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  2. Batgirl 23 9.8 Middleton Variant - $165 (includes shipping)
  3. The only PCH Dentist cover I know of!
  4. This is definitely worth discussion. I really want someone to draw the flow of time like a graphic... even if we have to correct it after further discussion. (Not it!)
  5. Sorry about that CDaBruce - you are correct, they are taken and i forgot to update list properly.
  6. Got a couple of extras for sale. Prices include shipping. Open to offers. Payment via Paypal.
  7. Got an email stating it was a technical error. Ya' think?
  8. Star Wars Darth Vader #1 (2015) Action Figure Variant — NM — $4.00 or 2 copies for $6.00 Star Wars Darth Vader #1 (2015) Action Figure Variant — NM — $4.00 Star Wars Darth Vader #1 (2015) Action Figure Variant — NM — $4.00 Star Wars Darth Vader #1 (2015) Action Figure Variant — NM — $4.00 If available... all 4 ( I think they might have been taken already.)
  9. wish would have seen this before wasting an extra 5 min in the theater. WARNING SPOILERS: Movie plot worked out as most predicted in both good and dissappointing ways. Diamond to Captain America welding mjonir Diamond to the end battle with all the heroes especially their entrance Coal to no Warlock appearance or even a reference. Coal to no end of credits scene at all cubic zirconium to Captain Marvel. used but barely a factor. coal to how it seems to always be about Iron Man coal to how it took the hulk like 5 min to assimilate with the gauntlet before being able to snap vs iron man''s quickie snap. Diamond to Thor new look. had everyone rolling. Diamond to the Nat/Clint soul gem sacrifice. Coal to complete sidelining of some of the characters coal to no more Vision Diamond to cap/Thor batthe coordination vs thanks Diamond to all the time travel scenes providing extra context to events between movies. Diamond to hulk/banner mode so much more but I'm still processing some questions I need answered but may not be fully explained yet: 1. since loki escapes with the space stone forcing stark and Rogers to travel furather back to steal it and then later replacing does it mean that he might still be alive? 2. does gamora survive the Iron Man snap or did she die as well since she came in with the rest of Thano''s bunch? can't recall of we see her post iron man snap. 3. with the stones being taken back in time does that mean they no longer exist in the new present since they were destroyed or does it mean by killing off thanos of the past that he never has a chance to retrieve them and thus they all still exist?
  10. Wow, the finale to season two and what happens to Miguel and Lawrence was mind blowingly good, and added more dimensions to each character. I haven't been impressed by writing on a show as I have on this one for a while.
  11. Wow, I knew it wasn't as high as what Bud Plant was asking, but I also didn't see it going that low either. Of course, that's the danger with auctions these days. I wonder if it would have sold for $300+ if it'd been a BIN?
  12. If there aren't any notes now, there probably won't be. For a more detailed explanation, please see my response to comicginger1789...
  13. I understand completely. But please try to understand it from the grader's point of view. They're strongly encouraged to keep their numbers up (it's a volume driven operation) and a typical day in their life is anything but predictable. Everything can be going like clockwork and then you get a box of books that completely derails your day. So when a grader gets to grade something a little easier (like high grade modern books) they tend to take fewer notes because there are fewer flaws. And many modern books fall into the 9.4 - 9.6 range, which means they have a dent or two, or a spine stress line or two, or something else that keeps them from 9.8 or higher. These are flaws that are so common they're generally not even worth taking the time to enter into the system, because from a grader's point of view, it's all about time. So if I had a book that I thought was a 9.8 and it didn't reach that level, I'd look it over again. I've done this with a number of 9.6's, and sure enough, there's usually a reason that's pretty easy to spot. If you really want to achieve the lofty status of 9.8 or higher, inspect the books thoroughly, take photos and notes of your own, and do everything possible to ensure their safe arrival to CGC. I would also suggest placing them in clean, sturdy mylar bags with large backing boards so they're not damaged as they make their way through the CGC system. Even doing all this, there are probably still going to be times when you'll be disappointed. As with so many things in life, you win some, you lose some...
  14. Perils of Bucky to Perils of Bucky!
  15. do like mine, but that 9.0 siren-song calls to me.
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