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  2. Buy my stuff!

    Uncanny Avengers #1 - Dellotto variant - looks NM+ to me, but call it NM for the black back cover - $10 shipped
  3. Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    Congrats, that is a tough run to complete. Took me about the same time. I still have to upgrade two of them. #4 has an un-disclosed Frazetta story.
  4. You are correct that the value you put on your book is reflected in the insurance CGC will charge you for shipping. However, the value of the book is also reflected in how much CGC charges for their services. The more expensive the book, the more they charge. If you were correct, CGC would simply charge a flat fee per book ? The tiers also reflect the turnaround time, the higher the tier, the faster the turnaround. You pay more for faster turnaround. I'm sure there was a misunderstanding in your original phone call. When you call ask them if you can put a 50K book in an Economy tier, as you originally claimed.
  5. War Comics

  6. War Comics

    Sure. Here's another.
  7. SA & GA beauties for sale

    at 20% off (thank God I saw this at 11:43pm EST!)
  8. GA books ... GGA and PCH

    Nice books, Greg!
  9. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Also highest graded.
  10. Miss Fury 6/7

    Welcome to the forum, you really should read the sales rules before posting. You need to list what kind of payment you accept as well.
  11. Miss Fury 6/7

    Thank you for the information thirdgreenham! As a newbie to the forum I appreciate you pointing out what else I needed.
  12. War Comics

    The colors on this one are insane! I've been lucky to pick up only one Salida; congrats on your pickups-I'd love to see more!
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