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  2. Saw the 6pm showing. There was definitely a couple of plot holes. Lots of laughter and wow moments with some tears. Infinity War was better. Nuff Said!
  3. And just so we're clear: 9.8 is the very definition of "not average."
  4. If you have to change the parameters to make your point, your point isn't valid.
  5. The author of the article really needs to do better research. "over $700,000, the most valuable comics lot sold at Heritage." is incorrect. The highest price paid in past HA comic book/art category is another Frazetta, Death Dealer 6 Painting (1990) for $1.792 Million. Only 21 items have sold for more at Heritage than the current $2.5M bid. Most are money and coins or plots of land. If it doubles the bids to $5 Million it will be the most expensive item ever sold on Heritage.
  6. That's fantastic. It's nice to see something "comics related" be seen as fine art, and rewarded as such. Frazetta was a painter on par with many of the greats of the 20th century.
  7. I appreciate the advice. I know most of the shop owners in the Los Angeles area. I listen to all of their advice. I’m actually trying to open my own shop soon and the way this industry is nowadays we need all the customers we can get.
  8. All this Ghost ... Ok... Ghost to star in movie Ghost ( Patrick Swayzes birthday) August 18 , 1952 so I present to you Little Max #18 from August 1952...
  9. This is one of the first films I can remember seeing, back in the mist of time, when British TV couldn't show a film unless it was at least 10 years after it's release date, so it must have been around 1960. When I think about it, the BBC had a lot of Charles Laughton movies, along with Robert Donat films, The Ghost Goes West being the one I particularly remember from then. I think Donat was a protégé of Laughton's, but don't quote me. I read the Notre Dame novel years later, Quasimodo's and Esmerelda's story was a secondary story to the actual history of the Cathedral itself.
  10. I also don't mind naming names, either. I know some people get squeamish about that, but...the truth is an absolute defense, and people deserve to know what they're walking into. If it seems I have a grudge against certain stores...of course I do! They ripped me off, and have never even attempted to make amends. I bought multiple restored books from House of Secrets in Burbank, and anyone and everyone I know who is considering going there, I tell the same thing: be very, very careful about what you're buying. Check it thoroughly, because A. they didn't, and B. they don't care. The shady part of the community knows this, and I have zero doubt that people buy problem books, and use HOS as a laundry. You buy a color touched Hulk #181 in 8.5 for $3,000 or so, you crack it, they buy it from you for $4,000, and they put it in their mention of the CT they don't even know is there...for $6,000. It's quite a nice racket. But at least people go into it with eyes wide open.
  11. The art was used as the covers for Eerie 23 and Creepy 92. At $2.5 million after the first day (20 days left). Already by far the most valuable comics lot auctioned by Heritage. Final estimates at $5m+, but difficult to gauge. This could soon become the most expensive comics-related item of all time, topping the Action 1 that went for $3.2m in 2014.
  12. It's a really good show and I like it. My main complaint is not the lack of books but the fact they removed the booze a couple years ago so you can't grab a beer and attend the show. There's a lot of comics to peruse but it depends on what you're looking to buy. There's not a ton of golden age books but there are definitely some. Silver age is fairly well represented and there's lots of bronze and modern. I don't look for comic art prints but that material seems pretty available. The show has gotten better every year, except for the booze.
  13. Thanks, thinking back, after reading the comments to this thread I figured that I would leave it ungraded since it was such a nice book raw that a 9.2 wouldn't do it justice in a slab. I stumbled upon a blog with interviews from someone from CGC and they specifically talked about manufacturing defects and how it affects CGC grading. There was some questions regarding printers creases and the answer was that they didn't lower the grade of the book. After reading that I figured I would get this graded at some point when making a submission to CGC. Not sure if this will always hold true but it was what I read in the interview. Even if PC's won't lower the grade, not all PC's are created equal and some books have multiples which really can ruin the aesthetic of the book. I personally prefer small PC's to the older distributors strips that leave an ink type residue on the very top of the back cover. I've had and have seen many silver/bronze age books with these types of distributors stamps in high grade and it is pretty noticeable in the slab. Just wanted to post this for members interested in PC's
  14. Great artist and Kane’s primary ghost artist for Batman.
  15. Ever watch the show "Life In Pieces"? Its a fun show, definitely on the surreal side, but still grounded in family humor. A lot of the humor surrounds the "missed takeaway", where the point being made by one character is completely missed by another. That's what's happened here. You're assuming things that may, or may not be true, but ultimately, you're missing the point. If you're going to be defensive and worry that everyone might be trying to pull a fast one on you...and that's not a personal slight, just an objective analysis...then you'll have to recognize that those attitudes will turn off a significant portion of your potential customer base. It's like I said above: assume the best intentions in everyone, until and unless they prove you wrong, and don't transfer that to anyone else. Do you own a store? Because this thread is essentially about actual stores, rather than "dealers." As to your earlier comments about customers switching books and whatnot, there are ways to mitigate that. First, and perhaps most important, is to realize that the odds of someone paying a substantial sum of money on a back issue and then ruining said back issue by "restoring" it, then getting it graded and then blaming you for "missing" said resto is phenomenally small. Possible? Sure. Likely? Well as Mr. B said, he's never had anyone, in 30 years of retailing, have anyone actually do all of those things. You'd have to have a customer who was realllllly mad at you for some reason, but we clever enough to disguise it so that such a scheme would be possible. Most buyers who drop a considerable chunk of change on a comic, the last thing they'd dream of doing is trying to restore it. Second...the way you protect yourself is to scan anything above the value you don't think you can "eat." Be it $25, or $100, or $500, or whatever, scan your inventory. That way, if someone tries to "switch books" on you, you can pull up the scans and say "I think you may have mistaken another copy for the one I sold you. Look, clearly different copies." Third, track your inventory. This requires diligence on your part, but knowing what you sold, and to whom you sold it, can make all the difference if a dispute ever arose. These are all pro-active steps you can take, to protect not just yourself, but your customers, too. There are. But assuming everyone is a potential miserable customer is going to hurt you in the long run. You'll burn out real quick carrying that burden around all the time. Not everyone is out to screw you over...and trying to protect yourself from any potential "screwing" is just going to alienate people in the long run, because they'll sense that in you. 30 years for me in comics, as of this summer, 28 years as a seller. Set up at my first show in the spring of 1991 with Fred Tiu. What an experience that was.
  16. I don't think anyone is jealous. And the hate is just tongue in cheek. People who have been here forever have seen so much BS and so many people come and go pulling stuff that they do tend to haze new posters - especially if they feel the poster was just a hit and run (meaning posted a thread and then left)
  18. Crowd full of jealousy and hate indeed
  19. Not my copy originally, but i sought to replace it and was very happy with this, until i wasn't, currently my under copy. $2100
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