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    It doesn't matter what eBay policy is. A contract is a contract. You can sue for breach of contract. Try filing suit and sending it to eBay. That ought to get their attention.
  4. UPDATED LIST ON WHAT IS LEFT.. Amazing Spider-man #30 8.5 white - asking $220 (1 sale 3/2017 $235) Amazing Spider-man #54 9.2 white - asking $220 (12 month $246) Amazing Spider-man #57 9.2 ow/w - asking $160 (12 month/90 day $180) Amazing Spider-man #67 9.2 white - asking $170 (12 month/90 day $190) Amazing Spider-man #75 9.2 ow/w - asking $240) (only 3 sales 12 month $249) Amazing Spider-man #81 9.4 ow/w - asking $200 (only 3 sales 12 month $218) Amazing Spider-man #88 9.4 ow/w - asking $210 (12 month/90 day $237) Amazing Spider-man #91 9.4 ow/w - asking $170 (only 3 sales 12 month $195) Amazing Spider-man #98 9.4 ow/w - asking $260 (12 month $274, last sale 8/2017 $345) Amazing Spider-man #120 9.4 ow/w - asking $200 (12 month $211, 90 day $255)
  5. I've wondered how these negative responses to the films weighs on the actors. You can clearly tell with Affleck he didn't get the easy win assumed. Jason Momoa has no time for the 'Justice League' haters
  6. The ending scene was really interesting.
  7. An interesting review piece from a contributor that strongly disliked 'Batman v Superman'. 'Justice League' Is No 'Avengers' But Better Than You've Heard Pretty nice shift from someone that was not a fan of the previous direction and productions.
  8. WTF?

  9. I really do like what they did with Cyborg and Flash. And you could clearly seeing the characters were starting to lean on one another as the junior members of the newly formed team. I so want to see Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller do a film together.
  10. A short article that I have to agree calls out some of the accomplishments of Justice League that helped establish new characters, along with taking Superman down a better path. 4 Things Justice League Does Right, And One Thing It Did Wrong What the writer felt was done wrong was an end credit scene. I disagree. But to respect being complete, here it goes.
  11. WTF?

