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  2. Deadline does in the annual accounting for the biggest movies. So when you are spending $100MM on your prints and advertising before you make a single dollar in the theaters (hence it is not "post theatrical") yeah, people are counting it. Having more information and knowing what movies actually cost and when they really do hit profitability is never a bad thing. -J.
  3. Well said. He did his job and he did it well. It's business.
  4. I ended up finding and calling a customer support number and the type of badge we have hadn’t been processed yet. Will probably get them at the end of the month.
  5. Again with this ? P&A is accounted for in post-theatrical -- nobody counts marketing budgets against a theatrical profitability calculation. 3.0x its known budget theatrical here is sufficient. Also - Hughes himself -- crackhead that he is -- cited marketing for this film at $50 mill., not $90 mill.
  6. I have 1 - 10 in VF/NM range grade if that helps. Let me know --
  7. Gem Comics 1- CGC 7.0- $695 awesome underrated bondage cover Goes well with Jo-Jo 25
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