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  2. These aren't accurate. Being unattached to the particular transaction does not mean they don't have their own bias, just that they don't care about a transaction. They can have their own goals that may influence their grading.
  3. Multiple covers

    fwiw People really do seek them out. If it was graded and comfortably priced it would sell, but get it graded now and have a momento....the age and time may make it a better after a while
  4. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

  5. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    Looks too perfect.
  6. Speaking of rights. Anybody ever figure out about Marvel and MiracleMan? There hasn't been an update in awhile since the slight buzz a few years ago about Marvel getting the rights from the creator Mick Anglo.
  7. staples missing

    Nope - if the staple is missing no holes in pages or cover. A CGC graded book will place a note on the cover - but not ding the grade. If there are holes in the book where a staple would be - this is a big hit to the grade as it is a missing/removed staple.
  8. Calling the Avengers STATION store and asking would probably solve the speculation. Otherwise, the lawsuit Stan filed will likely expose the number sold.
  9. A few things. 1. These people have a terrible reputation and no one should ever deal with them, for any reason. 2. After giving them a few tries, better to go to paypal or your credit card company to get your money back. 3. I've got no issue with people trashing them on here, or facebook, or yelp, or twitter, or wherever. You should be vocal. 4. BUT, I think it would also have value to contact their partners and associates. Like Marvel, like DC, like Diamond, like the artists they work with for their exclusives, maybe even CGC. They ALL have public social media presences and emails. Even the artist or writer of the book didn't sign anything with comicexposure, I'm sure they still don't want people getting ripped off from work they did. THey can also pressure Marvel or whomever to stop working with ComicExposure. Document everything, and then bring the evidence to their associates, let them know their names and reputations are being tarnished because of their association (intentional or not) with Comicexposure. 5. Its all well and good to complain here or there, or wherever. But there's also some value to writing out a full artcle/letter to news outlets like Bleeding Cool (or whoever) to highlight what's really going on with them. Show your evidence, collaborate with others who have had issues. Really make it public. Call out employees you know by name who you have contacted and been ignored by. What do you have to lose by now?
  10. $200 donation for that Copper piece of Blue Beetle OA would put us within two grand
  11. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    this is a nice little panel featuring the strength of Toad.......
  12. Recent submissions to CGC

    Punisher #218 television variant... What grade do you think it will receive? Grade I am hoping for...
  13. Recent submissions to CGC

    Punisher #218 regular Clayton Crain cover... What grade do you think it will receive? Grade I'm hoping for is
  14. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    He was not exactly the most handsomely drawn character , of course with a name like "Toad" you can't expect much looks wise....
  15. I was looking for something like that but didn't see anything. How cool would a HQ OG art reprint book have been??? They gave me a mini poster....
  16. Another Namor article where Feige shares how complicated the rights may be. Kevin Feige Admits Namor Movies Rights Are Complicated
  17. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    I have always like the evil mutant Toad , even though back in the day he only played a small part ... just liked him... hr reminded me of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame "
  18. What is the 1st TRUE GA Comic HORROR Ever?

    I love that book. Not an easy find. 11 Universal copies in the census.

    Would u take $600 for this and the #9?
  20. If you could only keep 5 books

    If I could only keep 5....
  21. Recent submissions to CGC

    Tomb of Dracula #50 Western Penn Pedigree... What grade do you think it will receive? I'm hoping for....
  22. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    Haha at the rate you are going it will take ten years to catch up with just my paltry post count
  23. Brave & Bold #28: Speculation on future pricing

    i have Brave and the Bold 1-24 run...(the non super hero issues).... for some consolation

    And now tumble weeds. My apologies RMA
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