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  2. Yes, however he is more clever than he looks, because he just enjoys reading until someone gets personal and then he reports himself to get the thread closed. I still believe both he and Hollywood are one and the same, not once has either of them posted in the others thread even though they both share the same likes. I still say Jekyll and Hyde personality.
  3. I agree flip them now! On here. For cheap. And PM me first before you post them!
  4. DC Special Series #2 (#1) CGC 9.8 $125 says #1 on cover but as noted is #2
  5. I have a strong suspicion Rich Henn will be attending!
  6. DC Comics Presents #41 CGC 9.8 $90 Copy B, Wonder Woman preview
  7. That is what I was unsure about. Besides the chunk, the spine and first wrap were split from the top down to the first staple and there appears to be enough tanning around the edges of the covers that a chip come off the back cover, so maybe some slight brittleness there. Also, the first page has a pretty significant L shaped tear. So IMHO I'm thinking 2.5 is the ceiling, but what is a reasonable floor? 1.8? 1.5? Then I looked a little closer and there appear to be some large tears around the missing chunk that aren't listed in the item description. No tape, but have these been glued? Has there been other restoration that I can't see? Am I looking at a C-1 Restored 2.5 or less? Has there been other restoration that I can't see? On top of that, a C-1 6.0 sold for only $4800 last month. I don't think the book will get cheaper, but I don't think in this instance my personal equation for "price vs. value" added up. For me, there were just too many concerns at that price. There is some group of people that will pay, what for me, would be an inflated price just to own ANY copy of this book, and I think in general there are many ebay buyers who have paid what I would deem as crazy prices for books. For example, I've been looking to acquire some of the Cole issues in the Ghostly Weird Stories, Startling Terror Tales, etc. and initially these issues were selling very quickly in any grade and over the last few months ebay sellers have raised there prices significantly. Eventually, they raised the prices to where they are selling at a much slower rate, if at all, and the "buying frenzy" for some issues has died down to the point where they are selling for cheaper than they were initially, at least at auction. A dealer on ebay is trying to sell a GWS #121 CGC 4.5 for $1140, an issue I won for $633 in grade 5.0 recently. Now, Mask Comics 1 and 2 do seemingly live in a more rarified air than other issues, so special rules apply, but the prices have to reach a plateau at some point. Or, I just have to get lucky.
  8. Other than Game of Thrones S08 E03 (which people can always stream later), I don't think there is anything that will stand in the way of this entertainment onslaught.
  9. DC Comics Presents #41 CGC 9.8 $90 Wonder Woman preview, minor scuff upper right corner (Reholder Candidate- if you want it reholdered(no extra charge) just let me know)
  10. Dazzler #1 Printing Error CGC 9.8 $110 Two pages printed in black & white instead of color
  11. Fandango has reported over 4000 screenings have already been sold out this weekend, and theaters are scrambling for more screens. Projections of possibly 900 million WW, and breaking the 300 mil mark domestic. So is anything else actually goi g on this weekend?
  12. Winston Churchill ' You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!'
  13. Regardless, after Endgame and Game of Thrones this weekend, gonna be a lot of nerd tears flowing.
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