    if you don't succeed the first time try try again! The price for this is higher but... Its Spider-man..! $ 2,950.00 Link...
  12. The assumption WB/DC should just do it like the MCU and plug in their characters in matching order to the MCU characters because it is a proven approach on the surface would make sense. It would give us the DC characters we love in a comfortable and familiar setting, building out close to the same pace. And we would easily say to ourselves, "I know pretty much what's happening next, and at what point they become a team and have to take on the Big Bad." And the money would come flowing in, as critics and movie-goers congratulated them on faithfully following their demands. A perfect picture of success! Or maybe not. I think what we are seeing take place is WB/DC are trying to find its own way to be unique, and stumbling because it is overly influenced by too many sources. Those demanding they just 'follow the MCU blueprint' are so loud, along with critics making it clear no matter what Snyder is involved in there will be no gift critique or even at times a fair review, the studio is overwhelmed with roadmap correction demands that may or may not be reasonable. And let's not kid ourselves some of these critics are holding some form of grudge or dislike for Snyder. Some outright rejoice in it. That's a real, unaltered post from the Senior Writer of Vanity Fair. When I first heard of this, I thought it was someone's attempt to tell a tall tale. Then I found her account, and there was the post. The dislike for altering some of the history of Superman in 'Man of Steel' leading into the outright hate for the dark and crowded 'Batman v Superman' leaves little room for any positive in these films. And there are plenty of positives in these films. To include WB/DC is trying to make its path unique and new compared to the easier path. If they wanted to just make a jump for the cash, wouldn't it have just caved in and started drafting the MCU DC Infinity War Cosmic Odyssey? Call it done! What I think we are seeing first-hand with Justice League is a studio second-guessing its abilities and direction, and trying to appease the loudest voices (not the average voices). So whatever Snyder had planned was altered to bring the funny, bright traditional world demanded even by involving the director that helped Marvel establish this more clearly and successfully with 'The Avengers'. Yet it was done so late in the process, we received an incomplete, slightly garbled production with CGI work that can be slightly distracting. Better the WB/DC executives had come to the conclusion it was either better to limit the changes, or to admit a finished product required more time and ate the humble pie by altering the release date and dealing with the backlash on that. Yet for all the negatives that can be called out with 'Justice League', there is a large portion of the audience that appreciated this movie so much, they have taken to social media to spread the word. It's not just CGC forum members saying this. All the videos, twitter and articles calling this out is not easily ignored. Unless someone wants to because it is counter to their message. WB/DC should craft a clear plan that may have some form of deviation with releases. Sure, there will be the Connected DC Universe films. There is a large enough market desiring this, it makes plenty of sense. But then there are the Standalone DC films that should not be forced into Easter eggs and connection scenes. It is all about that individual movie driving towards a solidly told story with well-positioned characters and plot points. This is the same studio that gave us 'Superman: The Movie', 'Batman (1989)' and even the small universe Nolan Batman films. It has a proven track record, if it only trusted in itself. And I think this is what Geoff Johns is trying to accomplish. But with all the loud voices saying to do it like the MCU, WB/DC can't keep it together. And now the film that should have kept the momentum going opens up not as powerful as it should have because the studio allowed itself to make late changes to appease what it assumed to be the average movie-goer's demands. For any of the negatives with 'Justice League', is it truly the studio's fault, the market's fault, or a combination of the two? I lean towards it being a joint result. WB/DC should have gone the 'Wonder Woman' route in that instead of allowing all the social media demands of doing it like Joss Whedon had planned or make it like 'Captain America: The First Avenger', it went down its own path and was a huge success. And yet even when the early trailers came out, folks called out they were copying the MCU because a woman with a shield was like a man with a shield, so this must be Captain America. What studio wants to be noted as doing an exact copy of its competitor, and selling out for the money only?
  13. @Panelfan1 Glad you're enjoying them! Here's my thoughts: I don't think HA's BP plays a part; buyers are savvy enough to factor the 19.5% into their bid calculations. It's probably more due to HA's slicker marketing and user interface. Re: UXM #340 page 19 - Joe Mad X-Men stuff generally performs well; this just looks like a case of the HA buyer picking up a good deal. Values of 'average' OA from the past 25 years likely have greater growth potential than that of BA/SA stuff, which have already undergone their price jump. I'd say *most* primary sales prices are higher than comparable auction results, otherwise primary sellers would be leaving money on the table.
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  15. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    Frank is happy.
  16. How the other half live eh? Hey, that was considered an expensive date.
  17. To public consideration...

    CAF ID: David K Web site:
  18. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    On episode #9, it's so great!
  19. The Magicians

    When did I say I hate you? I disagree with the DC instant detraction. "DC didn't do it like Marvel. I knew this would be bad!"
  20. I like where they are going here. The show has definitely broken away from its previous channel roots, and instead gone a darker yet familiar route. Even the slow buildup to the new baddie has demonstrated plenty of restaint, feeling like it's just enough each episode to keep you engaged. I like how the show even takes into account J'onn's father suffers from mental trauma after decades of incarceration. The old show would introduce this in the first episode, and by the second he would be cured and cracking jokes.
  21. Cal's Thread

    I broke my own preemptive strike rule in Cal's thread yesterday and didn't feel good about it afterwards if I'm honest. The trouble with his posts is, like Stu's, they are so cloaked in rancour, aggression and a general lack of class that any decent points within them are lost. There was actually a reasonable question hiding in all the dross, which didn't get answered before the thread was pulled. If Cal had simply posted the question "why, Timmay, did you buy three of my ebay lots if you have stated publicly on the boards that I am a poor grader / unreputable?" he may have kept his thread alive long enough to get the answer. But instead he posted personal details, threatened legal action and offered out Transplant for a fight. His responses to my gentle digs were humour / wit free. So you have to question whether we are dealing with someone who is the full shilling. The tag on this thread is 'loon'. If he is a loon in the medical sense, what does that make us for entertaining / baiting him? I see he is still logging in, but has likely been served a temporary ban as he's not posting. What more does one have to do to get a full ban from these boards? Surely it would be in everyone's interests, including Cal's, for the relationship to end now?

    In the case of Amazing Fantasy 15, that's a good theory. I missed my chance to get a pence version some years back. I waited, thinking I'd pick it up when I saw the 'right' copy. Now, it's just too expensive to justify getting, even with the general 50% pence vs cents value reduction. That's the reality of the hobby nowadays though. Many of the books you want are out of the reach of all but the wealthiest collectors.
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