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  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm not sure how long they've been out of the picture, though. It could be a case where they recently shopped the collection to an LCS owner a few months ago who said, "These are wonderful books, so I'm going to offer you top dollar for them—$50,000 for the whole collection," and the elderly brother accepted the offer, thinking it generous.
  3. Putting Mickey Rooney picture on comic subtitled "Short Story Comics" is blatant discrimination against vertically challenged people. That wouldn't fly today.
  4. Brought these for $900 combined from eBay. Also, I have no idea why I can't get the picture to be the right way round
  5. has a JIM 2X battle page, 121 at $19k and a non-action page from 126 @ $9k recently - would suggest your page is $20K+ as folks suggest...that said, has a large spread so you might be able to split that with the seller. Sounds like a nice find to me!
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  7. Wifey got me this beauty for my birthday to display alongside my 251:
  8. “Optimal visibility”. So when you go into a department store the staff have to show you everything in it before you can access what you’re actually after, you know, just in case you don’t know exactly what you want. So making it impossible to search for anything specific will optimise our experience. Has there ever been an eBay revamp that was customer friendly?
  9. I heard about the "Kentucky" collection, Jeff. It was an amazing find. Also, great to have you check out this thread and post some of those books. I had just mentioned some of the "old" timers who were in the beginnings of this thread and the amazing collections compiled. The nicest raw collection of PH books that I came across was my first trip to the Chicago Con around 1995. Oakleaf Comics, out of Iowa I believe, had just acquired a high grade collection and I was one of the first to go through their boxes. Of course, at the time I only pulled issues that I was missing in my title runs. Most
  10. They are so lucky it didn’t leak online. I know companies are in the business of making money but it would have said a lot about Disney’s overlords if they said, hey, the world is struggling through the pandemic, here’s Black Widow on Disney+ at no extra charge to our subscribers. If they would have done that last year. But we can’t lose a dollar now can we? I mean Disney can’t afford that. They are living check to check.
  11. I do remember your greatest hits track of "Joker's Gonna Bomb Tonight". Legendary!
  12. Maybe they really don't want any of these things. Maybe the folks in charge want the same thing that I'd serious suspect many higher ups running different things want, judging by what a bang up job they're doing; hands in the air like they really don't care. To fail. Maybe that's the goal. Seemingly so not being too much of a stretch of the imagination based on the changes over the past few years. Little by little, all of my buying was being done from Heritage, Link, Connect. I don't miss buying on ebay one bit, and iI don't remember even glancing at ebay pages over the past 3 months, a
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