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  2. Strange...I did a search of Quebec City and I don’t see that street address
  3. Wow! That matches exactly what Luiz Fernando noted right above you. Fantastic!
  4. According to the tracking it looks like it was never going to Montreal. I am sure Canada post will be able to locate. Best of luck and hope it works out.
  5. $2.5MM Thurs (+10% vs last week, it's the calendar Luis)- likely over $120MM by end of weekend
  6. Cool thread! Just caught up on it!
  7. Has the tier bumping happened to people. I had an IH181 come back 8.0 and it didn't get bumped. Or a NM98 9.8 subbed in modern tier as well. I have heard that it happens but not experienced it myself. Maybe it is only for super books.
  8. CGC will bump up the tier themselves if the resultant grade warrants it. You won't get a refund if you submit it to the higher tier and it turns out to have a grade/FMV of a lesser tier. I believe the FMV you give it when submitting is for return insurance purposes mainly (more experienced members can correct me if I'm wrong) so you have to balance out submittal fee vs return home insurance
  10. @Patriot6 JF, could you offer some thoughts on this?
  11. I was just surfing some articles and came across this image of Chris Hemsworth and the first thought that came to mind was "wow", he is really channeling the look of someone that could be a plausible James Bond. Opinions?
  12. I technically just wanted the Superman vs Spiderman books but forgot to edit my take it and I stick by my purchases. It's a nice copy so I'm happy to have the Shazam book.
  13. This seems to be as good a place as any to drop these. I wish she was still in the business.
  14. Looks pretty nice from what I can see...
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