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  2. Here's the deal. If people complain about "snipping" in the first place, then a snipping software, is basically just cheating. You're not even the one bidding. I'm cool with it, I just prefer to bid with honor.
  3. So not really a garage pickup or comic related but thought this was cool. While I was pulling up to the gas station yesterday I saw this sitting outside the 7/11.. Excellent condition, wheels are all functional, just need a little clean up at the base. No rust or spots
  4. That's true, many times I've seen, say 6:00 pm, only to realize at 6 EST there was a PDT next to it, and the auction was over.
  5. Nice result, glad it turned out better than we thought!
  6. I was debating 6.5, but decided against due to the rubbing in the centre>
  7. Hard to compare the two films straight up. Wonder Woman had far more name recognition coming in, but the film overall wasn't as good as Captain Marvel. Yet there's nothing in Captain Marvel as good as that battlefield scene in Wonder Woman. Certainly the more surprising film is Captain Marvel. If we were taking bets as to which film would outperform the other five years ago the vast majority of us would have picked Wonder Woman.
  8. Does this figure include their original artwork or is this just the figure for their comic books sales only? From their auction catalogues, it would appear that Heritage probably generates more from their OA sales, as opposed to their comic book sales.
  9. That China Box Office impact definitely had an impact with this taking off much more. Assumptions there this is all kids jokes and limited action (Third Act is not limited) caused quite the dud reaction.
  10. Yep, one ok, funny guy! Anything occur before the vacation to make him stay away?
  11. Picked up about a 3.0 FF 66 for a pretty good price of $12.70, just in case Endgame tries to do something w/ Adam Warlock.
  12. Here is a perfect example as to why you want to "set & forget": i set up my snipe program for 25$ and forgot about it. Apperantly I lost that auction but moments later the seller gave me a 2nd chance at my asking bid of $25
  13. "Higher, Further, Faster!"
  14. Unfortunately I had to back out of my purchase of Cap 110 8.0. Nice books here!
  15. If my eyes roll back any further in my head I'm afraid I'm gonna have an orgasm
  16. Kav is dearly missed as he is one of the top contributors the boards ! his knowledge about original art is as strong as anyone anywhere and i hope he returns soon he is actually too good for these boards, some people give him grief for absolutely no reason other than spite
  17. And in this case, after Endgame, Carol Danvers will be both. You may not think it's a good idea, but that's the direction Disney is going with. On Avengers backpacks and lunch boxes and birthday plates, Captain Marvel will be front and center on all group photos.
  18. This seems a bit dramatic to me, as I'm sure this will be proven false in the very near future. (At the very least, when the calendar strikes 2020, this will definitely be a false statement ) Have you come here for support, or are you coming here to vent frustrations? I assume the latter, as no details have been provided on the former. Regardless, if you haven't already attempted any troubleshooting, you should try combinations of refreshing, reloading, updating, and switching your internet browser. In my experience, the USPS website doesn't like old cache/cookies, and it dropped support for older browsers last month (or maybe the month before). In my experience, Chrome works better than Firefox, which works better than Edge. If all that fails, a little patience goes a long way. I highly doubt we'll go the remainder of 2019 without having a means of shipping internationally outside of going into a post office.
  19. It's also true that just about everyone on the planet doesn't view their country the way foreigners view it. It's just human nature, not confined to Americans.
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