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  2. HANDMAIDEN’S TALE Actress interested in Playing Batgirl
  3. Heritage Auction Today

    Last time it sold was for $777 in November 2006. I probably should have pushed him a little. Good grief.
  4. Is this place deader than ever?'s all folks
  5. Fiction house anyone?

    One of FH's best, IMHO - I feel quite lucky to have a CGC 6.0.
  6. Heritage Auction Today

    $15k now. Unreal.
  7. Karloff, Dell TV horror and more.....

    Ted Turner had this made for the TCM channel and there are some experts who think some of the film is shown out of order.
  8. Heritage Auction Today

    Oh, I think my PMs to you since then say otherwise
  9. Karloff, Dell TV horror and more.....

    Lugosi had already toured in the play and was helped by phonetics during the filming and I hate the "Blah blah " misrepresented quote. You have to account for the 30's era when you watch the movie.
  10. Heritage Auction Today

    I don't regret you selling (one) of your Phantom Lady 17s.
  11. Is this place deader than ever?

    What no edible underwear to go with the cake
  12. Wanted : Uncle Scrooge 179

    I'm looking for a copy of Uncle Scrooge 179. Raw or slabbed. Low grade is fine. Just has to be attached and complete.
  13. My Punisher War Journal (:-=

    Thanks for the post. I forgot about the spray on skull for that issue. That would make sense somewhat. You're probably right. Just his take on it. If i ever meet Klaus I'll ask him about it.
  14. We'll call it "The Image Wall of Shame"
  15. This hobby is about buying what everyone else likes in order to afford buying what you like.
  16. Well you better do it yourself, because John won't help with it.
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