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  2. This is the end result of an unrelated third party injecting themselves into the situation. CGC should have said, from Day 1, that they are an uninvolved, unrelated third party which has nothing whatsoever to do with what happens between a creator and a member of the public. If they had done that, we would never, ever be having these kinds of conversations. It's no creator's business what someone does with THEIR PROPERTY once they walk away. Sign, don't sign, that's all a creator has the moral and legal right to control. Allowing themselves to be dictated to by creators opened the door for those creators to abuse a process they know virtually nothing about. It was a bad, bad move.
  4. I think SA Forum is down but GA has been steady and interesting cuz all the cool cats hang out here.
  5. Oh yeah -- as per usual with these contests, do not discuss the books or grades here. Thanks.
  7. What is the latest date on the list you have?
  8. 5. Captain Science #6 (This book is on its way back to Sarasota because of a holder screwup. Thanks guys! Nevertheless, I do have the grade.)
  9. My advice is to contact a facilitator but I'm not sure if cgc will have private signings but will be there for sure, they used to charge $55 under their cgc account for any value book for witness and slab per book... May be cheaper to do it under your own account.... But more to the point, look up that site, and there should be an email, they may know artists and their separate charging fee... what the artist individually charged per sig
  10. percentage wise, how often do you get gift grades, like Andy? I need to prepare myself.
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