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  2. green creature to green creature
  3. Hey thanks that’s an upgrade for my copy. Unfortunately I lost on the tales issue . The one that’s going to haunt me is passing on the that sharp copy of cage 2. I’m working on too many other Bronze Age runs and I wasn’t looking to start that one, but a nice raw copy like that.... But hey lets see some more 70’s Marvel on there!
  4. There is a definite element of truth there. When it comes to music, when music started going digital, I did not immediately embrace it because I did not like the aspect of buying something that I could not resell later if I wanted to. So, I stole as much music as possible thanks to Napster, Limewire, and other filesharing services if I wanted digital music. For the most part I still bought CDs until I bought my first iPhone in 2008. Now I buy a few things on iTunes (Just bought the surprise Phish album and the Weekend - Blinding Lights single) and I will rip certain stuff from YouTube but, it is VERY rare for me to buy a CD. With comic books, that mentality is amplified. Let's take my Spider-man collection. Not counting variants, I have a copy of every single issue. Once they go digital, do I actually have a 'copy' of every single issue? Some may say I do, and most will say I don't. If that is the case why not sell my all of my physical copies and just go to TPB? Why not sell all of them and go digital? A lot of people fear digital because it no longer fosters the notion of having to own a physical copy for newer generations coming to comics. For both comic book retailers AND those holding back issues (myself included) that is a scary dilemma. If you thought this month's books were $1 bin fodder now, wait until more people stream them for free with Marvel Unlimited.
  5. John, you should read better newspapers. @NewWorldOrder
  6. John, you should read better newspapers.
  7. First, there has to be a plateau in the number of new confirmed cases per day. Mortality lags this indicator by 2-3 weeks. Our hope for this week is to begin 'flattening the curve' by seeing a slowing in the daily number of new cases. We're working off of a 1 day drop, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID Resource Center, so let's see if this is just variance or a true beginning in a slowdown of the rate of new infections in the US.
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  9. Next up, Batman who Laughs. So far, my favorite. And from the looks of the bidding already, I am not alone.
  10. Need to get this recased/gradeded but this is my 3.0
  11. Be careful, I asked kind of the same question and instead of a helpful answer seems some cared more about me calling it a diamond. One of my very first questions was also met with the immature inputs that made me leave the forum for a while. There are some here that think it is a place to be a smart @&& , while many others are very very helpful, I mean will go above and beyond to help find an answer. Don't let it bother you as it did me at first as a newbie seeking the help from those that really know and have experience. Best to just over look them and move on to the real people who wish to help. I wish I could answer your question cause I feel collectors of such runs would search high and low for these variants that seem to not be considered as such. welcome to the CGC forum and hope you find your answer. Peace.
  12. Looking for the following books in Fine 6.0 or higher grade unrestored raw or slabbed paying. Please PM me if you have any of these. Blue Ribbon Comics #13 Plastic man (Quality) #39 Witchcraft #5 Zip Comics #30 Air Fighters V2#2 Ranger Comics #3 Thanks
  13. Uhhh....ok....can’t blame them for trying. At auction with no reserve I would think $25-$30 K tops.
  14. I have a feeling with CBS All-Access Patrick Stewart could drive to your home, setup an account for you and enter his own credit card - and your next point would be "Look. They still have it where you have to choose which content to watch. They couldn't just have it detect what I want?"
  15. That is the case in the old direct market, and it has worked. Throw a bunch at the wall and see what sticks, cancel what doesn’t and immediately announce another to replace it. Keep enough titles out there, all interconnected, that the local retailers shelf space and weekly budget is tied up with their product, this keeps competing product off their shelves. That is the real goal of flooding the market with titles. They don’t want readers picking up a Fantagraphics or Dark Horse title, they want to squeeze those guys out. But on the internet this doesn’t work. Shelf space is unlimited, large online retailers will offer every single title in print. You’re not just choosing from what the LCS owner closest to your house decided to order, or what’s on the stand at 7-11. Because of this I don’t think the strategy of trying to “flood the market” doesn’t work, because the market can no longer be flooded.
  16. At this point, I could probably only snag one mag. I should only snag one mag. Yeah... That's what I'll tell my wife. If she see's me bring the box into the apartment... "It's just one crappy low grade reader copy, honey. Go back to your Law and Order marathon."
  17. Ya'll cut the malarkey and get back to posting beautiful Vampirella stuff.
  18. This thread has been chaos... but I did learn a bit about PayPal rules...
  19. Yes, totally agree with you as we can take a look at the trend of Coronavirus deaths in the U.S.A. to date: 1) As of Sunday March 22nd - a total of 300+ deaths to date; 2) As of Sunday March 29th - a total of 2,000+ deaths to date; 3) As of Sunday April 5th - a total of 9,600+ deaths to date; and 4) As of Sunday April 12th - believe me, this number will be very high as it's just basic math since I don't see a plateau yet.
  20. So,between all my puttering around and trying to make headway in all the chaos of the porcupines nest as my lovely lady calls it I finally got around to sitting down and giving this some attention.This was so sweet I just had to return and show you fine folk. Always SUCH a pleasure coming back to this thread after a small hiatus from the boards-I know I'm in for a visual delight of sordidness and terror!You gang always deliver,such a privilege to see what you all share! Is anyone else reminded a little of Matt Fox,the bottom especially? This is something I'd love to make myself a print of and have at it with a Cole inspired colour pallette.Imagine a colouring book with stuff like this!?With nice water colours style paper?Dreamy! (yes,I was reading some Casper comics today too )
  21. I understand what everyone has said. What should they be called? 1. If they are called Whitmans seems highly contestable. 2. If they are refered to as "Direct Market Issues" then that seems to conflict with the "Newsstand UPC / Direct Edition Logo" versions that pop up later. That seems confusing to me. Most certainly will be confusing to upstart collectors and people trying to get into this hobby. 3. Can we just agree to call them "Diamond Editions"? It would appear that they are indeed books with a Diamond logo in the top left? Anyone have a problem with that moving forward? I realize people are already calling them what they call them but it seems like a few good reasons in this post reflect a need for clarity? Thanks again, Brian W <slpfi27>
  22. This was quite the result.
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