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  2. Is it just me or does the "Turok title box" sit closer to the picture below it, making the title on the right and whole book look bigger than the one on the left Maybe I need more coffee haha
  3. Can someone here explain to me why the title was changed from “Crypt of Terror” to “Tales From the Crypt”? The former is more in line with the other two horror titles. I’m aware of Gaines’ fee dodging ( Haunt of Fear becomes Two Fisted Tales, etc.), I’ve just forgotten the reason behind this one.
  4. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    Last time you checked, 19 years olds didnt have $200.
  5. Car keys House keys Office keys it is all to me!
  6. The problem I find with that stuff is shipping. I have been trying to sell shoes and other clunky house stuff on Facebook. I think I have a kids guitar sold tonight. Trying to move my jack la lane juicer and some never worn stride rite kids shoes.
  7. Ok. I got these signed at the 2019 Baltimore show. The cgc witness looked at them and told me dude these look different. I looked and said what the hell, they do look different. I never caught it and i've had these books for years now. Does anyone know what the deal is with these books. Is one just faded or what? or do I have a rare one of a kind 9.8 five thousand dollar signed error book
  8. Last time I checked, this was a comic book board
  9. 1. Keys 2. Semi-Keys 3. Minor-Keys
  10. I am old, this stuff simply amazes me, I think it's fantastic that people have the ability to do things like this. All I ever had was pencils, crayons and pencil crayons. I was never any good at it, but it's great to see technology being used this way, basically limitless potential
  11. yep , the word "key" is very important to the hobby , most hobbies included, in the coin collecting community for example ,.. with the Lincoln cent there are keys - 1909 SVDB, 1914 D, 1955 DD, 1931 S 1924 D ect... there are semi-keys 1913 S 1926 S 1922 D 1915 S ect.. and there are minor keys 1933 D 1955 S 1931 D 1917 S ect.....
  12. @delekkerste Now the two of you are really asking for it by taunting him like this. Maybe we should bring Boston Corbett in on this since he just might have come close to making good on his copy of NM 98 by now after a whole decade plus. It'll be fun to watch a good old fashion between the Wall Street financial whiz kid and the old university economics professor to see who can say the following: Thus Endeth the Lesson!!!
  13. Yup, my kids are doing things like that with Procreate on their IPads.
  14. Well too be fair it's really none of your business. But i'll bite. i collect alot of raws, ranging throughout the eras. When it comes to slabbed books, I mostly like signature series, I feel it brings me closer to the artist
  15. ASM 129 was a "key" before the term was as diluted and as meaningless as it is today. In the 70s and 80s a super popular character. When I was in school in the 80s, ALL comic collectors wanted a copy of ASM 129. It was highly desirable for 35 years when the talking raccoon and the Guardians were an unfunny joke languishing in quarter boxes. Now the first appearance of even the most meaningless characters is referred to as a "key." ASM 129 actually deserves the title.
  16. What does your collection look like?
  17. Wish they could have convinced Waititi to return to direct the whole series.
  18. kav

    Categorizing Keys

    So, no 19 year old has access to $200.
  19. Did I say It is what it is already?
  20. The fascinating thing about Dave is that, virtually unheard of among creators, he had a collector's eye towards his own books. Most creators not only couldn't tell you the difference between a 9.8 and a 4.5, they wouldn't care, and think you're incredibly disturbed for caring. Dave, however...whether he was influenced by Bill Gaines, or just because it mattered to him personally...decided to pick the best copies of his books, brand now, and set them aside...starting in the 1977-1978 era, no less, when most people didn't even begin to think about such things in relation to comics. Incredible foresight that man had, and the reason why so many exist in such high grade today. Other independent books of the era surviving in high grade are flukes of nature, accidents. But not Dave. It's one of the reasons I love the man so much, warts and all.
  21. and as soon as something like the word 'Key' is attached to a book, it goes out of reach for anyone under the age of 20
  22. BLACK WIDOW LEGO Set And One Of The Coolest Marvel Legends Action Figures Yet Officially Revealed
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