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  2. Always a great idea to corner the market on low grade moderns! ya I don't really remember how much I've assigned for the copy, I keep track of all my buy's, but I know I got the fine ASM #361, along with a NM+ of #362 and #363, also a ASM #316 VF..... all with tax for $32 in 2016 when I first came back in the hobby. I don't know why that purchase stands out so much in my mind though....
  3. Blazing Bob has sold a few books for me, including an AF 15 and a TTA 27. He got top dollar for them and paid quickly.
  4. I've argued back and forth with Sales, customer service, chargebacks and supervisor's. We are at lawsuit right now.
  5. I feel like the CC company is trying to justify not covering your claim with a lame excuse. They're being negligent by not notifying you regarding you using the wrong software. They're essentially admitting they're letting non-PCI compliant transactions to be processed. PCI compliance is on their shoulders in this case (you're using their system). Bring that up with them and they'll likely change their tune and if they don't you've got a lawsuit.
  6. Many legitimate sources consider it a Baker cover (pencils only, one of 5? for Atlas) under HEAVY Vince Colletta inks which almost mask all traces of Baker except to the very sharp eye. I have one too but when I submit to CGC I will request a Baker cover notation on the label citing 'Art of Glamour', and GCD among others. Nice copy. Congrats !
  7. Always a great idea to corner the market on low grade moderns!
  8. Yes, I do this. I don't like their grading (too tight) but for already graded books, I LOVE using MyComicShop to sell comics.
  9. Well, maybe reach out to the buyer, say it is not processing as is, you need more information so it will go through. Get the right software, and the c.c. company to tell you exactly how to proceed. Do everything right, and then they are on the hook if it goes bad, right? (Or maybe not, based on what some other people are saying. though I'm not sure why the hell anyone would take a credit card if any fraud was on the retailer, not the c.c. company who supposedly gives their assurances.)
  10. So... We lose 2 old guys.. We gain 2 hot women ..
  11. Not a complete split but pretty fragile, I have a new technique for my GA books. I take a regular size mylar and trim about 1/4" off the left side. Then I carefully slip just the book into this 2 sided sleeve. I cut the bag so that it will fit into the same size bag 725m2 or 775m2 depending on the width. And then carefully slide the book and inner sleeve in boards on either side, this avoids that horrible pushin or dragging occurs when you slide the book through the top only. I put the board or boards behind the inner sleeve and then seal as usual. Yes this is sort of OT but my mind wanders
  12. not YET, but I HAVE THOUGHT about it, considering I got it for $10-$15, how much did you say they were selling for again?
  13. Something a little different from eBay. Couldn’t resist when I learned it was in my town.
  14. Love it. MLJ/Archie had a nice little horror cover run for PEP in the Silver Age, and of course Afterlife with Archie later on began as a variant cover...
  15. You won't believe the returns on 1.8 #361s! I am crunching the numbers right now.
  16. This is the investment site Swami linked to in his first post. I've never seen it before. Well, maybe ADAMANTIUM for starters!
  17. I am interested in a 1.8 PGX COPY of ASM 361 please Pm me Let me break out the marker's, scissor's, and the tape!
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