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  2. Sounds like you replaced one piece of paper (sticker cover) with another (wax paper).
  4. Movies can wait, health and safety comes first, all I know is when everything settles and life gets back to normal, I will be watching movies non stop
  5. The line going down the front and back is where my scanner seems to have missed a beat. Very small tear above the A in Smallville, plus non color breaking stress lines (they aren't actually visible unless the scan is really blown up).
  6. As long as comics are still around the iconic characters will always rule. These characters are the history of comics. History cannot be changed as much as some people think it can. Marvel: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cap, Hulk and the main teams (FF, X-men, Avengers). DC: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash. This is of course only my opinion. I hope a couple completely new and awesome characters get created that are not just rip offs of the original.
  7. Harry Potter, Blue. I have 3 of these. They are all small. My apologies, but I can't seem to find a picture of the material. It just repeats, line by line.
  8. Whiz 22 comes to mind!! He likes cool books for sure can’t judge him there!!
  9. These three, unless I upgrade, are NFS GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  10. While we are sharing here is my All New 8!! Keep them coming remember there is NO wrong answer these are both sweeeeet books!! So hard to pick!! If anyone has a copy of Terrific 5 (that @G.A.tor doesn’t own obviously since he’s cornered the market 😊) or All-New 8 let’s see em and let the debates continue!!
  11. As for the FF #95 cover, it went from $95.5K in 2013 to $114K yesterday...a 2.6% annualized rate of return (it did change hands in-between, presumably at a higher price than the purchase price). People only tend to look at the strongest Kirby sales; the reality is that we have seen mean reversion in Kirby OA price appreciation for a long time. The 2nd derivative of price (rate of change of the rate of change) inflected downward more than 5 years ago. Prices have not been falling, but, they are not appreciating anywhere nearly as fast as they did in the 2000s and first half of the 2010s. And the reason for that is obvious - prime Kirby art already became among the most expensive art in the hobby during this time as it was considered the gold standard (along with Ditko and Romita Spidey and a few others) for collectors of a certain age, almost all of whom are in their 50s now or older. Obviously the hottest art in the market these days is from 1986-1996 or thereabouts (where many of the most active under-50 collectors are buying), and has been for a while, as generational tastes have changed. I was pretty surprised at the FF 95 result. I was expecting $125K at a minimum. But, this is not the first time a Kirby FF cover has flopped - that twice up cover (#70) sold last year at Heritage for only $156K. Not one of the better covers, but, no one expected a twice-up Kirby/Sinnott FF cover to sell for that low. To be sure, a great Kirby cover will still fetch great prices (like that twice-up Cap cover from last year), but, the disappointing result for the FF #95 cover on top of the #70 flop last year suggests to me that the Kirby market is becoming more selective and hit and miss than it used to be with generational tastes changing. Again, Kirby art is not going down in value, but, the mean reversion and inflection in the growth rate I think is now settled science, something that has quietly been happening for at least 5 years now.
  12. Obviously Screentime, Snowflake, Safespace, and Trailblazer.
  13. I love that about it too!! Our hero’s name is the Red Blazer and his sidekick Sparkie. Red Blazer was affected by Astro-Pyro radiation (there was an aliens and a doctor involved haha!! This gave him the ability to fly and control heat and flames. Nowhere did I see he could take 2 bullets to the junk 😲. Interestingly while he and his sidekick often appeared on the covers they were mostly relogated to text stories within the books. All-New 8 does have this sweet splash that can’t be viewed on the likes of comicbookplus as this issue is mysteriously missing from their run!! The Boy Heroes had some Sweeeeet splashes including my favorite from issue #10 that I still regret not bidding harder on when CC brought it to auction. It came the the Jon Berk collection and is absolutely phenomenal!! Check it out if you can.
  14. This thread is dedicated to the world of science fiction pulps. Gonna start it off with the first Alex Schomburg pulp cover from Startling Stories, September 1939.
  15. Here's a keeper and a filler copy. The latter I would be happy to trade my filler and some cash for a Fine or better... GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  16. My 2c : I can't help but thinking that the inks here are from Josef Rubinstein. I know he worked on many cards on the 1 and 2 series. Maybe ask him ? (I know he reply to this kind of inquiry, because I helped one year ago - successfully - a collector on a similar research) If you're lucky and I'm right, maybe he will remember per chance who did the pencils.
  17. Barely anything surprises me anymore. We are living in at a time when asset prices across most classes have become totally unhinged from reality. I mean, a Mike Trout baseball card hit $900K+ recently, and a LeBron James basketball card currently at auction is already over $1 million. Tech stocks routinely add billions and tens of billions of dollars of market cap in a single day these days on nothing. It's like 1999-2000 on steroids, except the numbers are an order of magnitude higher, the money is cheaper and more debased, and the markets are the most manipulated in history. Did I expect the Killing Joke page to hit $156K? No; I thought it would top out around $125K. That said, I'm not shocked at the price - the more I looked at the page, the more I liked it. If I had to have a page from the book, this one would have fit the bill - no Joker, but, it's moody and cinematic, excellent sequential storytelling even without any dialogue. And, any serious buyer would have to budget about $125K for a good-but-not-great page these days...I can see two people stretching another 20-25% to nab it. As for the price, of course it's high, but, in a hot market like we have, I guess we should expect things to be hitting new highs and not be tied down to recent comps. As I told some friends right after it hammered, I'd rather have the KJ page than 406 shares of Apple stock (worth $156K at the time). The world is so insane now that I actually think the former is a better buy than the latter (which, to be fair, is nowhere close to being the worst offender in terms of overvaluation).
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