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  2. While not what I expected from this poll, the most interesting thing turns out to be just how much people injected their own bias/expectations into the equation itself. This is a real problem with polling overall, much like those experiments when college students are asked if they're against women's suffrage, pretty much all say, "yes, of course!"
  3. Was scrolling back through some past posts for research. Did anyone else notice they misspelled "large" on the label? Spellcheck is a beautiful thing
  4. I think Louis Theroux is an extremely talented man. Not as good as Nick Broomfield but pretty darn good. Just saw his Scientology movie.
  5. This is very cool ... would love to see the actual page(s) from the book that connect to the -script!
  6. There was a documentary on British TV about Scientology which mentioned that they teach the brief, intermittent staring that Cruise is doing here as a type of dominating technique.
  7. Yep that matches up I should have looked at mine for it. Thanks
  8. Yeah, me too. It’s off topic and to much trouble. I stand by my posts and math.
  9. I have information from a very reliable source that at least one of the top graders in the hobby has seen the book in person and graded it in the Near Mint range...
  10. if you start with 25K worth of Apple at 2 buck a share, you have 12500 shares. All you need do now to calculate its present worth is use the splits to calculate how many shares he has now (588,000 shares) Then multiply by todays price. 183. that looks like 107 million bucks to me. Its another thing to calculate how much he paid fr each share owned today, but the VALUE of his investment is now 100M.
  11. This is a cross-post from the Comic Events - East Coast Comic Con thread. I'm so happy with my new books that I wanted to share again! I went to the Sunday session of ECCC and had a great time. It was a mid sized show with a decent turnout of dealers. Logistically, the Meadowlands expo center was right off the highway, parking was plentiful, and the morning line to enter was not long. Since it was Sunday I think the excitement and energy had settled down a bit and it was a pretty low-key atmosphere, not too crowded, and dealers were relaxed, engaging and friendly. There was a relatively small cosplay crowd (or I just wasn't paying any attention to them) for the contest at the end of the day. There was quite a lot of space dedicated to artists, special guests, and exhibit booths, but not much action going on there on Sunday. Again, I think most of that action happened Friday and Saturday. That was fine with me, as I went primarily to hunt for GA books on my list, pick up some reasonably-priced (hopefully) silver age keys, and look for good reading material for a deal. I was not disappointed. I picked up a unique item that i'm absolutely thrilled with: The Hand of Fate #8 (in an alien slab) with the designation "From the Burt Frohman Collection" that included the original writers manuscript for the story. Burt Frohman was the writer for many HOF issues and kept a copy of each comic with his original manuscript (which was quite detailed)! The manuscript was fascinating to read as it described in great detail the illustrations that the artist was to render for each panel, as well as the dialogue and background narrative text. This collection is truly one-of-a-kind and i'm happy to own a piece. I also picked up a couple books from my GA want list, as well as some great affordable readers. Big shout out to Steve @Golden Memories , Rob @Moving Pictures Comics (not on the boards?) , and Joe @Qua-Brot for the great conversation and camaraderie, and the awesome books at very reasonable prices. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys at Baltimore ComicCom and TeriffiCon!
  12. Agreed...March would be even better load in was great. Load out not so much. We had our dock pass but police wouldn’t let us enter south dock. Sent us packing. Had to load out to the parking lot. Other than that nice con
  13. In their stride. Now don't bother us again today with your spontaneity.
  14. It seems to me, given the comic’s content, that a defence based on satire would be pretty easy to argue.
  15. We’re reuniting the Boy Meets World cast Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, Ben Savage, and Rider Strong at#FANEXPOBoston.
  16. Pretty cat. Sorry to hear about the problems you seem to be having. You seem like a loving owner. Good for you!
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