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  2. Ahh. Gotcha.... I just ordered the Punchline and Blade Runner.... I really want the Red Sonja.... Maybe....
  3. Here are two additional slabs from a previous sales thread. Prices have been reduced on these two. Star Wars: The Old Republic #1 Variant CGC 9.6 W $115 Black Hammer #1 Variant CGC 9.8 W $80
  4. Man, so sorry to hear this. RIP Bob
  5. My TMNT 95 Blank with opposite handed signatures & sketches from Granite Con 2019.
  6. What did you order? I didn’t see a reference.
  7. RIP Bob condolences to his family.
  8. Btach IV 5 slabs Daredevil 24 - 9.4 OWW $155 JIM 101 - 8.5 OW $165 ASM 127 - 9.6 W $138 Xmen 140 - 9.2 W $44 Avengers 116 - 8.5 OWW $42
  9. A few slabs for sale today. Paypal is my preferred method of payment Payment is expected within 24 hours, unless prior arrangements have been agreed to No returns on slabs Domestic shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail and is included in the BIN price. International shipping is available, but will be at the current USPS Priority Mail rate. Please PM me for the cost. Please PM me with any questions or offers (no lowball offers please) 1st in thread or via PM gets it and trumps any ongoing PM conversations/negotiations. Timestamp will determine the winner if two or more post it at the same time
  10. And finally, this one is the toughest... 50 pages of Marvel Mystery Comics #14 (1940). As far as I can tell, there are 9 out of 12 pages of the Human Torch story, 4 out of 7 pages of the Vision story, 6 out of 9 pages of the Angel story and the Sub Mariner story is complete. (10/10) There were originally 68 pages total in this issue and I'm providing a picture of the cover for identification purposes only. 50 pages of Marvel Mystery Comics #14
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