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  2. Haunted Thrills #17 Cover detached. A spine split from the top to the bottom of the top staple. A large tear around each staple. Off white to white pages. Grade: 1.5 $150
  3. This year, they were hit with an unexpected MegaCon weekend move. That being said... I bought a 3 day Flash pass and went only on Friday.
  4. An all time fave. Unsure if a press and clean would do much for it, so I'm soliciting advice from the experts!
  5. The hobby is becoming more expensive every day. Variants are wreaking havoc. SA books that used to be affordable are crazy expensive. Some keys cost more than a new car. Its whack.
  6. Those spines look so nice like that. All of mine are in plastic bags these days...
  7. Well, the numerical grade is the structural one, and is for the most part judged independently of not only page quality, but production values. How about those 9.8 grades that come with bindery tears at the top spine corner, staples a half inch onto the front cover, or covers crooked from top to bottom? BTW, the two slabs I posted are long gone.
  8. They were stored for 35 years before being sent in for slabbing, the first 25 without bags or boards. My copies off the rack ranged from white to cream to off-white when encapsulated. It depended on the pile.
  9. I have had only one chance to buy the X-Men 11 V2 and it was a VF copy at the time and I passed. I regret it now. The rest I have either seen or found a few copies of each not many, but more then X-Men 11.
  10. Just 3 books for this thread. These are from a local estate auction. The 1st in the thread gets it. No PM deals are final until the books are marked sold in the thread. The price includes shipping to the US and Canada only. I accept paypal, check or money order. Returns are fine. If there's a problem, let me know within 3 days after receiving the book(s). Buyer pays return shipping.
  11. Recently came across the original cover art to Tomb of Terror #11, and I'm very pleased to add it to my collection
  12. Some "insiders" may be familiar with this already, but it's my first time and thought it was interesting
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