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  2. Mr bla bla

    Is there a clear cut Top 5 ?

    and me ....
  3. bronze johnny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    This Jack Davis precode war cover that is one of the greatest war covers to come out of the precode era. Congrats on getting a must have!
  4. GACollectibles


    You can upload images from your laptop, I very rarely if ever do it from my phone for MySlabbedComics. Link on how to do it from your computer (you might have to hit refresh page after toggle) You definitely need to be posting more "in action" selfies.
  5. Regarding the earlier suspicious activities about Dillin artwork, the above piece with Despero just sold last night for $850, or with the Buyer's Premium for $1,020. That's in line with Lee's earlier predictions of price and slightly less than another piece from the prior week. Which means, that the two Dillin JLA pages which sold for well over $3,000 each are clearly outliers and remain as apparent examples of shill bidding used to drive up the market price. It also supports my theory that what all of us write on these boards influences the prices being bid. The prices came down after I attacked those earlier $3,000 amounts, as well as his artwork, and many people who commented felt the Dillin prices were more a function of nostalgia than anything else. There are a bunch more coming up on Heritage in 2 weeks. I'm curious if we have seen the last of the $3,000 Dillins.
  6. Callaway29


    Well, I’ve been at it for a couple months, expanding my followings and keeping an eye on feeds. I’ve bought two books that were reasonably good deals, but nothing to write home about. I’m finding myself looking at it less and less, and frankly slowly losing interest. If you want to pursue a deal via Instagram the best course is to branch out your network to less mainstream folks (non-dealers/collectors that infrequently sell). More obscure the better... Otherwise expect GPA, which is understandable from a seller’s POV, but personally I might as well buy on eBay if I’m paying full market value (buyers protection, ebucks, coupons, etc..). I’m actually finding myself wanting to unfollow some of the bigger dealers because they consume my feed... In short, you aren’t missing much...and there’s “no place like home”...aka the CGC forums. Besides the transaction side of things, the sense of community and legitimate content of thoughts/experience exchanged is unparalleled.
  7. skypinkblu

    Storage in NY garage without Heat or AC

    Downstate is more humid than upstate, you don't say WHERE in NY? I agree with Shadroch, if you are going to put them in a garage I'd put a dehumidifier in there, and a thermometer so you can see if it's getting too hot. Can you just get big blanket storage boxes at Bed Bath and Beyond and lie them in flat stacks and put them under your bed? It would be safer.
  8. Bart Allen

    The Books of Magic Key Issues

    1st appearances, for example? That was the first issue I was thinking of actually ~
  9. Apropos of nothing: googled Jay Parrino and this was the first story that popped up...
  10. GACollectibles

    Doctor X's Christmas Contest 2018 is in Motion

    169,933.50 yen. And that's my final guess. Did I win?
  11. Today
  12. Ameri

    Share your STEVE DITKO OA

    There's a piece to my daughter's story that I forgot to mention or maybe I chose to forget. I emphasized to her that she needs to go up there alone, but she brought her boyfriend, probably to impress him or whatever. I really didn't want to crowd a 90 year old man with extra people but that part didn't bother me too too much. What bothered me was finding out that the boyfriend brought a Spiderman poster. That was a big no no in my book, but the kid would not have known that. Innocently, perhaps he wanted to get it signed for himself or for me and that might have not gone over well with Steve and the visit ended quickly. She told me everything went so quick and there was no opportunity to even talk about the poster, but maybe Steve saw it and that was the end of that.
  13. comicjack


    sparrow to turkey
  14. This is the place to come if you need a good laugh some of the postings are just over the top
  15. adding one cool comic that would take you a hard time to locate Rifleman 10 Novaro spanish edition GD $75 SOLD
  16. Alf Pogs

    Comic books that rock

  17. Flip it for an X-Men #1
  18. Rick2you2

    Coollines question

    Curiously, I've been doing the same thing.
  19. Get Marwood & I

    Two-Gun Kid #60 - the forgotten key?

    That's a good looking copy. If you get time, post a shot of the indicia page would you jayhawker? I'd like to see the inside of a cents copy
  20. Get Marwood & I


    Daredevil never Sorry.
  21. Spirou 1071 October 1958, first appearance of the Smurfs. This copy is the Belgian edition. Obvious spine damage, tape along spine, small amount of glue on bottom of inside front cover. A very similar copy was submitted by a board fellow and CGC gave it a Blue Label 3.0. GD/VG $290
  22. Get Marwood & I

    The Dr Who Thread

    Let's hope more turn up. I haven't seen any of the animated ones yet. So many things I used to love I've let slide. I sometimes wish I could regenerate. New lease of life and all that. Knowing my luck I'd regenerate into myself...
  23. Get Marwood & I

    Doctor X's Christmas Contest 2018 is in Motion

    Great contest and thread Dr X / Dude. Full marks for fun, generosity and effort. You certainly livened the place up a bit. Well done
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