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  2. I use key loosely as I interpret it loosely when others use the term.... I dont necessarily need to define or label that, but as most things with comics it's a personal choice and decision!
  3. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    This is a key thread for sure.
  4. This thread is my grail thread!
  5. Hmm that’s odd too, I didn’t get that yet. Did u also get the email of payment to ccs again?
  6. Man, such great stuff. Awesome display. Love the horror goodies. Also reminds me of the inner battle I have with myself concerning white vs black shelves.
  7. That is a good "key" grade scale I haven't broke through the threshold of super keys yet
  8. @Get Marwood & I I just got home from a long flight back from Heathrow, and have been reading over your history with these era UK books - so interesting! Now I am hesitant to have it graded, as it would be a shame to no longer be recognizable as a U.K. version once encapsulated. I read your threads, and know that you have asked CGC to recognize these in the label notes - but that seems to no avail. For clarity - If I submit this, it will not get a U.K. liner note on the label, correct? This is one instance where I WOULD want the U.K. note on the label. I checked the census and there are very very few RK22 books graded, I would be so proud to have one - especially with it presenting as well as it does. What to do?!
  9. That’s a very good plan. You’re an EC buying machine!
  10. 21 books received 12/5 shipped 1/20. We don’t need no stinking press. Magazines still in que.
  11. My received date changed from 11/22 to 1/17. I hope the change of date means the pressing department received it today and it was signed. Not a mix up in the initial receiveing to the facility.
  12. Understandable given the iconic shirts of I heart ny ha! But ya, don't name your camp crystal lake either hahaha
  13. And that's a wrap for this evening...being summoned to head out to dinner. A man's gotta eat!
  14. kav


    I admire your patience. You could have easily just blocked her. Sounds like an incredibly entitled spoiled individual. I WANT IT! WELL WHY CANT I HAVE WHAT I WANT-EXPLAIN YOURSELF!! I learned long ago never to explain a 'no'-it just gives them something to argue. When someone asks me and I say no and they say 'why not' I say 'no reason'. If you give a reason you are toast: "Can I borrow your car tomorrow?" "No" "Why not?" "I need to use it tomorrow" "OK what about the next day-" What you have done in this example is blockaded yourself into a corner with your 'reason' now if they can find a way that makes your reason invalid you are trapped. Never give a reason.
  15. I love Vancouver too!!! Because most of the film was shot in that area besides the actual city of New York!
  16. like that would be amazing but I was expecting that to happen next week tbh and my status hasnt updated. I wonder if they r putting in them overtime hours And will work through the weekend to speed this up.
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