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  2. Transaction based business models are always the best where you act as a middle man and take a cut of the transaction. Now how does CGC base their pricing for grading and pressing
  3. ASM 24 5.0 Presents a little nicer but the cover is slightly rough to the touch. $70
  4. Nice pieces. Kid's good. In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq I met a young man who worked at a coffee shop. I noticed some really great drawings around the shop (no superhero comic stuff) and asked if they were his. He said yes and asked if I wanted to see his portfolio. I said sure and he pulled it from behind the counter and showed it to me. It was all male superheroes but with boobs. Huge boobs. And not cartoony like you might see in a Robert Crumb piece, but men with boobs. Serious as in if men had boobs. Spiderman with boobs. Deadpool with boobs. Quicksilver with boobs, and so on. He gave me his Instagram account but my head was already spinning from the travel and where I was at and I just didn't write it down. It seemed perfectly normal. I just said, Cool.
  5. I'm dumbfounded every time I encounter´╗┐ it. When I went to (I think) the inaugural LCC there was a full list of dealers advertised. And there were a lot of them. I think I still have the brochure somewhere. And you got a goody bag then too with quite a lot in it. This time, just a brochure and not even handed to you on entry. I found the stall handing them out by chance. All a bit poor really from a comic collectors point of view. I don't think I'd go again.
  6. JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY # 39 - Atlas Everett cover and Wally Wood art Exc. colors with ow pgs. Some Marvel chipping along outer edge. Solid tight copy in mid-grade condition. $200.00
  7. I guess my old one disappeared.
  8. STRANGE TALES # 45 - Atlas terrific Everett cover with Krigstein and Kamen art Beautiful colors with ow pgs. There is a 21/2" diagonal cr. on the bc. Otherwise, a FN+ $225.00 There are some ink spots on the man's face to the left.
  9. The chap I work with got cut up on the motorway. Being a bit of a hot head, he chased after the bloke for miles. Caught up with him, jumped out the car, as did the other bloke, and they get ready to go. After a few seconds he says "we're being insufficiently_thoughtful_persons aren't we". At which point the other guy agrees and they shake hands, get in their cars and drive off laughing.
  10. Still seeking the elusive SIDEWALK ROMANCE VD comic. PM me if anybody has one.
  11. Lets see your Golden Age VD comics.
  12. TOPS IN ADVENTURE - Ziff-Davis 1952 132 page one-shot Tough over-sized issue. This mid-grade copy is the nicest copy I ever found. Clean tight copy with supple ow pgs. 11/2" lower sp. split. Binding is tight! 1/2" chip upper edge bc. VG+ $95.00
  13. Depending on who you use, pressing costs differ but most of the time for big books the cost is a percentage of the value of the book. And there is also the capital needed and the risk involved to attempt something like this. In the end, the book is a CGC 8.0 that was sitting in a 7.0 holder. The book went in a public auction and anybody who wanted to had the opportunity to upgrade it. Not everyone has 6 figures lying around to risk. And many people are risk adverse and won't try it. Third party certification grades the book in front of them as it sits. They are not responsible for what people do to their own books when they are not in their possession. Every industry is the same. If you want to dip your toe in the water, look before you do. And the deeper the water, the deeper you need to look before you jump in. I grew up in the automotive industry and if you're going to drop 6 figures on a collectible car you should know what you're doing other than just writing a check for it.
  14. STRANGE TALES # 72 - Atlas 1959 Cool giant robot cover. This is a excellent copy of a very tough book. Crisp ow/w pgs and exc. colors and gloss. Store stamp fc. Tiny 1/8" cr. lower rt. corner. Sl. wear lower left edge. Near flawless clean white bc. VF- $550.00
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