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  2. nice books. The wings and jungle 99... so tempting...
  3. The print run for that book is not very high. In fact at the time it was only way newsstand readers could finish the story because for newsstand readers there was no Savage Dragon newsstands at that point so they created this book from what I have read. They either had to buy the direct copy or find this copy. Its a different cover then the original Savage Dragon 30 by adding a few items on the front cover. Its just a neat rare book that Image created to appease newsstand collectors as Savage Dragon's newsstand issues had ended early. Larsen said he was losing Money so he pulled Dragon from the newsstands. Savage Dragon's direct print run roughly around 35K during that time. Decide what the newsstand print run was of that and any way you slice it you have a pretty rare copy that actually stands out from SD 30 due to the additions on the cover. I like that and the fact that the newsstand haters can't dispute the rarity of the book or the fact that it has a different cover.
  4. First Love Illustrated 55...Avison at his cheesy romance best imo… not rare but not east go get in a 9.0 or better slab...$125
  5. The Finch painted pieces are where its at. Hes sketches aren't uncommon but Id struggle to think of half a dozen examples where hes used a paint brush.
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  7. Jungle 99 cgc 5.5 $200 ….there's a 4 inch or so diagonal non color breaking crease in the upper right quad that does not show head on.
  8. OP asked for people’s opinions is the app. A bunch of people gave them. Bookery took offense to people expressing their opinions and now the thread is pages and pages of completely off topic hooey balooey. The internet rulez!
  9. I havent felt the need to argue with RMA for a while, so that has to count for something!
  10. Jungle 60 cgc 6.5....aWW2 era jungle you don't see in good shape often. $270
  11. Ive got a few some already mentioned. Hard not to love all of these. GIJOE 21 - Silent Interlude - Loved it With An Iron Fist - Exiles 25 - Iron Man in the future trying to capture the Inhumans Black Bolt makes a last stand. Last pages are fantastic. Hulk 380 - Self Contained Story about Crazy Eight. Fantastic. Ghost Rider 35 - GR vs Death in a race to the end. Birds of Prey 8 - Just a wonderful flashback issue Uncanny X-Men 303 - Death of Illyana Rasputin - Changes Colossus forever I think. He has never been the same I think. X-Men 137 Death of Phoenix - What a story. Shooter made the right choice (I could easily choose 141 and 142 as well.)
  12. Season 4 was probably the best thus far. Looking forward to a season 5.
  13. Wings 107...good looking 6.0, nice late run FH GGA you don't see often $125
  14. This triggered a memory for me-- as my mom was really into going to garage sales. We lived in the south suburbs of Chicago and about once a month, she would take me with her. Every now and then I would find some comics worth buying. It is kind of a happy childhood memory but also a sad one for me -- because she continued going to garage sales throughout her life and was doing so (accompanied by my grandmother) on the day she died-- leaving a garage sale and getting killed in a car wreck not even a mile from my folks house in Tampa. I was only 27 at the time. It was pretty rough - miss her all the time.
  15. Amazing Spider-man 252 CGC 9.4 White Pages! 1st appearance Black Costume $135.00
  16. Amazing Spider-man 212 CGC 9.4 White 1st appearance Hydro-Man $110.00
  17. For sale today - Some nice FH and maybe a Harvey romance or two Shipping for slabs = 15$ for first book, raw = 10$ for first more than one book and shipping is on me as in = 0.00$ for you. All packages sent will be insured and sig required. The usual rules apply. No HoSers, probies, etc. I reserve the right to decline anyone's offer or take (this is mostly intended for brand new accounts with no buying history here). Domestic US buyers only please. Canadian Buyers PM me if interested and maybe we can work something out. Pay pal is preferred method of paying. No returns on CGC graded books. I have a job so it may take 3 or 4 days to ship. (I will be unavailable to ship anything from 6/3 through 6/7) Willing to entertain offers or trades for stuff on my want list. Take it in the thread trumps all, pms etc. Click my profile to see the Kudos thread. Thanks for looking.
  18. Amazing Spider-man 194 CGC 9.6 White 1st appearance Black Cat $565.00
  19. Time for a few Spidey slabs to wrap up the web-slinger listings. Amazing Spider-man 179 CGC 9.6 White Pages! Green Goblin $65.00
  20. In a perfect world, you'd be right. But it's not a perfect world so a small amount of error is ALWAYS expected.
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