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  2. Thanks, and please do keep track of sales and LMK if things seem to be changing on anything here. In our list, we have Colan TOS and 2Up Iron Man at the 5-10K range. I would imagine all the TOS pages are 2Up, but are there separate early-run IM pages that are 2Up? Should these all be bumped up? Howa bout Colan Cap? Where does that go?
  3. The eBay best offer price source people are using is, for those who aren't aware.
  4. @DJones Congrats!!!! What was the prior grade on this one? I honestly forget.
  5. You're method doesn't work most of the time when an offer is involved.
  6. Same here so I now insist they are scanned so I wait in line. Do they not show accepted at all? If they are not I am afraid they might have walked off. It really doesn't matter which carry you use some actually use USPS and charge you more.
  7. Hi, I'm new here and would appreciate if someone could help me out on grading this book. thanks.
  8. Another Suicide Squad page is listed on HA's weekly auctions, ending tonight: Here's the link; Luke McDonnell and Geof Isherwood Suicide Squad #35 Story Page 30 | Lot #15653 | Heritage Auctions ( Here's the pic:
  9. Looks like the book sold by jhcomics.
  10. Ive never done that as a seller, but I think after reading these I will pick up some thank you cards. Sometime this week and start as I can.
  11. Many thanks to @mr_highgrade for the Din Djarin figure. It really was a generous gesture that is very much appreciated.
  12. I’ve got to disagree with you on that one. Except for the skin tone, that’s exactly The Vault Keeper. No bug eye, no big nose...even has a green hood. Is the current consensus that it is a prototype ghoul, and not official? Regardless, If that is Officially a Ghoulunatic, then it’s a first cover appearance. If not, then Haunt 17 (3) gets that honor for all three. Just more of my EC obsessing.
  13. What gets me is the fact that everyone with 11/30 submissions were technically arrived at their office 2 weeks prior and had to wait that 2 weeks to open packages. I understand the holidays delay, BUT people who submitted bulk with their walkthrough submission during the same time got their bulk logged and received first and essentially CUT THE LINE before bulk packages that arrived sooner than theirs. They should have thrown their bulk with the same queue.
  14. I sold mine to a fellow boardie 2 weeks ago for $1,400. No complaints here though, since I paid cover price for it.
  15. Amazing Spider-Man #55 (2nd print 1/50 ratio variant) s/s Patrick Gleason - $245 Three (3) spots only at the moment
  16. Amazing Spider-Man #55 (2nd print variant) s/s Patrick Gleason - $155 Fifteen (15) spots available to start
  17. Welcome to my 2021 Pre-Sale thread----with no conventions on the horizon and only private events this year, I'm just going to condense from monthly to just one covering the year. As with all my previous monthly pre-sale threads, all books are pre-screened and culled from the finest 9.8 candidates. The costs associated with each post is indicative of all expenses from cost of book, my time, any signature related fees, any pressing that may need to be introduced to bring it from borderline 9.6 to a full blown 9.8, shipping costs anywhere USA door to door, CGC invoicing fees, etc.
  18. Well , I am going by real estate rates which are like 6-7% . Altogether , would be paying 35% on HA . No way I am doing that . Anyway , I am unfollowing this thread as I am not interested in getting into a debate with you guys . Bye bye .
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