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  2. Honestly, You shouldn't complain about a later Stan Lee signature. He was practically on his deathbed coming to these conventions to get these comics signed us for. Just be lucky that you have one in your collection. At least yours reads out "Stan Lee", just look at mine . I'm not thrilled that about it, but it is unique. Plus, I was fortunate enough to see him at the last convention that he attended too. Thanks Stan!
  3. There's a Bride of Frankenstein cover and (I think) a Wolf Man cover, too. The Mummy art is by Ed Repka, who has been doing the UM art for the "Super 7" products.
  4. Never! I don't just have Sideshow figures. I have figures of all sizes and shapes, from a 1" gumball toy to a 2 ft. vinyl creature. Not to mention posters, iron-ons, trading cards, a Frisbee, a beach towel and on and on!
  5. You just made an argument for why a person cannot know EXACTLY how many were printed. Which is not a claim that anyone has made. You did not, however, make an argument for why a person still cannot reasonably estimate numbers based on the information he does have. You have merely stated as an opinion why you believe someone should not do that. You are entitled to that opinion. -J.
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  7. Do you mean this is pencil?? That already looks inked! Amazing. Silly question, but what type of pencil is that? Mechanical, 2b lead? If it is inked, what type of inking tool does he use? Do you actually do anything with these? or complete stories? It seems like a professional publication already. I don't know much about Spike Milligan, but it seems like a parody based on him? Definitely leads me to want more. Especially the process from inception part.
  8. I know TOD 10 has sharply increased in the last few months, but I see a nice increase in TOD 1 as well in high grade. I've always loved this cover.
  9. Ok, I have been buying from the forums for a few years now but it was recently suggested that I start a Kudos Thread for myself, especially as the books I have been purchasing lately are increasing in price. So this is it. My preferred method is to through PayPal and I will always have the money on hand if you receive a on one of your sales threads.
  10. Your detective 474 is about a 6.5 and worth $15-25. A better looking pgx 8.5 just sold for $35. The MS. Marvel I can't judge, but its not a 9.8. An 8.5 is a nice looking copy generally and that's worth about $120... After you have spent $ on cgc fees. Raw.. $80? Spiderman 234 is worth $5-10 even in pristine shape. The arm 361 is a good book, but 362 is a $15 book. What you have pictured is mostly $1-$10 stuff. Sorry to be a Debbie downer. But if you genuinely have a stack of asm 300 in nice shape that is a stack of loot.
  11. If you just want to get it over with send them to mycomicshop. Consign the good stuff, sell them the less good stuff. As for water damaged books, expensive key issues might be salvageable. A water logged FF 3 is still worth sonething. Stop looking at cgc prices. You don't know how to grade, so stop fantasizing about certain books being 9.8s. With that said, the ASM 300s may be worth slabbing regardless. The other stuff, not so much.
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