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  2. Crystal skull to flaming skull
  3. Didn’t hate it and there were a couple of parts I liked but overall wasn’t impressed.
  4. I think it was: Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man: Homecoming Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man: Far From Home So now with the success of Venom and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, I wonder how much more leverage Sony has, along with a willingness to even work with the MCU. There is value to having characters from the larger Marvel Universe appear in these films. But what that means for a renewed deal will be interesting.
  5. I sent out two silver age comics through a local dealer of mine, value with fast track. That was around two and a half months ago and still nothing. Does this seem right? To me it doesn't but it was the first time I had sent anything out to be graded. The store tells me they are scheduled for grading still. It somewhat sounds like they are not fast tracking them? Any advice?
  6. I think you need to get into 6.0 territory for it to be a financial gain long term. 6.0 and up is really when the POP starts to notably drop and to the point where you can start seeing more significant price divergence across grades. 2.x/3.x/4 are the most common slabbed grades (in reality 1.x are probably most common but many remain unslabbed). But there are only so many people who can own the 9, 8, 7s etc and others will have to settle on 6. I think you'd need a little more juice to get into 6.0 range unless your 3.0s are both very high end/ exceptional examples. Agree with others on 3.0 being much more liquid if that's of any concern to you.
  7. I would wait until 30 days had passed, and then send the seller a nice message. Did the seller offer you an option besides media and you decided not to? I have seen cases where there is a history of buried in positive feedback for buyers, there is feedback that notes "buyer says he didn't get book, tracking shows he did." It's rough when many people make a habit of this. In 16 years, I've had one thing not arrive. My guess was that they did something to the address that got past a usps clerk, so that it was returned. Tracking never showed it delivered. Of course, it could also be that media mail just sucks. If it happens again, give up on anything that you don't have to sign for. I'm lucky, usps, fed ex and ups leave things on my porch that I should be signing for. At far.
  8. You do realize that Marvel Studios does not own the rights to Spider-Man - he still belongs to Sony. Sony funds the films and takes in all the profits, but Marvel Studios produces it for them (they put the MCU shine on it, that for whatever reason other studios can't seem to replicate on any consistent basis). The current agreement is for 3 Spidey solo films, and a new agreement would be required for the partnership to continue. There is no way MS makes him the "key" character going forward, because they have no control over his future and it would be less profitable.
  9. I can't determine if the bottom corner on the back of the cover LHS is a crease or reflection? Can the OP please confirm what we are seeing? Also the front cover I believe what appears as colour breaking creases are truly reflections. These are not readers creases but are part of the production of this style printing format.
  10. Young Lust No. 1 *** First Printing *** The Company & Sons [1970] Very Good [VG] .......................... Bill Griffith Jay Kinney Art Spiegelman ...........................…. Literary Great-Read comics on the CHEAP! #313 of an ongoing series! .........................................................
  11. I thought that was a camera lenses too. I think the guy from mcmafia is gonna play him...what's his name?
  12. Just listed I’m stunned I missed this as it was for sale
  13. The guy on top of the apartment building in amazing fantasy fifteen. Nobody knew who he was,allegedly that was none other than John Gotti, there was a union beef and his crew were handling some business up there when spiderman decided to do a fly by. Pretty sure hes dead and they had a big funeral for him and everything,media extravaganza. Spiderman showed up,though he was Peter Parker. How come they dont merge the spiderverse,actually kill him off and let Miles Morales have a run maybe a justice league of spiders...oh wait.
  14. Several Wonder Woman, Batgirl and FF Bondage Covers all ending Sunday night on feebay ............don't you deserve a little bndage for EAster
  15. Postal insurance would be useless in this situation. According to tracking, the item was delivered. Case closed. Insurance would not pay out despite the claims that the buyer never received it. Seller can't be responsible for this one. All the buyer can do is discuss the situation with USPS. They won't do anything about it, but the problem is between the buyer and USPS, not the buyer and the seller.
  16. Very interesting tidbit about Hawkman. I wonder which one? Archaeologist Carter Hall? Alien police officer Katar Hol from the planet Thanagar?
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