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  2. Hank Pym Beast Black Panther Speedy Manhunter (1970s Goodwin/Simonson Version)
  3. Hi All, shipping will be via Priority Box in the US for only $7.00; for outside the US please check with me first, buyer will pay actual shipping. No HOS purchasers please and no returns on these slabbed books. Payment via Paypal or check as long as they clear first. Doctor Strange #1 8.5 White pages $105 Conan #1 8.5 OW/W pages $350 Daredevil #1 3.5 OW pages- Note that label calls out 1 piece of tape on the interior $1100
  4. That's it for the TV/ Movie books. Later tonight will be the Price variants and a group of solid reader copies of MOKF …. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  5. They might have been influenced by the terms of the licensing agreement, whatever they were. Or maybe they just thought they had a property that could make some money, despite its problems outside of comics.
  6. All this for $20 - knew it was going to be a good score when he said $2 for the Tarzan book
  7. Guaranteed un-fiddled with. I've got a bunch of them in this condition that I've had for years.
  8. Adding another book to the offer! WWBN 33 grade 5.0-6.0 maybe higher with a press. FMV $50-70 Total trade value at 775.00$ Or I have another offer TOMB of Dracula 10 - First Blade CGC 6.0 last 2 sales on eBay were $699.00 and $720.00 The CGC holder is missing the top outer sticker but the case is not cracked, damaged. 15$ reholder would do it well. FMV $650.00 Would have to remove 1 or 2 of the books to get the FMV of the trade to around $750.00 on my end as that is what I am valuing the SS 4 in CGC 7.5
  9. Sorry,just saw this.No,I never have,but I looked it up and as a tarantula keeper I'm going to keep an eye peeled for 82 especially! @Readcomix nice! Is the poster there?
  10. Looking for help with this one. Theres 2 small tears on front cover. One on bottom left and one top right. Both pictured. I also notice the right edge is jagged in places. Not sure if that’s normal or not.
  11. SUMMER LOVE 47 7.5 C/OW $ 125 …. Bend at lower spine … mostly back cover related.
  12. Hi all - what do you make of this one..? Back cover is fairly tan. Pages off white or so. Small 'fluff' bottom left of front cover. Edit - the back cover and pages are evenly off white - the camera has added the variation. ciao
  13. This appears to be the most affordable Gold Key on ebay right now.
  14. Even with my edit, it would be very, very difficult.
  15. Sad to hear this. The best show I watched in a long time. I will always think of this as the real true sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen. At sometimes I actually thought the Watchmen HBO show was actually better because the characters seemed to really be more likable than the 1980s crew.
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