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  2. print run. supply & demand? #2 is 1st appearance of Dr Frye in a comic book. Look at the variant of #2. That book is over the top atm
  3. Having had a store for thirty years I can say that I have never had a customer restore a book, send it in to get graded, have it come back restored, and then blame it on me. I have had each of those things happen multiple times, But never all together. But here is the key part...if that did happen I would take the return, give the refund, and try to make the rest of their shopping experience the best it can be.
  4. I agree, operating in good faith and being willing to discuss options goes a long way, as well as recognizing that situations vary. If I bought some mid-80’s Daredevils for $10 each, get them home and discover they all have color touch? I would expect to be able to return those without any hassle. If I bought a $1,000 book that the owner felt confident was unrestored, I immediately send it to CGC and it comes back PLOD? I’d probably be looking for a full or nearly full return on the book itself, but the grading fees and associated shipping costs would be on me. I couldn’t detect the restoration either without the evaluation of a 3rd part so I have to take some responsibility for that. If I bought a $1,000 book but held it in my collection for a number of years before submitting to CGC only to discover it’s restored? Well, I’d bring it to the dealer’s attention but at that point I’d want to see if we could possibly work some kind of partial refund based on the difference between a restored/unrestored copy. Yes, I bought the book on the pretext it was unrestored, but after holding the book for a period of time at some point the book becomes more mine than the dealers. If a dealer is trying to sell me a $1,000 book but is hedging on being 100% sure if the book is unrestored, I might suggest maybe sharing the risk, say splitting the cost to submit to CGC. If it comes back unrestored I buy the book; if it comes back restored the dealer now know exactly what he has without dumping too much more into the book and I’m comfortable what I wagered to find out the book’s true state. Or something like that.
  5. Bringing Up Father The Big Book Platinum Age hardcover! 1926 G, nice white pages with the splash page colored and last page colored on the most. Total 5 pages have been colored on but very little on others. Book still held together. Comic strips in book are dated 1919 $110
  6. I think I explained it in my title thread The first appearance of immortal hulk
  7. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s...nah. That’s really pretty much what we do here. Soooo....PM sent?
  8. Sold off some comics and got this. Truly believe it's time will come!
  9. The thread should be renamed: To lock or Not To Lock?
  10. 5.5-6.0 as is. Pressing should bump a half grade at least to a hopeful 6.0-6.5. If you got a 7.0 or better, you should be elated.
  11. Eternals 2 30 cent variant, 1st appearance of Ajax and the Celestials CGC 9.0 $600
  12. Does anyone know if these boxes are available to buy anywhere or are they made special for Lone Star?
  13. publicity still inside the (studio) cathedral ?? For this production RKO Radio Pictures built on their movie ranch a massive medieval city of Paris and Notre Dame Cathedral in the San Fernando Valley.[11] This was one of the largest and most extravagant sets ever constructed.
  14. i read somewhere that there is a renewed interest in Hunchback comic books since the Notre Dame cathedral burned down
  15. I will also go 9.6 just because I don;t ever count on or expect 9.8. It looks solid though, I would say potential is there.
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