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  2. Good to hear I was not a fan of Kav when he first showed up on the boards but I will 100% acknowledge I was completely wrong. Kav is a great addition to the boards.
  3. Wow, this Planet run was truly incredible! Issue 14 is the only book where I’ve done better, on every other issue, I’m far behind!
  4. The Curse of Frankenstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. And we have a Norrin's Lawyer at $70 shipped! Thank you Greg! And thank you to all bidders and lookers, I hope everyone had fun with this. Fyi all, I just opened a "Bargain Basement" thread over in Mixed, if you're looking for cheap, fun reading. I have lots more coming, including "Dollar Box" posts (there's already a $2 Box up), and I'll also add a few neat surprises, twists, and turns. Thanks again everyone!
  6. Looking for a CGC graded copy in 9.8. Must be graded - not "I think it is 9.8". Pls PM if wishing to transact.
  7. Was able to print labels tonight, but noticed I have no shipping history.
  8. Thank you, that's a win in itself! Two-minute warning....
  9. Dr. Watson Green Anfieldfox Just a few that come to mind.
  10. I Fly for Vengeance to I Fight for Mars
  11. For broad GA inventory, low, middle, decently high, I like two west coast dealers, Terry's Comics and A-1.
  12. I'm right there with you. Batman>Swamp Thing>Spectre everybody else
  13. Long time collector and CAF contributor, Jason Versaggi will be joining Nick and I. If you are attending the show, please stop by our tables and introduce yourselves. We look forward to meeting everyone there. It's going to be a great show.
  14. Looking for Neal Adams Batman’s in 9.8: 203 210 217 219 222 225 226 229 230 231 235 236 238 239 241 245 246
  15. ...another bump for this Thread: Silver age, i know, but can't resist this Romita 'Tail light' cover Was glad to finally scoop up a really nice copy here on the Boards
  16. Thanks. The Spectre is becoming a close 2nd to Batman for me.
  17. John Connors sent me to protect you Jimmers! If you want to live come with me. Somebody is knocking off the board members one by one first Kav now Jimmers. #Dada dada dum#
  18. That's all I have shot right now; lots more to come, including many $1 box specials....Archie, Ducks, Richie Rich, more...
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