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  2. I guess someone did not understand the correct manner of returns processing.
  3. Mattn792 is correct! The great and mighty Criswell has foretold future events for the future in the future so it is foretold. The Graverobbers from Outer Space WILL resurrect issue 361 from the grave Bah waa haha.
  4. The Dollar Box is opening again! And Ducks are coming out!
  5. The fact that this wasn't disclosed to you beforehand is, at the very least, a monumental oversight on the part of the seller. C'mon, man...
  6. Wow! And they saved this for the finale?!
  7. Good call here. High value, low/mid grades are tough...too much risk there to drop a grade. I do believe the IH 181 has the best shot for the upgrade based on the graders notes.
  8. Saw this one on Ritter's (Worldwide Comics) site
  9. Fascinating story TVHorror ! wow i can't believe they each had 45,000 word stories ... you are correct that the artwork is real good !! as good as many pre code horror comics i have seen ! i really like the King Kong cover (he has ripped a building right out of the ground and is wielding it like a club !) the only slightly bad cover is the mermaid one as she looks kinda masculine
  10. A Little help, unsure who drew this? Has anyone seen this signature before?
  11. Awesome room but I gotta say, that is the world's worst checkerboard.
  12. Throwing out some buy prices. Amazing Adventures #27 @ $250, Creatures on the Loose #22 @ $200, Conan # 11 @ $400. PM me for price on Astonishing Tales #12. Thanks Paul
  13. What time, as I'm getting my hair cut that day. All of them in fact.
  14. No matter what, you have to be in awe of how Feige and team have figured out the secret sauce to draw massive crowd reactions. Endgame's China fan extravaganza. Biggest 'Avengers: Endgame' fan extravaganza held in China
    1. Get Marwood & I

      Get Marwood & I

      Does anybody understand what status updates are for? The status of what? Quo? 

  15. Back in town, I’ll get a shot of the back today and post it.
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