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  2. Valor 4- 2.5- $35 stpl rust, migration
  3. It was faster than I expected. Good luck with your books!
  4. Yes if you havent played in the NBA you have no EXPERIENCE, which means you know absolutely nothing about basketball and should not be discussing it. There is simply NO WAY to find out anything about basketball unless you plat for the NBA.
  5. The financials are ugly. I think this is pretty likely to go to zero.
  6. Screw it!!! From now on the only way to go is cash sent through the mail. I remember grandma used to tape a fiver on the inside of my birthday card. She mailed It from Boca Raton. Never got lost!!!! if it was good enough for gam gam it’s good enough for this here art collector. Vodou, what size envelope will I need to mail $700,000 cash to Heritage for that Batman 251?
  7. I also hit a 9.6 to 9.8 on a iron fist 14, and a asm300 I haven’t purchased that many slabs to resubmit - so I have limited experience
  8. what was the defect maybe Todd's hands had some left over lunch, maybe your or the facilitator? Or perhaps it was a 9.6 book prior to being slabbed the first time.
  9. Picked up an ASM 301 in 9.4 on eBay for $75 + $8 shipping no tax with 10% eBay bucks rebate. would still like to see if I could work out a deal here.
  10. He's weirding me out lately. Did you see him take that Marvel in another thread?! I missed that, but if the Lizard featured in the book, it would make sense...
  11. My biggest wins were 2 9.6 ASM 301s that came back 9.8 it took me forever to find the right candidates
  12. He's weirding me out lately. Did you see him take that Marvel in another thread?!
  13. quite possibly.. even though its a huge event I do also spend a bit of time in the gaming area Love FanExpo Canada
  14. It’s not about grading. I never said you cannot grade but you have zero experience knowing how CGC grades or what to look for in regards to this topic. Cracking a book out for resubmission for a higher grade. Experience counts for something
  15. Two Fisted Tales 41- 6.0- $125 Last issue
  16. Saying if you dont submit you cannot know ANYTHING about grading is like saying if you haven't played in the NBA you cant know ANYTHING about basketball. goofy
  17. How many books have you submitted? how many graded books do you own? Maybe you could add one here for our review
  18. even if you dont have photographic evidence.. it doesn't hurt to talk to someone at CGC and explain the situation. Things happen all the time. Do you have pics of the book in the slab as some damage is sometimes evident of damage in shipping etc.. but again I would tell you to talk to CGC first before hoping someone on here can help you as CGC would be able to help much more in this case.
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