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  2. The ultra rare version lacking the gold ink at time of printing. Almost never appears for sale. Asking price is 6K with shipping included. Form of payment is negotiable. No returns as sale is final. Happy to provide more scans and information for serious bidders. Feel free to send a PM.
  3. Batman Legends of the Dark Knight ,#21-23, Faith Storyline 21, 22, 23 = $2 each Full set = $5
  4. The books I follow on CL usually jump higher than the cow over the moon.
  5. 732K to a Mil....not a bad investment return Only if it actually gets sold for the $1M figure, since that is only the Asking price at this point in time.
  6. same...(running commodore 64)-- (nawww) windows
  7. Jim did get back to me and confirmed that my Jumbo Comics #113 is not part of the Allentown pedigree. Have never had any dealings with Payette to this point in time so far. Good to know that he is not only a top notch grader as per these Allentown books, but also provides timely responses to any enquiries sent his way.
  8. I'd say 7.0. in my limited experience they hit hard for stains... But I'm also new to the hobby so who knows . Good luck man!
  9. Depends the book. The PLOD isn't as lethal with keys when it comes to minor restoration like this. People have wisenned up. For instance this 4.0 purple label book sold for the 3.0 price, which is the grade it would be if the tear wasn't sealed. So in the end, the sealed tear and the purple lable didn't change the initial value of the book in any way.
  10. Batman Legends of the Dark Knight ,#11-15, Prey Storyline 11, 12, 14, 15 = $2 each / #13 coffee stain at top = Free w/ purchase Full set = $6
  11. Jet Aces 3 Small tape upper spine, Small piece out RH edge FC. corner off lower LH BC, tear LH edge BC. Tight, white pages. Take it for $15
  12. CGC hammers books for stains. I have a Swamp Thing 1 that looks 6+ but a similar stain on the back dropped it to a 4.0.
  13. The Brave and the Bold #39 CGC 6.5 $140 Howard the Duck #1 CGC 9.4 $140 DC Comics Presents #97 CGC 9.4 $70 Witchcraft #3 CGC 3.0 $400
  14. Four Color 533, Raggedy Ann and Andy Chip and sealed tear RH edge FC, general wear. Tight, off-white pages. Grab a nice VG for $10
  15. We'll get to see of its a 6.5 or an 8.0! I'm kinda going out on a limb saying it has a chance at an 8. Especially since Azkaban, who is the master is thinking 6.5-7.0. The master may be sending me back to school😀.
  16. I've been staring at a stack of books begging to be sold for over a year, here goes . . . I really want to get rid of these books so I'll be pricing to sell. I'll send you actual shipping costs. I'm at 10019, in case you want to figure it out beforehand. I'll accept returns within 7 days of receipt. Buyer pays return shipping. I prefer PayPal but will accept Check or Money Order. Book ships after payment clears. First in thread wins. Here's my Kudos thread: Chazgee Kudos Please feel free to contact me with any questions. No HoS'ers. No Probies.
  17. Agree! And I am biased but the composition and color on this make it a masterpiece for me. Also a rare tender subject as opposed to jealous mistresses and drama. Your Dec 6 date stamp is my favorite of all the 2.5’s!
  18. Jimmy Thompson This great artist did some amazing interiors but not a lot of comic covers. This is my favorite cover from this artist and one of the books I always have in my collection.
  19. Enjoy ! I love my WWBN 32 CGC 8.0, but I realize that it's something I can easily reacquire (in same or different grade) if I ever part with it. Prized OA, on the other hand... is a different level of precious. : )
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