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  2. Picked up this beauty over the weekend at a local show.
  3. For all it’s worth, I have reason to believe the AF project is dead.
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  5. My copy I picked up a year ago. I'd read in price guides ages ago that it was printed cheaply, but was still surprised at how flimsy it was when I finally got mine. One of my favorite books, and IMO very affordable at around 70 bucks on average. Elfquest is just so....amazing....when it comes to comicdom. That their first appearance from the 70's is cheaper than a first Deadpool appearance still blows me away. I first got into elfquest when I fond a few TPB's (or probably hardcover) from my local library in the mid 90's. My library didnt have comics, but somehow they had the first couple for elfquest and I remember reading them and just being memorized. A few years later, in the late 90's, I bought a mostly full run of their original issues on ebay for pretty cheap. I wish I bought more on ebay back then, because comics were cheaaaaap. Anyway, loved elfquest then, and still love them to this day. Isnt there a movie in the works?
  6. L. Sprague De Camp to L. Sprague De Camp...
  8. I live in my mom's basement Nothing wrong with it that I see. She has a big house, I make decent money, and we enjoy each other's company. Plus my comics are packed in the same area they've been for thirty years nice and safe As for Coppers heating up on ebay, I maintain Cap 286 is going to explode. Someday.
  9. I have sold ample items over the years and have ample references. In the last 3 years ago I spent well over 30K on this board and sold over 20K and every sale was on the WTB board. In other words I did the exact opposite of what you suggested. BOTTOM LINE: The rules need to be followed just like they are in the selling forum. If you disagree petition to have them changed. Once again the reason why very few members read the WTB forum is because it has a reputation of low ballers and tire kickers. This is why the rules must be enforced. Once this happens the traffic in the WTB forum will increase which will result in collectors having a better chance to find the items they are looking for.
  10. Beyond cool, and in great shape all. Impressive as always, Robot Man. I've only encountered the Snow White in the wild at a very reasonable price. Any other time I've seen them the dealers knew (or suspected) they had something special.
  11. Instead of searching for a phone number from way back in 1982, wouldn't it be a lot simpler to call him at his listed number. Especially since he has a full page ad every year in the Overstreet guide with all of his contact information right there. Looks like his number still hasn't changed after all these years since the last time I talked to him.
  12. Los Angeles comic book haul. Most are from Goodwill but couple are from a trade I made in comic book store.
  13. Hi all, I just received this ASM 194 book through the mail and noticed a small bump on the cover (pictured). I'm thinking it is a small glue drop or acrylic color touch but not quite sure. Anyone has experienced this before and can help me identify it? I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  14. I never understand threads like this where people who are older complain, "back in 1992 I could have gotten this book." Well guess what you didnt, so either ante up or move on to something else. Yes we are all sorry a AF 15 you could have bought in 1992 for 30k in VF/NM is now out of your price range. It's called valuable items usually go up the older they get when demand and relevance remains high. I think that is in the 1st grade instruction manual of supply/demand economics in a capitalist society. The same books that were major comic book keys before 2000 are still the heavy hitters today. Just now with all these movies they are more expensive because of how the movie and other forms of multimedia have helped these characters popularity spread like a California Wild Fire. Most knowledgable (assuming most of you here) comic collectors realize most of the post-1990 stuff is junk/drek. So let the dumb speculators keep buying the virgin, foil, 1:25, 1:50 or whatever variant garbage while you keep buying the real books. I highly doubt if you buy a Hulk 181, AF 15, FF 1 (you get my point) or a X-men 1 today at market value you regret it in the future. Sell the modern variant drek and keep the Vintage!
  15. It probably gets to be worth it if you can shave him down some from 10 cents and you plan to do some shows. You have ready made dollar box inventory. Bring shorties and tell people that can fill then for $50-75. Of course I am a guy who passed on 6-8 longs of free stuff when a local shop closed. My back started hurting thinking about it.
  16. Agreed. What is your opinion and experience about color breaking scratches? I seem to have one on my FF49... what do you think? It looks like a scratch from bottom staple to galactus finger. What do you think?
  17. 60 longs will more than double you. 225 or so bagged and boarded books per box? What do you plan on doing with the 56-58 boxes of books that are not solo ebayeable?
  18. Maybe D &D will do an Arya & Boba Fett crossover trilogy? Destroy both characters at the same time.
  19. But... Robert Pattinson? Decision/no decision, rumour/joke... ROBERT PATTINSON?!
  20. Yep, you're correct - my bad. At least I had the date right. I understand if he doesn't want to display the most famous Action #1. But what's the deal with no photographs? At all? Have any of these top graders ever asked him why he's refused a single photograph?
  21. Here's a good test for determining whether a printer's crease...especially for Silver, Bronze, and early Copper...existed before the press: Take a look at the back cover, in the exact same corresponding area. I mean the EXACT same area. Do you see a "mirror image" of that crease on the back cover? If so, then it happened in production. Now...that does not mean that,with such creases cannot exist on one side only. They can, and do, and are quite common that way. BUT...if you find it's "mirror twin" on the back cover, same size, same shape, same can rest assured that it's a result of production. And yes...improper pressing can introduce what look like "printer's creases" onto the cover, but here's the interesting thing: due to the anatomy of most books (at least for books that aren't disassembled), such "introduced" creases are usually vertical, rather than horizontal. This paper is old and delicate. It cannot be forced into doing what some people try to do. Even paper will follow the path of least resistance, and you can create these creases very easily under the right conditions. Also a good idea to have before scans of everything that is worth something to you.
  22. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I'm pretty sure Cupid never gave anybody advice on how to decorate their rooms with the heads of guys he shot! I am mostly goofing around, but that cover is so ridiculous that I had to look it up to see if it was actually real.
  23. Obviously it is. I mean, it looks so natural that there's no reason to suspect otherwise. (I'm guessing the replaced word is "advice")
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