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  2. A 20 year old spoiler? I think we've passed the statute of limitations.
  3. Cliff R.

    Help! What is this?

    I found this, seems to be a promotional issue from the 1978 movie.
  4. Dude. Hide this stuff. Some people don't want spoilers.
  5. Only if the old blue label is turned in. If the blue label is never turned in, then it stays in the database until it is. Do you know what the cert # is? If you do, you can look it up in the database to see if it still exists. If it doesn't, then you know for sure it was resubmitted and the cert is gone. It it does still exist, there's a chance the book still exists in its slab.
  6. Lol I was planning to go by the cgc booth as soon as I can get in at 2pm Friday, that way I'm not carrying around books. I remember last year that cgc didn't start taking in books right at 2. As I said, I've got the packing shipping slip, but haven't done it before specifically with cgc, I've always used a facilitator. This year I'm just doing blue label...
  7. Elba is currently 47 years old, Craig is 51 and has another movie to come in 2020 making him 52. They portrayed Craig in Skyfall as being outdated, past it if you will. Looking at how much time generally taken between Bond films it can take another 3 years after the last Craig film to develop a new Bond movie, which begs the question are they going to build a franchise around Elba who would be 51 when his first movie is released? Making him pushing 60 by the end of a trilogy? Unless they are going to portray Bond in his later years ala Neeson in Taken.
  8. Eon productions still own the Rights that's why there were two versions of Thunderball because Kevin McClory helped Ian Fleming on the -script and developed the movie Bond far removed from Fleming's original character. So long as he kept within that story line and characters he could make as many versions as he wanted, other than that Eon Production calls the shots.
  9. I think the series needs to explore more of the double "0" agents. We have seen a 006. Give us 008 (and sure, make it a woman).
  10. I thought about getting a zeck sketch or at least for him to ink a sketch that I already have, but I'm thinking of taking it easy this year. Lol they sure do have a lot going on though I've heard that zeck is very personable! Glad to hear the legend continues!
  11. Just depends on how many reps they have. I think they learned from a couple years ago and sent more last year, but Im not sure. I would avoid going to CGC during/right after a big comic artist signing. Im not sure if they will be walking people to CGC or having them fill out forms in whatever room they are in. The year I went to Jim Lee, they walked us up to the CGC booth so that made lines long.
  12. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are fantastic movies! I really enjoyed them a lot and Gal Gadot is so hot and is the thee perfect Wonder Woman!!!
  13. You shouldn't have any trouble in lines for the non-headliner artists (headliners like Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb and so on). Usually artist alley is a walk and possibly only wait for a couple people at most to get a sig. Generally, its walk up and no one is in line.
  14. I meant for cgc express drop off of a 10 book value sub...
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