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  2. Ride the Tiger


    Well with 1061 graded books I'd be afraid to even touch that book.
  3. I see several insider “sales” on DIS in December. One 86% = one share “award”???
  4. kav


    "All grading inflated by at least 3 grade notches"
  5. Snap a nice pic of the indicia. Have it graded. Tape the photo of the Indicia onto the back of the slab. I have an AF15 UK 7.0 that Stan Lee signed when he went to a Con in London back in the 70s. He signed it on the Splash Page. I took a photo of his sig and keep it with the slab for the day that I will sell it. It's not a SS slab, but they did put "Signed 'Stan Lee' on the splash page" on the label.
  6. nepatkm


    Knowledgeable grading is important in this hobby!!I I purchased this item off eBay, graded (9.8 All grading) , to see how grading was, hoping for the best 🤞 Once in hand I realized it would grade no better than a 9.0.. No way would I pay for submission to CGC once in my hands..Took a chance, To see how the seller was grading, after I received the comic I just informed seller that they were paying a grading company that was way off. I didn’t ask for any refunds or compensation. Just let the seller know the grading company he was using was off (by my and CGC standards.) the seller was appreciative of the info. *— Know how to grade, before submitting.. my
  7. Been looking for this robotech for a while. Found it today... also found some other random goodies. The dead world 1 is nm which is why I picked it up.
  8. I think astonishing tales 12 and 13 are still undervalued, #12 is 2nd man thing , with Neal Adams art, and 1st full Bobbie Morse, and 13 is first cover,
  9. The back cover keeps it out of the high grade for me too. 9.2/9.4 seems about right.
  10. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    Plus there's also the Florida Keys and stuff-
  11. True But keys 'open' too so those books open the comics universe like say ironman 55
  12. Someone from eBay. MIne's buried in a box somewhere.
  13. I think the keyword here is “premium.” Yes, I agree with you; a full-figure Punisher splash with skull and guns fetches a premium and they aren’t easy to come by. But I think there’s a difference in premium between a John Herbert and John Romita, Jr and John Buscema Punisher splash.
  14. I had an awesome week. Added another X-men 10, 1st Black bolt, 1st Vision among others and why that Superman 276 is so hard to find in high grades is beyond me
  15. Charlton Comics - making the Australian comic printing industry look good since 1945.
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