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  2. Was also signed and PQ was higher. To me that book has a few things I look for, No MC, Strong Red Color Strike then strong Green. I see some with strong red's but lighter green's.
  3. Yes, V for Victory, what was I thinking? I have a few of these O Globos from this era (WWII) and the "pin-up" pictures on the back covers almost always have the characters flashing Victory signs.
  4. And the book is back! After a full press and 3 months of wait. It dropped down by a whole grade which is unfortunate, but it seems the price is rising on this book and I consider it to be a more accurate grade.
  5. I had been flip flipping for a month on a Green Label 7.0 with White Pages, well centered, with bright colors... It just presents so well! The seller offered it to me for 2500 a month ago. I continued my search for a blue label, but with a $3k budget I just couldn't find anything presentable to me. I can't stand spine roll, grimey fingerprints, stains, chunks out of the cover and atrocious amounts of spine ticks. I came to the conclusion, for me, in today's market... The green label is for me. I decided the clipping of the MVS was a part of the hobby in 1974, so I sort of think it's cool. He r
  6. You’re worrying yourself for no reason. The moment you shipped your cards off you relinquished any semblance of control or responsibility for them, so now all you can do it wait it out.
  7. Venom Spider-Man Doctor Octopus Vulture Electro Black Panther Black Widow Batman Superman could keep going... most legacy characters, truthfully. Not too many characters go 30+ years without a costume overhaul. Lots of modern villains like Lobo have already had major redesigns. Carnage I think is one who will be very resistant to a redesign, maybe one of the more successful character designs of the last 30 or so years...
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