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  2. FYI, the annoyed unanswered question is NOW gone. It's about time! Thanks for your inputs and advice.
  3. A Baker and an Archie left. Anyone want them?
  4. I think the only way you could ever consider that one or more comics were produced as intended by either the printer or creator, is when the spine line is dead center, edge-on, the staples likewise, thus no twist or rolling biased towards front or back, and that spine line is perfectly straight without tilt. Then one can note where the artwork ends on the three open edges as "probably as intended" if, and that's a big if, the comic sizes to the absolute norm left to right, top to bottom! Of course, this is why there's a lot of extra artwork on a pre-cut cover, usually about an extra 1/2" beyond what's normally seen when the spine line is dead edge-on. Then, you have books like TOS 39, that you mentioned, with many important art elements so close to or usually cut off by the right edge dependent on the fold of the spine; where that black line is located. These actually look better when the front cover art is wrapped around the back, what most might call misfolded, so that more art will show on the right edge of an average sized TOS 39. 39s that tend to be folded perfectly at the spine, front and back cover meeting edge on, have a trimmed look on the right edge, as you said, like quote marks are cut into.
  5. WoW What a copy @entalmighty1 congratulations! Ain't nothin like having Ole' Capt front and center behind the Statue of Liberty. CLASSIC.
  6. I may have shown this before but for whatever reason I feel like posting it now. If it’s a repeat I apologize:
  7. Definitely! I’m no expert but it looks pretty legitimate to me. Also, why would a forger put one in a marvel con program? It wouldn’t make any sense.
  8. The Return of Captain Future is one of the top demand pulp covers these days. My mind boggles at what that would go for if it was on a comic rather than a pulp...
  9. I’m really not sure. My only guess would be that he was so well known that the powers that be at Marvel probably said why not?
  10. Picked up a well loved copy of 41 at day 2 of local con.
  11. If you need a copy of Action 1 this is the cheapest you will ever get 1 I think.
  12. One of those that are just so awesome they speak for themselves I guess Actually the cbcs label had a a bunch of information on it including the full page ad it has for vampire tales I think. That's what I liked about the other guys I actually like this original one better just for the simplicity. Also because it's older and he looks tini tinier here when Mysterio makes him think he's been miniaturized in a tiny little amusement park
  13. Hello. Does anyone know where to get a book pressed and cleaned in the San Fransisco Bay Area? Google was not helpful
  14. If they are on different purchase orders they will be shipped back in different boxes.
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