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  2. Have a coverless XM 1 if you’re interested.
  3. Tales of Suspense 40 CGC 3.0 with Off-White to White Pages for $290 Last GPA sale was $355
  4. 10% off remaining books before I close it up later tonight.
  5. Flash #113 CGC 5.5 with Off-White to White Pages - Please note the ink in Tricksters hair - for $135 Last GPA sales was $220.
  6. auctions are closing today. total now is just under 1900. wonder how the last minute bidding will impact this? one lot next week a 6.0 graded all flash 21
  7. Hi everyone, I have posted Discounts on some selected items Always happy to hear best offers
  8. The facilitators in the signature series subthread are all authorized witnesses by CGC. They just remove from the slab prior to the convention, place your book in a windowed bag, get the sigs, and re-submit to CGC for a yellow label.
  9. Flash #112 CGC 7.5 with Off-White to White Pages for $710. Last GPA sale was July 2018 for $780. Last month two CGC 7.0's sold for $800 and $810.
  10. Unusual Comics Complete set of # 1-2 Canadian comics from 1946
  11. 3) Brave & The Bold 28 graded at 2.0. This was a book I had to sell decades ago to cover our expenses due to my newly developed life long illness. 2) Next up was a Justice League Of America #2 graded at 4.0. Also another one that went in the great comics purge of the early 90's. 1) Iron Man #1 in vg+. Another replacement, I already had two previous Iron Man #1, one a 2.0 and the other a 3.5. But I just wanted a better looking copy and it took a couple of years and perfect timing to land this one.
  13. I think Kirby and Frazetta will be there before we know it. Disney has already done some promotion around Kirby as the artistic mastermind behind Marvel. That will likely amp up with The Eternals movie. In terms of individual pieces I own that cross into fine art territory, I don't think it gets much better than this:
  16. Some CGC Silver and Bronze Age Slabs for Sale! Thanks for looking all! I have done a handful of these on the boards and all have went very well. Please view my kudos thread and my eBay ID is pjr55ct where I am approaching 5.200 feedback at 100%. That said, no one on the negative lists please. First in the thread trumps any PM's Payment through PayPal. No returns on slabs unless damaged in transit. Shipping is within the US only and shipping is $12.50 by priority mail.
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