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  2. Not common at all considering the sheer volume of submissions.
  3. Joker is winding down its run at 19.3X production budget, and $277M over what Deadpool (2016) accomplished as an R-rated comic book film. All without China.
  4. Post pressing and removal of finger print. The bend hasn’t completely been removed but it’s definitely been reduced.
  5. Very intelligent move. I like these better.
  6. I wonder did he get a BITE of the profits for this spray I wouldn't COUNT on it?
  7. Trying to put in my flimsy acrylic clear thingymadoo onto two Ikea Riba frames that I hinged together to make a shadow box. Added some blue velvet material from Joanne's fabrics, and a couple weather strips from home depot that I lazily put blue final tape onto instead of painting them. (I'll probably regret that later...but I think it does the job and gives it that rubber plastic look) -Vic out
  8. Rape. Incest. Cannibalism. Not in the horror comic way but either it was more sadistic, or it was infantile done for attention in that look at how “cool” I am kind of way. I’ve not read it all, but I’ve seen more than enough. Not subjects he utilized for thought proving or dramatic purpose. He did it because he got off on it. He was a turd. He’s tried to play up his CBLDF victory by positioning himself as an Indy “artiste”, when he was just a insufficiently_thoughtful_person peddling garbage who was lucky that some legal folks were willing to defend us all, by defending him. I’ve no position on his current work. Maybe he has achieved Travis Charest level skills. Though I sincerely doubt ot. If you Google Boiled Angel and find some certain pieces of it, I don’t think you’ll have to ask.
  9. Will the suit be cloth or rubber? Will the ears be short or tall? Will the cowl articulate at the neck? Will there be a codpiece? Batnipples?
  10. As I reflect upon the movies and their debates, a 40 year history, my conclusion is Palpatine, with an emphasis on Episodes I-III. I affirm Palpatine.
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  12. Great Christmas thread as always! Thanks to the good doctor!
  13. Hey, All Looking for a copy of Incredible Hulk #182 in CGC grade 9.0 (ONLY) with White Pages (ONLY) Will pay over GPA $350 shipped for a copy with a great wrap (no white on the spine) and centering along the top. If you have a copy that fits that criteria please PM me, thanks! -Dave (Kudos are in signature)
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