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  2. So does everyone! Great card and it might be the most played card of all time if you think about it. It was good then, it was good later, and it was an uncommon so everyone had one.
  3. Adding this book for sale - Tales of Suspense #58 CGC 5.0 with perfect white pages. $140
  4. Fun pickup Bishop! whats the status of Godspeed now? Is it still a book trending up?
  5. I was a fan of the original Valiant, so I've been following the new company since the re-launch, and I've never seen a page like what you're describing. Greg (Valiantman) who runs the Valiantfans site, has had info like that on his site, but that's a fan site, not an official site. And while I trust that he tries to keep the information accurate, I would think that an independent verification of the information one is adding to their own app is important if they're not getting it from the source. I'm assuming that that's where the information comes from, as the issue I am referring to had been incorrectly listed in the price guide there.
  6. Why, though? You think they're going to age well and be worth something? What makes your 9.8 Modern any different from a raw? There's really no concern with restoration or validation. No concern with condition because of this ongoing age of comic collectibles.
  7. Many thanks: Chinese Custom reverse Flash Chinese Custom Poison Ivy Zhan Jiang Zhanjiang Mechanic Master - "Not Megatron
  8. No. Speculators are ruining the market from a collector stand point for people who insist on buying key books right when they get hot. Books like FF 45 and Avengers 55 are still great 1st appearances but I don't see a lot of "collectors" swooping in to grab copies while they are cheap. The entire market (collectors included) is in a herd mentality where books are hot and in demand and then ice cold when they are out of fashion (Preacher anyone?).
  9. Wooooooooow you took this way too literally. I wasn't attacking you or your app, or comparing it to thievery, and you're taking this way too personally. If you're delusional enough to think that the people who come here asking for the 'flavor of the week I can flip next year' are not going to use this app, then ignorance truly is bliss...
  10. I agree. For me personally I have a mixed approach. I buy comics that I think will increaseviver time. Like Edge of the Spiderverse 002 and I dont mean an astronomical amount,like some progressive gains,plus I like spidergwen and Miles Morales, I also buy comics that I like ie New Mutants 26 or Asm 361 I try to buy moderns generally and in 9.8 grade. I rarely buy raw off of Ebay because I've had some poor descriptions. So it's just doing something you love,and I enjoy it. I also enjoy coming on the site and chatting with other collectors. I think some of the prices on modern variants and recently released comics are a little crazy,but hey, if I want it than I'll buy it. I've passed on alot of stuff lately, and collecting comes in waves,but at the same time the collectors who are in it for the long haul, remain.
  11. I say this respectfully but you're just making assumptions on who is using the information that you have not necessarily witnessed firsthand (the person using it or the information therein) and comparing it to thievery. Take into consideration that there is A LOT going on in the world of comics. Daily and often in an instant. Its impossible to keep up unless it is your job to literally monitor the market. I'm not even saying as a shop owner, monitoring the market because there is a ton of admin, ordering, customer service and thousand other things going on where it makes it difficult to be plugged in constantly. So while there are different people using it for different reasons, I believe most are using it to be aware. I mean, talk about stealing and taking advantage - there are enough sellers doing that on ebay. If nothing else, the app is a good preventive measure because its giving honest information and communicating whats trending. Also if there's some funny business going on, we'll call it out. Look at our warning on the app for the AOC comic or check out the Rags video on YouTube Key Collector channel. I'd recommend just looking into SLIGHTLY before making such bold statements. Regardless, thank you for commenting
  12. Yes, sometime last year eBay began clearing direct cc payments, I wasn't aware they could be required excluding PP though! Interesting. HA! Glad you have the money...I do the same thing, use a cashback card for anything/everything I can even though I pay off in full every's all about how you manage the tools you have eBay has been soliciting the heck out of me to get their branded cc (which is actually Synchrony, who's behind PayPal Credit too). I haven't bitten, don't take on credit I don't have any use for, but you might check into it for buying from eBay folks that won't accept PP. If what we're talking about is 'only PP' but not eBay, I don't think it will change a thing, as far as what eBay is trying to control for.
  13. It's always tough negotiating when you have to throw out the first figure.
  14. I tried that "What kind of price are you looking for?" method with him years ago and his wife wouldn't have it. They always wanted me to give the first figure.... sometimes they took it and sometimes they negotiated it up. I still did pretty good when I bought from him years ago, but I never got "the deal of the century" on anything.
  15. I don't think anyone on here is buying at these prices or agree that it will stay at this price long term.
  16. Yes. I worked there as a Manager for a few years. I think corporate/regional return policies have changed since I left years ago, but a thief could make hundreds of dollars/day with their stupid policies. It pissed me off when I worked there.
  17. Yeah. Detective Pikachu is a step in that direction, but that will happen for real in 2022 when the Super Mario Bros movie comes out. The Illumination people are handing it so if I was betting on something to be a slam dunk, that would be it. From there I imagine we will get a good 10-20 years of nintendo related movies, sequels, and spin offs. Mario, Link/Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, sequels to all of them, blah blah blah. There's a whole universe of characters there, not dissimilar to marvel, and they've been around so long in so many games that there is a pretty decent amount of plot lines to work with, and obvious villains like Wario and Bowser and Mother Brain to work with too. That isn't always the case for something like Angry Birds (how they made an enjoyable movie out of that!... kudos to them!). The potential is there for that to turn into something that mimics the experience that marvel has had at the movies.
  18. GSX with me in the UK, FF in the USA. Both will be sent out fully insured, tracked and signed for. No returns on slabs $4000 posted on each. PayPal only Thanks
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