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  2. And that's it for tonight. Thanks
  3. Superman The Man of Steel #1 — VF- — $1.00 Superman The Man of Steel #1 — VF- — $1.00 Superman The Man of Steel #1 — VF- — $1.00 OR 3 for $2.00
  4. Seriously, though...don't let any haters get you down. Nothing wrong with enthusiasm! My only suggestion would be to maybe consider keeping fonts, underline usage, italics and bold more consistent just so we understand what you're emphasizing. I enjoy reading your posts, I just feel when I'm reading them (with all the various font choices) that I'm like a toddler in a room full of kittens and exploding fireworks while you're simultaneously asking me to take a pre-cal quiz...if that makes sense Gotta get me a Showcase 4 someday, btw...
  5. Superman #204 - Jim Lee Cover/Art — VF/NM — $1.00
  6. My son loves Archie comics. How much for the lot and could you ship to me by Christmas?
  7. Superman #75 - 2nd Print Variant — VF/NM — $1.50 Superman #75 - 2nd Print Variant — VF/NM — $1.50 Superman #75 - 2nd Print Variant — VF/NM — $1.50 OR 3 for $3.50
  8. Hey it looks great! @Brandon Shepherd fairly fast on the shipping and a personalized note
  9. Superman #75 - Newsstand Edition — VF- — $3.00 Superman #75 - Newsstand Edition — VF- — $3.00 Superman #75 - Newsstand Edition — VF- — $3.00 OR 3 for $7.00
  10. I’ve owned the cover painting for a number of years now and every now and then I look for a copy of the book. Most have had terrible spine ticks. Maybe someday! I just bought another painting to a retailer incentive but it’s only 1:25 and there are already a bunch listed on eBay so I should be able to find a nice copy at some point...but man that Cap has been bad.
  11. 2 sets available Spawn #1 — NM- Spawn #2 — NM Spawn #3 — NM- Spawn #4 — NM Spawn #5 — NM Spawn #6 — VF/NM $19 for all 6 OR both sets for $30.00
  12. What was your primary reason for purchasing this book? If you’re intention is to sell at some point in the future, will you advertise this as a 9.8 book or a 9.2 that happened to score higher for whatever reason? If your purchase was solely to own the best version of the book possible, obviously that didn’t happen. So I don’t see a winning outcome here for anyone unless you are able to return it. If you can’t, you have a few less favorable options: 1). Sell the ‘9.8’ and kick the can down the road to the next buyer (please don’t). 2). Sell as a 9.8 that ‘presents’ like a 9.2 (honest, but not sure I’ve ever seen this). 3). Crack it and sell raw with plenty of pictures and hope to recoup your money (Caveat emptor). 4). Learn to live with it but stare at the those ticks every time you look at the book. 5). Give it to me to relieve the stress (win/win scenario).
  13. X-Men #11 VF+ : $475 1st app. The Stranger Probably the toughest early X-Men to find in high grade. This one is simply gorgeous but is slightly miscut and has a light pen mark on first page. If you can live with that, it is a beautiful copy for its given grade.
  14. Best UXM pencilers 1. Dave Cockrum 2. John Byrne 3. Paul Smith 4. JRJR 5. Jack Kirby 6. Neal Adams
  15. So silly question with this thread mostly for silver where do most agree is last as silver and first for the next age after silver. Also do we have a mega as thread for other ages like this one?
  16. you'll know market value when it ends in 15 minutes. Its not like original art by McFarlane (with no typos, bad scans, or wrong category issue) would somehow fall under the radar and sell for less than market value... Malvin
  17. Is this meant for the Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.8 thread?
  18. Right edge tears on an otherwise pretty nice book. Thanks all!
  19. lol. might have been my 9.8. sold it at start of 2018. super hard to find but got mine from midtown.
  20. Completely agree. If it's happened multiple times it would be more of an indication as to where these stand but I don't see the average falling beneath $1,700 at the lowest for a while...and one random sale on a Saturday close to Christmas at 3PM is not necessarily a true indicator of the market trending on this issue in CGC 9.8. On the flipside, if these do drop to 1K or lower I know someone who'll be in the market for some extra investment copies (this guy). So make it rain!
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