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  2. From a writer that really enjoyed Shazam and was disappointed with Captain Marvel feeling it was mediocre. He now feels Shazam will be what drops the 2019 box office. Shazam! Bombs the Box Office I think it leans more towards frustration how WB staged this film at a tough point in 2019 knowing Endgame was going to be huge. Though what it doesn't account for is the semi-soft release in China, which should have been a huge boost to the final box office. It's just barely passing Deadpool 2's failing number due to negative reactions from an audience that had no character backstory familiarity.
  3. If Cersei hasn't built DOZENS of those dragon-slaying missile catapults by now all over the city then she doesn't deserve the throne. She's known since Jaime's army got slaughtered she'd have to deal with them.
  4. My money's on them setting a new record for the average number of deaths in a season by the end of episode 3.
  5. I've been assuming they're the equivalent of Tolkien's ents, i.e. a living embodiment of the Earth who symbolize the harm done by man to the environment, but unlike the ents their intent is to reset things by wiping out humanity entirely. I guess we'll find out, but if that's Martin's intent, it makes the impending battle so much more dramatic if their ultimate intent is for everyone to die.
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  7. That Natalie Portman appearance has people super-excited she may come back for Thor 4. I didn't realize Portman had recommended Patty Jenkins as director for Thor 2.
  8. And no, I haven't read it Maurice! Nice cover though.
  9. In the comming decade Disney will develop their X-men property into multiple movies and series. In this process the original silver age run will undoubtedly be mined for ideas and characters. Imho the first Cerebro ish could be a serious sleeper.
  10. Forget about 361, if you're looking for a great Spidey investment book with lots more growth, try 238. The Hobgoblin is bound to EXPLODE SOON! Just keep it between us though
  11. There is a July 17 stamp here:
  12. Charlton Comics from what I can gather, had their hiatus for advertising around the mid 60s ..... Like most things Charlton they liked to get most for their buck, mention all titles for the genre and focus on one , or two particular issues.... From 1965... 1966.... And 1967....
  13. #5 they have already explained in the show. The Children were at war with men at the time and they created the White Walkers to combat men. As to whether or not the Night King is a Stark or not? coming soon to a HBO near you.
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