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  2. I actually want one too, but at a realistic price, please. Willing to pay up to $10,000 a point. Must present well, which means Sectre's face can't be obfuscated in any way, nor any tape pulls, nor writing, nor chipping on the book. I am willing to consider less-than perfect copies as well, but seller must be realistic with his/her price. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi folks. I don't have a pic as its a very subtle thing and hard to capture so I don't know if anyone can help. Is there a general rule for a mild corner bend through the cover and 2/3 inner pages..? Absolutely definitely no colour break on cover. Would you expect that to knock a whole grade off..? Again sorry no pic but its invisible head on - if you angle the book you can see it but I can't get decent pic.
  4. Fun fact, in Taiwan, "Boba" means a well endowed female. Boba Fett was a female. No shame, just saying it makes more sense. She was more of a lover to Vader who also did his dirty work.
  5. Happy Birthday JR, but re: euphemisms ("young") and directed to a former military man...
  6. Maybe prices on comic book collectibles peaked in 2019? Bronze and Silver keys blew up 2015 - 2018, key and in-demand gold blew up 2018 - 2019, what's next? When compared to minimum wage, average annual earnings of college grads, price of the average new car, price of a gallon of milk, commodity prices, etc.,. it becomes clear that the pool of buyers for a NM Hulk 181, a VG Amazing Fantasy 15, etc.,. has shrunk considerably that last 5 years. The stock market has been on a tear for 10 years so that may have fueled some of the gains, but buying/selling stocks to buy/sell comics seems to have been about a zero-sum game during the expansion. Dunno...we'll see what happens in the hobby this year.
  7. Honestly, I kinda hope this happens. It would at least give him a minor headache for the trouble. Minor update...I asked him 2 days ago for the cert # for his 2nd copy of the book I didn't win . You know, the one he said went "way too low". I ask him for the cert # and he goes quiet. The next morning, he asks me if I'm still interested. I let him know I'm still waiting on the cert # because I like to verify the grading date and page quality. He says he "sent the code". I let him know that I didn't receive anything and he should just manually type in the number in the body of his next message. He goes quiet for another 24 hours. This morning I got a message from him asking if I received the cert # and if I was still interested in it. I don't know how he assumes I'm getting the code. I sent him a screenshot of our conversation so far. Nothing yet...
  8. When I see these discussions (and I have started a few), I take this stance: suppose there was a car, the first one produced. Its classic, sure. But then a year later, they released the new model and holy cannoli is it a a thing of beauty. So people pay more for it. But there will always be others who take pride in owning the "true" first, the market demands the cooler looking version wins. Case in point, Hulk 181 vs 180. You gonna try to tell me 180 has a better cover? HA! ASM 300 vs ASM 299. You gonna still try to argue which cover is better? No Chance (pun intended). This I feel applies to every case
  9. I have been offered some very nice looking copies in the 4.0 range and I do appreciate the responses. it looks like I forgot to add one thing to my criteria list. I’d really prefer a copy with staples firmly attached. Detached covers are a structural issue that’s common in this grade for this book for whatever reason. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond.
  10. I am kinda sad I missed this but I know an opportunity to get some of my stuff signed by him will come around again.
  11. Looks incredibly dumb. DC/Warner is such a mess. WW is the lone bright spot, everything else is just complete garbage.
  12. Last CLASSIC COMIC I bought...THE BLACK ARROW #31, October 1946. Highest Reorder Number inside back cover is #30.
  13. A very presentable 2.5. I think the fact that cut aside, it would grade 3.0-3.5 keeps it at Good plus.
  14. I don't know anyone out there who could claim, with a straight face, that John Romita wasn't talented..but I'm sure that there are some...
  15. Hello all - I took this photo at a shop and I apologize in advance as I don’t have a photo of the back page, or one out of the plastic . That being said , it appears to me the top is uneven just by my eye in comparison with the white of the backer board . Would you agree it is trimmed or does this look more like Marvel wear ( not chipping ) thanks for the help -
  16. I made it through a handful of episodes that I actually watched and the rest were in the background. I’m sure it’s way cool if you read the books or played the games but I’m all set if I have to go down the reddit hole or YouTube to make heads or tails of what’s going on.
  17. Worst time to sell books is just after Christmas and into January/February. Prices traditionally drop across the board. People are cash strapped from the holidays and not as eager to spend right away. It is why I avoid selling anything key between December 25th and March 1st. Once March and April hit, people start looking for stuff, prepping for cons or just get back into the heavier buying. At least that is what I have noticed. It could be some of the other factors as well.
  18. Perhaps not expected but no doubt can be found. I do exactly that at least five times a year. So no, I'm not tripping over those opportunities daily but every other month or so - in that exact price range, I see true genius and snap it up faster than you can type WTF?! This is the optimistic pricing thread...$300 for that atrocity Arak is very much optimistic for any collector with taste. Fanboys will blindly buy such 'things' up, of course, least it's not from Star Comics or something, right? A moment regarding $300 here...the current Federal minimum wage is $7.25/hr. Forget that you're an attorney that makes far above median/medium income nationally or for your state (NJ) and certainly nowhere close to minimum wage, and put yourself in the shoes of the burger flipper. Pre-tax...$300 = just over 41 hours of work. That's pre-tax. Would you put in that many hours to "earn" this art? Then why would anyone else? So either it's a rich man's game (attorney, MDs, and the like)'s an overpriced POS The only reason anybody even looks twice at it, at that price (or really "any price") is because everything else has been run up so much. That alone does not justify a purchase of garbage at a (any) price though. Junk is junk, this was a $5 page 25 years ago (when 2X Silver Kirby solid superhero material was $1500) and still should be today...for the intrinsic value of the paper it was drawn on, that can likely be turned over and used again...but no more than that.
  19. Happy Birthday John!!!!! Thanks for all that GREAT art in all of those great stories.
  20. Wowzers, that is supremely awesome!! You clearly have excellent taste -- 5 and 12 are runaway favorites for me. Followed closely by #1.
  21. That's a lousy purchase if you want to get your money back. However, if you want the best CGC certified collection of Iron Man, it's a great purchase. It's not on me to judge what someone spends their money on. That's the great thing about this HOBBY. It's not rational, and you get to buy what you like. If it increases in value, that's gravy.
  22. Can you please show us some pics of this collection. Especially the ashcan.
  23. My quintessential Spider-Man artist! May he continue for another 90 years!
  24. I still don't get why CBS or Amazon think I'd care if CBS All Access can be streamed via Prime. Whether you get it inside or outside of Prime it still costs $5.99 per month.
  25. So finally got this book graded and it came back at 9.0. I am pleasantly surprised.
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