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  2. I would have to politely disagree... Ditko was hardly a capitalist in the sense of how most people understand it. AND, nowhere have I ever seen him even allude to the idea that HE should benefit the most from his own creations. In fact, he probably makes the case more for being work for hire than even Marvel did! His point in all of this is a) he didn't get paid for (at the time) all the work he actually did, which included the writing, b) promises about profit sharing were not kept and c) that Stan Lee's recollection of what happened is incorrect (in his own view). I'm not sure how you tie that into 'HE should benefit the most from his creations'. He thought he should get paid fairly for what he actually DID - be credited in the books as such - and if it did well, be given the bonus that was promised. None of that is unfair or unjust in any way. Or anymore capitalist than your typical person going to work and doing their job. I've never seen him claim Spider-man and Doctor Strange were not Marvel's rightful property. Claiming what you believe in how they were created and saying you own them are two completely different things.
  3. I've done multiple purchase from Robotman over the last few years, and he's always been great to deal with. Always accurate grading, prompt shipping, and good communicator! Thanks, Bob! -ElJay
  4. Yeah and I'm now 99.9% sure the ad only appears in ASM14 so I'll have to see if a really rough one comes up incomplete.
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  6. It was announced in a seller update 2 weeks ago. main difference is that for this service import taxes is paid by buyer upon receipt whereas for the global shipping program the buyer pays the import taxes up front.
  7. Got my copy today as well. It's going to keep me busy for quite a while. I have a hunch this is one of my books that will get well worn from use fairly quickly....
  8. Sounds like you and I are in notable agreement. I would rather have 10 books I can read rather than one I can't. Although I do respect people preserving high grade examples, and I'm quite willing to drop $200+ once or twice a year on a lower grade book so I can read it... I'll pay money for rare books, just low grade ones. Back to the whole Lone Star lowball idea, let me share one I got from them a few months ago. If you saw it in another thread, you may already know what they graded it at. If you didn't, I would love to hear your guesses. No hidden defects I could spot, other than some very, very slight darkening along the very edges of the inside cover.
  9. Well, normally, I think I’d say I agree that a pedigree copy would sell for more than a non ped equal graded copy. But since you’re refutin* my argument I’m leaning on not going so far as to say I’m wrong ! Didn’t the slabbin* phenomenon dilute pedigree status for many years? It became apparent by sales prices that early on pedigrees were devalued by equally graded copies bein* sold for same prices, thta the grade was the important 5hing. These copies previous ly sold raw without a pedigree designation were worth mush less , but when both were in say 9.6 slabs, who cared. Or at least, many collectors were just as happy to own the no name 9.6. I suppose that now, 20 years into slabb8ng, with the census grown far more plentiful, pedigrees mystique has raised Their prices back above no names. That seems to be what have elevated pedigree copies back into top position demand wise. If there were still just two or three highest graded copies instead of 20 or 30, the no name sales would match the peds
  10. I bought over 60lbs worth of comics in a large lot. Everything was well packed, and the books were all in great shape (just as described). With a handful of extras included in the lot, combined with great communication throughout, this was a positive and smooth transaction. Thanks again!
  11. Any idea if poor Harley was ever able to get his books offloaded and into the convention site or are they still part of the National News stuck on one of the train cars somewhere in the boondocks of Canada?
  12. Hi everybody, I am looking for Beavis and Butt-Head #2 in 9.8 signed by Mike Judge. Also open to other Beavis and Butt-Head CGC SS books. Thanks
  13. I agree. I was one of the buffoons up bidding on it because I had just bought a BCM50 and had the means and that buyers high to buy another big book. Luckily logic kicked in and I just moved on to buy some great alternatives to scratch that itch. I set a max bid of $1640 on that 0.5 on ebay thinking "there's no way" kind of glad someone went over me and not just slightly under. It smells like tax returns to me, and I will just wait until the end of the year to grab a copy.
  14. This might drive down the price a bit FMV wise as either someone got a real steal or prices keep going down.
  15. I know about the upcoming HBO series, but what movie news are you talking about?
  16. Thor #162 VG/F 5.0 Color-breaking spine tics front cover, overspray on top, fading on front cover OW pages $18 Thor #163 VG/F 5.0 2nd cameo Him Overspray on top, writing on back C/OW $12 Thor #166(A) Fine 6.0 2nd full app. Him Travelled cover, color-breaking spine tics C/OW pages $70 Thor #166(B) This book was pressed VG/F 5.0 Indentation top of front cover goes all way thru OW pages $55
  17. Thats it for tonight! More to come tomorrow.
  18. Showcase #55 - 6.0 OW - First solo GA Green Lantern in SA, First SA appearance of Solomon Grundy Really nice colors and gloss for the grade. Asking: $175
  19. Thor #153 This book was pressed VG/F 5.0 Travelled cover, creases, piece missing front cover, crease UFC goes all way thru, mark back cover OW pages $15 Thor #154 This book was pressed 1st Mangog VG/F 5.0 Travelled cover, crease on upper front cover goes all way thru OW pages $15 Thor #155 This book was pressed Fine 6.0 Color-breaking spine tics, piece missing lower right front corner, crease back cover extends 1 page in OW pages $20 Thor #158 Fine 6.0 Travelled cover, corners, indentations, shadows in LRBC and ULBC OW pages $25
  20. Well, it was both but he put his money where his mouth was, right? He believed something philosophically and acted on it.
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