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  2. What about the old serial number? Does it get wiped off the registry? Reason I asked is that I'm looking for a slab that my dad sold awhile back and wanted to buy it back if I came across it.
  3. Posting comic books late 1980s to current. Hope you find something you like. All comics are a measly $8.00. Grades are Very Fine/Near Mint. Postage costs are $6.00 First Class domestic for the first 8 comics. Additional comics to the order will incur a 75¢ charge each. Postage for Canadian and International orders will be set separately. Please contact me before ordering. A postal bid will be provided. Notifications through this forum's email inbox will be reviewed each morning Eastern Standard Time as I reside in North Carolina. Notifications with orders will be on first come, first served gauging the forum inbox. So if you want something, don't just make a comment in this thread, but notify me through notification email. Acceptable payments through Paypal only. An invoice will be sent to each buyer for the total amount with postage. Contact me through this forum and indicate which comics you are requesting. I will update the posting with each final sale. There are no refunds since these are relatively new comic books and grades are strict as notated above. All orders received Saturday through Wednesday will be mailed the next day. Orders received Thursday or Friday will be mailed out the following week.
  4. I have acquired some of my favorite golden age books from Gator, Adam/Danielle, Harley, and Superworld Ted (to name a few).
  5. I was under the impression that remarks are also part of this thread. So, here is my most recent remark from Collette Turner.... with a few redactions.
  6. Awesome, really appreciate the replies @ADAMANTIUM and @kevhtx , I was hoping that was the case. I am only going Saturday with my son. Will be there when the doors open, if traffic cooperates from Austin. Going to be a fun filled day of looking around and hopefully getting some great signatures (including Jim Lee's!), if I find a good enough copy of that foil 608 maybe that will supersede the original 608 I am bringing to get signed...... decisions... decisions. And yeah 2 weeks, but 1st Endgame! Happy Easter to you as well @ADAMANTIUM
  7. The boards are enough social media for me. I’m sure I’d dig CAF but this is where I go for my comic art sharing.
  8. Dunno, but I'd bet Tom Cruise is campaigning for it.
  9. Moreover, James Bond is NOT in the public domain. I'm assuming the Ian Fleming estate still has a certain say in how his character is portrayed... it's not just up to Hollywood (or whatever international conglomerate the Bond franchise has now become).
  10. The world lost another collector on Monday, 4/15/2019. Malcolm was a collector of antique cars, original art, pulps, movie memorabilia, and old comics. He had a special love for sci-fi and Disney, especially the work of Carl Barks. He was teaching English in an East L. A. high school when Leonard Brown approached him about opening a store for collectors of popular culture. He couldn't say yes fast enough, and in 1964 they opened Collectors Bookstore in Hollywood. They had some rough years in the beginning but the timing was right and eventually they were able to move into a large bank building and be successful. I always enjoyed going into the vault where the left side was for comics and the right side was for movie collectibles. One year when I was visiting, Leonard told me to look at the Batman section and I saw a dozen copies of the fist issue. Over the years, many Hollywood Stars visited the store, which eventually led to them being the first store to auction an Oscar. The thing I liked about Mal was that he genuinely enjoyed his collection.
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