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  2. He did. Cliff Meth sells his estate comics to raise funds for scholarships to the Kubert School. You can see that going on on his Dave Cockrum Facebook page.
  3. Uncanny Avengers (2012) #1-25 & Ann #1 & Deadpool Variant #1 Complete set NM/NM+ $40.00
  4. Book 5: Captain Science #6 Was thinking 4.5 on this, but I guess 4.0 is reasonable. Great colors for the grade tho.
  5. Showcase 17- CGC 3.0- $390 major DC silver key with great PQ too cheap for discriminating boardies to pass up
  6. And for the record, I don't have a vast inventory and it was completely random that I had two of these to submit and they came back the same grade. (It's not like I sat around saying "wow, I've got a BCM #47 in 4.0, better go grab another one before the contest!")
  7. Yeah, so my Beloved shouted "Worst Cooks is on!" and I galloped off to watch Worst Cooks In America, I'll get a couple more books listed before I cash in for the evening.
  8. If you ever want to do another, you might consider Janet K. Lee. She did The Return of the Dapper Man as a decoupage project and pen/ink and painted project. Very talented, very nice, interesting approach to her art.
  9. I must live in an alternate universe where CGC always gives everyone else 1 more higher than I guess, but always gives me 1 point less on the books I submit.
  10. I wouldn't call it really rare just getting a lot of attention because it predates Darker Image. I am not 100% sure there I think they both came out in March so I am unsure. It does feature a full magazine of Maxx so there is not argument about if he actually appears and is on the cover.
  11. Hi guys Purchased off the rack on release and pulled it out to consider grading. Do you think this is a worthy candidate? Thanks for the help!
  12. ...and if you liked that one... you'll love this one. Book 4: Black Cat Mystery #47 copy B
  13. Book 2: Batman #227 In hand, I was guessing this was a 7.5/8.0 tweener by CGC's current standards. Was hoping for the 8.0 but alas.
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