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  2. Found another Avengers comic. Marvel Triple Action #9 NM- $5
  3. They sell them in Walmart in Long Island.
  4. Nothing compared to how many got burnt by overgraded and poorly "restored" books pre-CGC. I'm thinking (if any sold at all) much of those 35k sales were made to comic dealers using those same ill-gotten gains, so easy come easy go? Except for Wall St types that might buy something like that for their kid as a lark...Joe Schmoe doesn't have that kind of money today and sure didn't nearly 30 years ago!
  5. One of the things I find appealing about this book from what I have read/heard about the story is these are the "real" western hero's, not impersonators, so to have 5 together at one time is something special, and add in Patsy Walker (before she was a "Super Hero") and you have both the Western and Romance stories covered in one book.
  6. Great pre-code horror covers you have there! I really like the Weird Comics #1.
  7. What an awesome book to finish the run with!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  8. Fantastic book! I've also been collecting the Super family titles, but only for two decades... and seriously for probably only one. I have about a dozen more 12 centers to go, and I'll have all of Superman and Action done from #150 and #283 on up, respectively. I keep getting distracted by deals on some 10 centers, however. That's the blessing and the curse with the Superman titles...There is always more books out there, but then there are a hell of a lot of books to collect. Congrats again on the accomplishment.
  9. One of the things I LOVE about going into a LCS is the Smell of "Degrading" Paper from Old Comics. All Part of the Collecting Experience for Me.
  10. Is there no IMAGING option on the new forms? I cant find it, and i hate to have to use the old form to get imaging. HELP
  11. Giant-Size Spiderman #3 VF/NM $25
  12. Amazing Spiderman #278 cgc 9.6 white $40
  13. Amazing Spiderman #268 NM+ $8
  14. Hey guy so here's what I have: Amazing Spider-man 300 9.8 White Pages Amazing Spider-man 307 9.9 White Pages Prices negotiable for boardies so hit me up
  15. Amazing Spiderman #237 NM- $6
  16. Amazing Spiderman #236 NM- $6
  17. Amazing Spiderman #235 NM- $6
  18. Amazing Spiderman #233 NM- $6
  19. Amazing Spiderman #179 NM- $27
  20. Updating---- I need all books in hand for Wizard World Philly by Thursday, June 1st Heroes Con books need to be in hand by Wed. June 14th
  21. Amazing Spiderman #177 NM- $25
  22. Amazing Spiderman #174 cgc 9.6 ow/w $70
  23. Amazing Spiderman #166 VF/NM $14
  24. Amazing Spiderman #154 NM- $29
  25. Amazing Spiderman #136 VF/NM $55
  26. Amazing Spiderman #95 VF+ $49
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