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  2. Vampirella #86 8.0 VF $20 Stories in this issue include: "Vampirella: Revenge of the Renegade Wizard"; "Snarking Down"; "Brain Food"; and "Pygmalion Effect." Written by Will Richardson, Bruce Jones, Michael Fleisher, and Nicola Cuti. Art by Gonzalo Mayo, Auraleon, Jun Lofomia, Val Mayerik, and Jeff Easley. Joe Brancatelli's comic books column is about building a new Marvel. Back page is an editorial by James Warren about the American hostages in Iran. Cover art by Terrance Lindall. Nice copy but some finger bends and indentations on the front cover.
  3. 29 years ago I sold this copy for $40,000. At the time, Bob said it was nicer than his or any other he had ever seen. I've wondered what became of it. But no matter where this copy came from, I'm glad it's the top copy instead of the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing 9.2 that used to occupy the top. If that copy was worth $850K nearly six years ago, I think this copy is definitely worth at least what the Tec27 brought last week. At worst, it's going to be the 2nd best if/when the Church gets graded. However much Mitch wants to hype this one, I'm in total agreement.
  4. Vampirella #81 7.0 FN/VF $15 Stories in this issue include: "Alien Amazon" (starring Vampirella); "Scourge of the Dragon"; "And Be a Bride of Chaos"; and "Dracula Still Lives" (Drac vs. Vampi!). Written by T. Casey Brennan, Bill DuBay, and Archie Goodwin. Art by Jose Gonzalez, Pablo Marcos, and Gonzalo Mayo. Joe Brancatelli's comic books column is about Max and Bill Gaines. Cover art is a classic Sanjulian piece retouched by Kim McQuaite. 1/8" tear LLFC, light to moderate glue flexing.
  5. Vampirella #80 8.0 VF $20 Stories on this issue include: "Alien Amazon of Lupae" (starring Vampirella); "Like Father, Like Son"; "Transference" (about hermaphrodites); "Eternal Triangle"; and "John Donne." Written by Chris Adames, Cary Bates, Bill DuBay, and Bruce Jones. Art by Leo Duranona, Pablo Marcos, Jose Ortiz, and Martin Salvador. Joe Brancatelli's comic books column includes short pieces on Katy Keene and Larry Flint. A moody Amazon Alien cover by Esteban Maroto, the only one he did for Vampirella magazine at least, and harking back to covers in the past that depicted scenes from stories inside. Unread sharp copy, though with 1" scratch FC. Moderate glue flexing (considered a production defect).
  6. All those Leigh covers are great, but she was never paid a dime for them. She sued Jim, but later let it go and patched up their relationship, although still didn’t get compensated.
  7. No trust me it was 'what'
  8. Hoping the Antman in the MCU will see them in the quantum realm
  9. Vampirella #74 7.0 FN/VF $20 1978 Vampirella annual. Photo cover of Barbara Leigh as Vampirella. Leigh was intended to star in a Vampirella film produced by Michael Carreras' Hammer, but the deal fell through (and probably led to the demise of the Hammer). Caroline Munro had been intended to star in the film, but withdrew because of the nudity demanded by the -script. To The Devil, A Daughter perhaps suggests what might have been. There is a slight imprint of writing around the top staple FC. There's a very faint 6" vertical crease to the right of the center of the FC. Moderate glue flexing.
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  11. Vampirella #73 7.0 FN/VF $20 Cover by Bob Larkin. This issue features a full-length Vampirella story (called "A Gathering of Demons") in which the hellacious hottie "Confronts a gathering of demons to rescue Earth from Lucifer's savage legions." Written by Bill DuBay, with art by Gonzalo Mayo. Joe Brancatelli's column on comic books discusses the effects of copyright laws on the industry. 1/2" crease (no CB) upper FC. The back cover has a couple of dents about left middle that break color.
  12. My National bookstore variant copy of x-men 101
  13. I am pretty sure his first word was, " dork"
  14. They look to be in nice shape! Great books in there!
  15. People are sitting on a lot of extra cash. Instead of letting it sit in a savings account earning paltry rates, a comic collector can put their money to work by submitting books. That's my theory plus what I've started to do since April.
  16. Stay Conic! It's nowhere near Friday .....
  17. I would not have thought that!
  18. Vampirella #61 9.0 VF/NM $25 Stories in this issue include: "Vampi: An Eye for an Eye"; "Skimpole's Monsters"; "Brother Hawk"; "Thistlewhite the Bold"; and "Companions to the Sun." Written by Nicola Cuti, Bill DuBay, and Bruce Jones. Art by Jose Gonzalez, Russ Heath, Carmine Infantino, Alex Nino, Leopold Sanchez, and Ramon Torrents. This installment of Joe Brancatelli's column on comic books is about the Comics Code. Inside cover features an ad for the now rare Vampirella paperback novels. Cover art by Enrich. This is an unread warehouse copy with sharp corners. There are a couple of very small dents on the front cover. Moderate glue flexing (considered a production defect) and priced accordingly.
  19. Nothin excites 10 year old Greggy. He was born jaded. As soon as he was born he stated "what else ya got?"
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