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  2. I still don't get the symbolism. That scene above was about people jockeying for position at the small council table. The scene in the last season was just Tyrion straightening the chairs up. Then everyone comes in and haphazardly pulls them out to sit down with Tyrion seeming annoyed by it. It didn't make any sense.
  3. davet75


    I bought an uncommon PCH book from Thomas. The book was exactly as described and pictured, well packed and arrived relatively quickly from Germany. Thank you!
  4. I always thought that Ock's right foot looked like a left foot in that picture.
  5. Did you not understand the symbolism of that? @Comicopolis I didn't really understand any of that awkward small council scene. It just struck me as weirdly out of place with the rest of the episode. So what was the symbolism?
  6. if you like it you should put a ring on it? what can i say it's banana's
  7. Either Saturday or Sunday is fine since I don't work Mondays. That make a difference experientially!
  8. In my previous post, I featured the link to the ASM 59 Romita Sig Series auction, featuring the 1st MJ cover, so what better way to follow up than to feature the 1st Gwen Stacy cover in CGC 8.5. This one also ends on ComicLink May 30th:
  9. I told you to leave her ring alone Mark. She's 90 Goddamit
  10. flowers? she had to switch hands with the flowers to put the ring on!
  11. My impression is that it is. However I don't want to speak for the owner.
  12. Yeah, and where's the ring now Took it off as soon as the danger elapsed.
  13. Yes, if you look after your ring. What! She put that on quickly to put off her apparent assailant Reggie! "Get out damn tramp! I'm married!" Now the flower switch is another matter entirely. Recount! Flowers Mark, flowers Even Bababooey's missing shadow was better! And Ock's definitely shed his load
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