I don't ever have to carry 4 or 5 paperbacks with me on a trip again. I've long since gone from 8 bookcases to two, and those hold comic Archives. So as many people have said before, buy comics because you love them. If you happen to sell them and make money, that's a plus, but don't be shocked if something changes and you don't.
  14. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but I appreciate the info.
  15. We all have them, they change based on post count.... eventually it will change.. Once you've been here long enough, it will change to a post that you've made on the boards.... we've all lived with it as it does change
  16. Jerkfro

    Members with 0 posts are hidden

    Have Scott set your post count to zero
  17. Jerkfro

    Father’s Day Gifts

    I got exactly what I wanted. An entire day with my butt planted on the couch watching golf
  18. I'm referring to the thing about selling my car for comics. What a silly and random thing to be noted without any intent on my part. How do I get rid of it???
  19. jason4

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    My favorite Asm book. Maybe upgrade someday
  20. That's it folks...….. thanks for everything. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  21. Grantley Goddard

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    It seems Don Heck has a penchant for this type of drawing. I was reading HORRIFIC # 7 dated Sept 1953 when I came across this panel sans bullet hole...
  22. BTW, this comment is not correct at all. It's not the "news" that drives the price up in stocks but the implications of that news. Favorable news for a public company means that future earnings are going to be higher than originally anticipated. It's entirely money based so there is a good rationale for the increase. Comics don't offer earnings or dividends. You're owning an asset that merely exists. It literally is not any different than beanie babies or pet rocks. It's value ONLY lies in the faith that someone down the road will want to own it by paying a considerable amount of money. I'm stating that eventually, hardly anyone will care about 99.999999% of comic books enough to pay for them, above perhaps a very nominal amount. That day won't be tomorrow, next week or next year, but I'm confident I'll likely live to see that day.
  23. I'm about to upgrade on this book, so I figured I'd throw this one out here first, before taking it elsewhere. Classic cover and Frazetta work inside. Rules: trumps PM Shipping is only for U.S. Will consider international shipping at costs. Items shipped in sturdy box (have been using Bags Unlimited mailer currently) and well padded Returns within 7 days upon receiving it. Comic Details: Calling this a VG- officially, but could definitely make a VG as the cover is solid minus the typical wear and small creasing Top staple hasn't completely popped at the insert, but has retreated. Cover is firm with both staples. One page inside has a small 3/4 inch tear at the bottom along the spine. Page is still firmly attached. Book is complete with no missing pieces. Price: $205 shipped
  24. I think people are generally aware that some small segment of the population (and often erroneously in their minds children) are spending money on comic books. And I'll buy the notion that some of the random people you may speak with (which are probably are a handful at most over the course of a year) are making assumptions about comic books based on the fact that they see all of this blockbuster films out there and may just assume all the while just making small talk and not really caring. Not knowing any of the details, as you suggest is primarily the main problem in my opinion. They have vague notions at best. I still believe your judgement is biased based on the enormous amount of time and interactions that you have with collectors and dealers. Not only is it your profession, but consider all of the time you spend on this forum. That is an entirely different perspective than the vast majority of Americans who don't know or care about comic books and never will. I agree with your #1. But #2 would only matter if it were primarily new collectors that were buying up all of these books. I don't believe that is the primary market by any stretch of the imagination. I think that group, if anything, came in on the CGC wave and not because of the movies.
  25. I'm not saying that everyone knows about comic books. Conversations generally go like this: "Oh, and what do you do for a living?" I'm a vintage comic book dealer." And then the conversation morphs into various things, but many are aware of how popular they are and how 'old comics' are valuable. They may not know the details (just like they'd have no idea how to value a Picasso or even recognize one) but they do know that there is a market for them. The asset bubble is a combination of two things IMO. 1) cheap money and nowhere to park it 2) awareness of collectibles as being a place to park your money The movies have increased awareness. Investors have used that awareness to invest in it. The run up on comics related to movies happens in much the same way a stock runs up on favorable news. Oh, Apple is coming out with an amazing new phone that will help you go to the bathroom? Hungry investors pour money into the company expecting it to make them money.
  26. I travel plenty every year and for reasons NOT related to comic books. No one has EVER brought up comics nor have I EVER overhead such a conversation. You're telling me you meet thousands of people (not at Cons or anything related to comics)? I don't think movies have done all that much for awareness of books. Apart from certain first appearances based on characters that are announced which have driven up those particular issues. And the ramp up seems to be entirely from the existing collector base and dealer speculation. If the movies were impacting the books, why is it that the books seem to run up prior to the hundred million of viewers who are seeing these movies and not afterward. The tiniest tiniest fraction of that viewership base getting into comics would drive the books to insane levels. It's NOT happening. In fact, after the dust settles, it appears that these books usually seem to go down after the movies come out, when the people have actually seen the movies. I'm very confident that the current run up (which has happened concurrently with sport cards) is occurring because of two reasons: (1) the economic asset bubble that has provided so much liquidity to a lot of people and they're just looking to spend money because they have it, (2) the children who collected during the 1970s to 1990s are in their prime earning years and are looking to buy back their childhoods. I see no convincing evidence that the movies are having an effect on comic collecting as a whole, other than once again driving up specific issues with the already existing collectors and dealers. Why are new issues runs so low? Why aren't kids buying them them when I see plenty of kids/teens/young adults at all of these movies but never see the likes of them in any of the LCSs?
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