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  2. the cover speaks for the itself and the price even in just VG signifies it is a key issue in the series
  3. Thread is cleaned up...PMs answered. Let's get some more sold before kickoff.
  4. I think your approach is spot on. I certainly wish that I’d done this earlier with respect to my strategy. I would recommend doing market researcher to figure out what the hard to find books are if that’s a concern with HT. You may need to compromise to finish the run. Also setting standards is important, unless you enjoy the constant cycle of upgrading books you’re not happy with.
  5. General Rules No PL/HOS members, or anyone else I am not comfortable selling to for whatever reason. US buyers shipped to US address only for now (if o/s US, feel free to PM me; maybe we can work something out)  First take it in thread or via PM takes the book Payment  Personal checks, or USPS money orders. Will ship after my bank says payment has cleared.  Will send invoice via PM to the winner.   Payment is expected to be received within one week of invoice (unless we've made other payment arrangements). Time payments are available with 20% non-refundable deposit . Inquire for more details before taking the book.  Shipping Terms $15 via Fed Ex Ground with signature required Returns/Refunds  NO RETURNS on CGC graded books. The book: Batman #232 CGC 9.8 with White Pages and perfect centering Incredibly nice looking 9.8. Price: $4,750
  6. Wow i see a modern incredible hulk artist went back in time and drew that book!!
  7. It's the origin of Venom technically. I would consider it a Key but to each his own. I agree, but it isn't in continuity and I think that may hold it back a bit. Also, it is a quite dumb sequence on how he got the costume/entity
  8. I started collecting last March and at first I was just buying anything, this year I'm trying to narrow my focus and am trying to be more disciplined with my buys. Seems like a common trend lol. I started breaking into the Golden Age recently so I am hoping to continue expanding that.
  9. “mature” Kirby art? Both books are fantastic. I believe Jack’s work load was slightly less daunting later in the FF run so perhaps his work wasn’t as rushed in regards to deadlines which Joe reaped the benefits of?
  10. If I'm understanding correctly, you're suggesting SA #50 is a "key" due to it's market value and being difficult to find? It's a cool robot cover, but what makes this issue stand out in any way?
  11. That's awesome! I love George Perez's art work and still hope someday to get to meet him. Thanks for the information.
  12. Spiderman - top character bar none. So many classic stories and characters Batman - the original, great stories (Neal Adams stuff, Norm Breyfogle, Richard Sprang, etc) Daredevil - Another hero with lots of classic stories. Black Panther - personal favorite from my childhood, glad to see him getting some street cred Wolverine - A more recent introduction, but made him a complex character with lots of history.
  13. There's a Surfer 2 (CGC 9.0) in my Consignment thread.... 1 notch higher … GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  14. I recall reading about it in TCJ at the time....also relevant is the old Marvel Comics indexes also had an explanation (the index only covered up to issue 181 because 182 hadn't come out yet when the index was printed)
  15. Ok offering 25% off remaining items which is listed on page 12. Closing tonight. Thanks to all the great board members who made this a fun experience.
  16. Au contraire, mon ami, practically everything you post is hilarious. Alas, I dont have the hilarity acumen as you, so please forgive me for not coming across as equally funny
  17. I have dubbed thee, The Confusion Crew. Your antics with the like system are duly noted. And recorded for posterity of course
  18. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    A lot of things are hilarious here but that's not one of em.
  19. I bet there’s a Copper Age thread these would fit perfectly in.
  20. No, buzzword is a categorization value given to explain those words. Actually, its hilarious that you do not see that, given that you wish to change the value of the word Key to something to be monetized.
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