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  2. Weekend Here's what I still am actively looking for: Spider-Girl #5 Spider-Girl #82 Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #24 Spider-Island: I Love New York City #1 What If The Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man? #4 Captain America: Sam Wilson #3 Jerome
  3. If you get any of the Redneck books again, I'm very interested
  4. There are a ton of celebrities that have only signed a couple of books for SS - it makes them rare, doesn't necessarily make them desirable. I'm fairly certain that some of my Stargate Atlantis CGC SS books are the only copies that have the signatures of those particular celebrities, but it doesn't really mean anything to anyone outside of me (and my wife). Anyway, for rarity & desirability, I'd say George Lucas.
  5. There is a comic god.. Is that Alfred talking to him at the end ?!
  6. I always liked the books way Stewart was portrayed in the animated series so I can't see Tyrese playing him that way
  7. Might be the nicest looking CGC 1.0 i have ever seen
  8. Just go to CGC's website and sign up for a membership - all the paid membership tiers allow you send books directly to CGC.
  9. Hi Mollie! Please add Venom #150 Dell'Otto Variant to the Venom (2017) set, thanks! Jerome
  10. I hope I'm not rehashing old news. It's on their website as well, but this is from an email I received from TopShelf Comics. It appears that Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill are leaving the medium.... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: THE TEMPEST After an epic seventeen-year journey through the entirety of human culture – the biggest cross-continuity ‘universe’ that is conceivable – Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill will conclude both their legendary League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and their equally legendary comic-book careers with the series’ spectacular fourth and final volume, The Tempest. Tying up the slenderest of plot threads and allusions from the three preceding volumes, The Black Dossier, and the Nemo trilogy into a dazzling and ingenious bow, the world’s most accomplished and bad-tempered artist-writer team will use their most stylistically adventurous outing yet to display the glories of the medium they are leaving; to demonstrate the excitement that attracted them to the field in the first place; and to analyse, critically and entertainingly, the reasons for their departure. Co-Published by Top Shelf Productions and Knockabout
  11. Hey Royce - not sure if you have 4 Valiant bags or 4 total bags! But Valiant bag if you've more than one! (if not no worries!)
  12. I think that a complete TOD run 1-70+ in CGC 9.2 or better is worthy of a CGC bronze registry award even just missing only three issues its still registry award worthy..................
  13. picking up the Aston to trade for some art...
  14. I checked Collider. They said he did not attend.
  15. 3 Great covers!!! I would love to have any of them.
  16. Was Henry at the panel? He's in the movie correct?
  17. I think the balance of the actors choosen was great. Ben and Henry can be a little stiff so it's nice to see Jason and Ezra provide some levity and enthusiasm
  18. One of the GREATEST war comics covers of them all !!! TOUGH final issue too !!
  19. Now that's a cast that loves what they are doing and seeing.
  20. Not quite sure what aspect Steranko was striving for in that cover? Seemed like rejected Wondercon promo art from 10 years ago. Linda Carter #1 (1961) had a huge jump due to Netflix(?) hype from nm $135 to $1,200 in one (1) year. Al Hartley is the next Neal Adams. Hot !
  21. This looks freakin great "manners maketh man"
  22. Wow. Extremely impressive. Looking forward to watching your gallery.
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