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  2. What time, as I'm getting my hair cut that day. All of them in fact.
  3. No matter what, you have to be in awe of how Feige and team have figured out the secret sauce to draw massive crowd reactions. Endgame's China fan extravaganza. Biggest 'Avengers: Endgame' fan extravaganza held in China
    1. Get Marwood & I

      Get Marwood & I

      Does anybody understand what status updates are for? The status of what? Quo? 

  4. Back in town, I’ll get a shot of the back today and post it.
  5. 34 not 361 years old! I'm SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! As for your stagnant copy I have a friend who could help it rise.
  6. Am I the only one who feels a groundswell forming around this show? Just seems to be a buzz about it.
  7. Saw it yesterday and my wife summed it up well. We were leaving and she said - that was plain aweful.
  8. I tried copying the images but some won't appear so I'll just post a link to show their ware, the prices are more scary that the items.
  9. From Sandberg about those cut scenes. I'm glad they redid the Sivana office scene. It gave it a more dark and twisted atmosphere with the new cut.
  10. I have never read Miracleman all the way through to the end. I wouldn't mind being able to go from beginning to end in a steady reading.
  11. I've seen 3 of them so far today, so just a head's up as they seem a little beyond the norm. Each one has been for $83 and each has a different 0 feedback seller.
  12. That would be interesting. Some very pretentious dialogue would need to be excised from it. I recall one issue in the Book 3 Olympus storyline suddenly transitioning into some of the most boring and overwritten purple prose that I’ve ever tried and failed to wade through, in any comic I’ve ever read.
  13. Hey guys here is a update in my Steve Geiger sketch he is working on for me:
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