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  2. She was great in the original Poseidon Adventure. Like you say very vulnerable in her own way. and just right for such parts Is Jeff Rice , Anne Rice before the gender realignment? Seriously though, how did the original story match up with the show? Is it one of those rare ocassions where the film outdoes the book, or at least equals the original story?
  3. Star Trek #1 Gold Key raw or slabbed. Pickens on eBay are either trashed or overpriced Marvel Bronze Horror (ie: Monsters on the Prowl, Creatures on the Loose, etc...basically the reprint issues from the 70s but also earlier) Raw and VG+ or better; if you can put together a lot to avoid multiple sellers even better Doomsday+1 Charlton Raw copies. Again, looking for as many copies from one seller and preferably in higher mid grade or better. Would like to find before X-Mas if possible (or the post gets buried). Have done some business on the boards, eBay and Paypal accounts under the same name since 2001 with 100% positive feedback for reference. Please have as good if not better reputation and be in the continental US before contacting. Thanks for looking.
  4. To expand on my original thought, the sale of a Planet #18 in 6.5 for $4500 underscores a detectable trend, where some issues attract more interest than others, and I wondered how many issues have now joined this select few. It seems not necessarily to be based on aesthetics - ie I dont think #17 and #18 are significantly better covers than #19, but all things being equal, #17 and #18 would likely garner more interest in an auction than a #19 in the same grade - or so it seems to me. And I prefer #35 to #33 as well, but would the same apply?
  5. Carol has a very childlike persona and it helped her get the more vulnerable woman parts she was a good actress and will be missed. As for the unpublished work it was wrote by Jeff Rice I have a signed limited edition copy of his original work.
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  7. I've not seen any 2.5's, but 2.1 comes up pretty regularly on eBay. I think I've sold two copies over that last few years...and they go cheap. A midgrade might run $100-200.
  8. Both tough to find in decent shape. There seem to be fewer #3s about in general. Don't know whether that's representative of the edition as a whole, or just the variants. Also, #2 is virtually impossible to find without the transferred black ink from the "Street Ball" ad on the back cover. I never seem to see this on the 30c or 35c covers.
  9. Brackett to Brackett & Planet to Planet...
  10. Little Archie is a tough trifecta to follow, but a little PEP is a good precursor...
  11. Edward G Robinson as Hammerhead (a little typecasting there)
  13. There were several of these mock up covers produced. They all look pretty good. I see that Carol Lynley died in September of this year. Interestingly Richard Mattheson's screenplay was adapted from an unpublished story, so well done to him for saving a great idea.
  14. Clearly you are unfamiliar with Bill Wray's series of paintings inspired by scenes he had seen at cons, of cosplayers doing these things. A google search will find a bunch.
  15. I'm pretty sure alot of the '80s and '90s pieces which hit 'high' prices were nostalgia driven. We are in 'That was my very first comic territory!' and we know that money is no object when it comes to grails.
  16. Thank you. But it's fine. I just landed a couple of long time grails (watch this space...) and it just feels like time for a pause.
  17. Just a solid show with good writing and directing. I do wish however they committed to actually killing some of the hijackers, put some consequences into it. Not putting them down felt like a pointless risk and time waste. I don’t think that decision made sense and that sorta bothered me. Other than that great episode. To date one bad episode, one flawed, and the rest have been great.
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