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  2. There is some racy Katy Keene art (or racy for the time) inside some of them...I can't see any other reason, lol.
  3. As Grey Worm said, the Unsullied wanted justice - if Jon had been pardoned, they (and the Dothraki) likely would have rebelled resulting in more death and chaos. To avoid that and to keep the peace, Jon was exiled and it was mentioned that Grey Worm acquiesced.
  4. Very nice #25 and still in the old label. Thanks Frank, for confirming the $21k figure over my $25k post. Either way, that was a lot of money in the 1980s.
  5. Strange that he did not bag and board many of his books since this was pretty much standard fare since the mid 70's. This suggests to me he was more of a reader than a collector. 10000 books is a LOT! You are going to get pennies on the dollar for most of these 80 -90's books if anything at all, but I am sure there are a few treasures. Getting money out of a comic book collector is like taking a dwarfs gold, maybe harder. Sorry for your loss and good luck!
  6. Very weird, I've been trying to answer here for a few hours, I keep getting a message that I'm blocked from the thread? Maybe because I was trying to post an eBay page. I found it works on some comic listings and not on some others...maybe only the ones you can read outside.
  7. This is buying shark frenzy in here..Nice books!
  8. Ryan Ottley -
  9. Found the indicia page(was not even aware that was a thing) and you (and CGC) are indeed correct about the date. Thanks!
  10. as soon as you send me yours. next time your in chi town I can put you up in one of the bunkers.
  11. millions of 361's flying around in the Nado
  12. Hello all, Check out all the BLACKEST NIGHT regular and variant cover books I have up for sale ending Sunday. All starting at .99 cents!!
  13. I had my cell phone...I was thinking you were listing on Alaska time;) I don't see an emoji for a poke in the eye.
  14. Amazing English! Or in swamis case Amazung Englush!
  15. Hey dorkette hey watch it buster. she's on fire tonight.
  16. If your book is already in a CGC case with a blue label and indicates the mask is included and intact, then it should stay that way barring some massive disaster in transit to CGC. Is the case so badly damaged that the book and mask could actually be removed from the case? The safest way to to ensure the label stays the same (assuming it's a blue label) while getting the book deslabbed, pressed and resubmitted would be to go through CCS for a press with direct submission to CGC for grading. CCS should be able to press the book without damaging or detaching the mask and then it goes straight to CGC for regrading the pressed book while retaining the universal blue label.
  17. It would be nice if the promoter would publish a list of exhibitors. It's in my hometown, but I'm not going unless there are a fair amount of comics dealers.
  18. I'm not a numismatist nor am I American but I don't think that there's such an animal as an 1804 Morgan dollar...
  19. Awesome, thanks! It's ashame the shop is no longer around. I hope he is doing well!
  20. Hello, Updated my CAF gallery with a very nice Rip Kirby featuring Pagan Lee, please have a look:
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