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  2. I know he is probably at the site already, but in my limited experience I find talking helps. I say something like "I bought a collection recently for $x.xx per book but it had more/less keys in it than this one" and see how they respond. If you thought, without saying it to me, that something is worth $100 and I tell you that it is worth $150 you tend to move up and if I tell you it is worth $50 you tend to move down, so use that tendency as well.
  3. I didn't vote. Impossible choice, because any purchase made within this binary option would be made on a case by case basis. I don't find either option to be superior to the other. Sometimes the pencils rock. Sometimes it's the inks. Depends. My collection and my purchases are governed by one thing and one thing only--you know it when you see it.
  4. Well sure, calling it "dollar bin key investor" would have been a little too on the nose
  5. Throw out an insulting low ball. Then get a steak to put over your black eye and negotiate up.
  6. It doesn't make sense to really have the conversation with someone who consistently infers things that are not being communicated. I've looked at the app myself. You've literally conveyed and reiterated points that I've already posted. Again, if ignorance is bliss... Your speculation of me/my posts is about as good as Swami's and Hollywood's on comics.
  7. Collector implies you are collecting it and keeping it. But how you described it in the second sentence is exactly what it is.
  8. Movie review engine Rotten Tomatoes is adding a level of verification to demonstrate that audience reviews come from actual ticket buyers. and thus endeth the lesson
  9. Not necessarily. Speculators and flippers look for whats hot now or whats going to be hot to get in cheap on and resell when it hits. It doesn't make sense to really have the conversation with someone who is already adamantly opposed to looking at the app yourself. I mean let's face're pretty much speculating on what its about 🤭
  10. Aliens 1, tank girl 1, ghost in a shell 1-4, hellboy seed of distruction 1, umbrella academy 1, dark horse presents 1, lady killer 1, actually a lot more but that's what I can think of now gl
  11. He has appeared on the Flash TV show, so it's not what it once was. But #1 still is a $15 book on a good day.
  12. Very accurate. I think we all understand that the app has "more" to it. It specifically appeals to a certain type of person, though, rather than the hobby-at-whole.
  13. Salvation was passable mostly because of Worthington, I found Bale to be dour and shouting all the time. The story itself was ok but all a bit bland. I'm in the minority with Genysis because I liked Emelia Clarke in the role and it was very entertaining because of the nostalgia effect. Sure it's not great but I enjoyed it more than Rise of the Machines which I hated.
  14. Or, it's just factual. Nothing perceptive about it. I never said it had anything to do about money. Speculators and flippers will be all over it, though.
  15. Personal views? Just facts, man. Nothing personal about it.
  16. San Franciscos vary in their quality, but the Timelys are universally exceptional. This copy should rival the Church. IIRC the Allentown is a 9.8, so it's not the best, and there's another certified 9.4 out there (Denver), but I would imagine this one would be more desirable. If not for the Allentown, then I would think 7 figures, but as it is... $750k?
  17. You are right. I should have said newsstand sticker. But I believe the sticker was placed on those comic books by the printing company or distributor. I've now seen three of these stickers from three different locations. If the stickers were placed on there by a mom-and-pop store or pharmacy, I believe the stickers would have varying appearances.
  18. I will check it out Amazon on demand or Red Box. Honestly it doesn't look like a fun movie. Not something I am going to rush out to the theatre to see.
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