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  2. Bingo! Could still be a 9.8, but I don't see Mint from these images.
  3. As mentioned - a scan can create optical illusions. This could very well be a 9.8.
  4. Hi everyone, I am selling my Fantastic Four 49 CGC 7.0 with off-white to white pages. 1st full appearance of Galactus, second appearance of the Silver Surfer, and the very first cover for both characters. A great Christmas gift for yourself or a fellow fan. $950 shipped to your door in the U.S. I'm "gullofd22" on eBay with 100% positive feedback in over 1,000 transactions. No HOS. No returns on CGC graded books. Payment via PayPal. First gets the book. Any questions please ask.
  5. Closing offer on Sunday the 24th. Last chance to get a deal on these books!!
  6. IMO 10-day auctions are too long. I personally, as a buyer, don't care what day they end on.
  7. anyone seeing a decline in sales on ebay in the last week.? very slow by me. you think its sales tax related?
  8. I appear to have bought a starter collection of 9.4+ CGC Master of Kung Fu. 50 down, 54 to go!
  9. TLJ is so depressing. I mean, imagine watching Avengers: Infinity War, and Iron Man's fighting Thanos on Titan. However, when Thanos breaks off Stark's Nano Sword and stabs him, he wasn't actually in the suit. He was doing that thing he did in Iron Man 3 where he was remote-controlling it. And then he exerted himself so much that he passes out and dies... He doesn't get to live out the legacy of Endgame. Imagine Vision's stone being removed from his head, but then Vision Mary Poppins himself back to life (Idk how) and just takes the stone back (Idk how). (Idk how Leia did this, either.) Imagine Ant-Man going on a side quest to find Hank Pym because he's the only one that can remove his ankle monitor so he can join the fight, BUT, Pym turns him into the police instead. Then Adam Warlock just so happens to be a cop at the precinct and does it. But then Adam takes Lang to Ayesha. And then Lang steals some batteries and beats Adam up and Idk where this is all going (neither did Rian Johnson). I wanna KMS just typing all of this out...
  10. Joss Whedon is responsible for Suicidal Batman. Zack Snyder was going to have him make the sacrifice to save Lois Lane in Justice League 2, because of the BvS Flash sequence, and Whedon took that sacrificial thread way too far. I know that Affleck stepped down from the role in-part due to Snyder's exit. I don't think he liked the direction Batman was being taken after Snyder was fired. He also couldn't 'replace' Snyder's vision. He couldn't come up with a good story for the Batman trilogy, and didn't want to be at the mercy of someone else's idea of Batman (Whedon's take may have influenced this). Whedon did great things for The Avengers and Age of Ultron, but IMO he screwed Justice League right in the A.
  11. That bottom corner at the spine is too rounded and rough. 9.4-9.6 for me
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  13. The service and fees page lists the prices and turnaround times for each tier, pressing & grading
  14. The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink........
  15. I'm not sure if you mean this page (16)? Which as I recall was listed on eBay for months around $3-5k before finally making it's way into a CLink auction where it fetched around ~$1.2k.
  16. Whatever happened to this infamous piece? I had the opportunity to buy it back in the day, and I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on such a notable, memorable piece of OA commissioning history.
  17. That's a reasonable observation to make I think Jeffro, as a leaderless team can often feel like it is adrift. I think it does little for the community feel of the site that all three of our admin staff - Arch, Scott and Dena - appear to have taken a back seat. The last time I asked, just under a year ago, Dena was the first point of contact for everything and she would refer to Arch where necessary. Arch was still in overall control. Scott was taken off to a project elsewhere so his absence is/was by design. To be fair to the admin staff, the new board software is fairly self governing in comparison to the old software. There appears to be very little that they can actually do themselves now and their role is mostly reactive to cosmetic issues. Let's say on the old boards, the admin staff had control of 80% of everything. You'd ask them a question / report an issue, and they could manage the change themselves more often than not. Now, they are just another person in the Invision query queue, so it stands to reason that their role would diminish and, therefore, their participation. Where I personally feel they don't help themselves is by their apparent reluctance to communicate. By basically ignoring a large percentage of what is flagged to them via the board forums they indirectly create the sense of drift that I referred to earlier. A quick check of the forums own Q&A section for example tells it's own story. I think most of us would appreciate responses to the issues we raise, even if they were an honest "sorry, we can't change this". If I ask a question by PM that they can answer, they often do, which is good. If it's anything remotely taxing though, it tends to be ignored in my experience. I suspect that may be because they simply do not have the time to be drawn into lengthy debates concerning issues over which they likely have little to no control. It's not their fault - CGC decided to buy a software package from Invision and that took away a large element of their responsibilities (e.g. the automation of moderation). Indeed, I understand that Invision often make system changes without advising our admin, and they then find out about it when we the users flag any issues! That must be very frustrating for them. If you check their profile pages you will see that none of the admin staff have a 'Last visited' date. So in the absence of any posts, it's not possible to determine whether they even access the site anymore, let alone govern it. That doesn't help. In summary, I think operational circumstances mean that we shouldn't be too unkind to Arch, Scott and Dena (as I have regretfully been in the past, and for which I am sorry) about these things. They all seem to be thoroughly decent people when you do catch them and are supportive even when they cannot actually change anything. But I do believe that a little more communication from them - or CGC management even - would help foster a greater sense of cohesion and community spirit.
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