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  2. Only gotta hear about the guy 26 times a day on average. Being from Chicago it never is gonna end. BTW a gallon of bleach is now known as a Smolletov Cocktail. Spread the word.
  3. "The only thing that's consistent is our inconsistency..."
  4. Man that's a nice find. Those Static 45s took me almost 10 years to find a copy. I have found 2 in the last couple of years, but very very elusive books to find. That Shazam and All Star look nice as well.
  5. And there were only six of us grading on any given day...
  6. I agree. To me a Frazetta signature is priceless.
  7. Personally, I've never understood the fascination with James Bond. While I can see the concept and character certainly holding a certain allure for people, for me the movies are mediocre to insufferably boring. I've seen virtually all of them going back to the 1960s and I just can't understand as hard as I try. The Craig movies are decent. But give me John Wick or Jason Bourne any day and twice on Sundays.
  8. hey all i know this isn't a silver age question. Its a modern question i was trying to figure out. So i was over at website and they have the annual that came out back in sept 2018 listed as being part of vol. 4 run even though vol.5 already had 5 or 6 issues out. So i was curious is that annual from 2018 officially listed as part of vol. 4 and not vol. 5. I was just curious as the upcoming annual in june is listed as part of vol. 5. And if the one from last year is for vol. 4 i would need to relist it in my comics catalogue i have. So if any one could help me out that would be great. The issue is that one about symbiote suit story.
  9. Loose lips and all that....
  10. Wasn't that Dali? By the way, I recently attended a private auction of a veterinary clinic/ pet store. In one of the miscellaneous lots, I came across a pad of blank AKC papers. I wonder how many of these papers are fraudulently written. A $10 pound puppy becomes a $500 pedigree with the right paperwork.
  11. This is what you're looking for: Although, to be honest, it seems buying the original issues would be cheaper.
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