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  2. Discuss. I'll bite.... Slowing down from what to what? I agree by the way compared to my last comic con... But it feels like we were all going 150 in a 100 mile an hour zone... the last con definitely seemed as though it slacked off, but where is normal? Did it pick up long enough for that to be the norm, or are we seeing a "slowdown" to something beyond repair My guess is were still a little above the norm, but it does "seem" sluggish
  3. Relisting this at a reduced price. Shipping free with BIN. Accepted methods of payment PayPal, money order or personal check. All New Comics #5,6,7,8,9, and 10 Harvey File copies in a bound HC from a Harvey Wharehouse find. Condition VF or better with Crm to off-white pages. A unique piece of comic history that contains some rare books from the series ( including the poor man's Suspense 3 ) All New Comics 8. Price $1650
  4. They keep trying it by adapting video games. Eventually it will pay off.
  5. Lovely question. They're all marked at $15. 9.0-9.6 copies.
  6. Are you not going to admit that that Doc Ock looks like Roy or at least a pretty woman?
  7. I give this book a month or 2 before its worthless. I just found a ron paul comic for sale at half price books, im sure her comic wont hold up long term
  8. May was always a giddy Aunt. Heart attack every ten minutes.
  9. Not particularly. Why? Are you a Scientologist?
  10. I keep asking here and on facebook. I have several I want signed.
  11. Coincidentally just got this on a Facebook page yesterday, got a good deal on it. FIRST appearance of Spawn
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