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  2. I know some of the history on that Rockford Detective 27. I read it / flipped through the pages prior to it being sold. I would swear to you all it had never been opened before or it had been decades since it was opened. Back half of the book had that "crack" to them upon opening the book. That was probably 2003 when I read it. Most expensive book I've ever held with my bare hands. Friend of mine named Brad here in the Columbus area was the owner - he sold it to Met I believe.
  3. He's your Huckleberry, is who he is-
  4. Storm kicks his @$$ to take control of the X-Men back in issue #201 of Uncanny. With no powers. -slym
  5. Have you ever seen "Project Moonbase"? There's some real misogyny!!
  6. Need I remind again before you go blind that you always need to put on your dark dark sunglasses before looking at a Heritage scan, let alone one with a white cover.
  7. Vault of horror #12 cgc 4.0 universal 1st issue cream to ow pages mycomicshop has a cgc 4.5 for $2950! only asking $1600!! (Old sale price from 2 years ago) Lowest price online! shipping is $14.95 usps priority mail shipping no returns on cgc bookS payment can be via check, money order, PayPal or cash. First “I’ll take it” wins. Otherwise negotiation via PM! Good luck!
  8. Man have asked, so now I’ll be accepting Time Payments.
  9. No that's the collector arena. Here, in the Comics General forum, things have never been better! Lotta good info and camaraderie as well as comic historians on display! Trolling at an all-time low!
  10. Completely agree! This one done wrong could easily pop a staple..
  11. This was common in the nineties. It takes a bit of luck patience and skill to acquire a complete story and then break it up and sell for a profit. You start with the least desirable pages and work your way to break even. Then your key splash and action pages should be the gravy. One of my goals is to obtain and keep a book together. However I see the other side. This upcoming auction there are so many pages coming from the desirable FF Annual 2 after all this time. Breaking them up gives collectors a chance to try and grab at least one page. I imagine those who buy the complete stories will break them up. Some will try and sell some pages pretty quickly. Others will keep the story together as long as possible to create the illusion of the unobtainable. Then they’ll parcel out a few pages at a time in the future. Profiles in History also have a nice selection of complete stories coming up in December. Will there be a glut? Maybe From what I’m hearing there are many Excited collectors wanting to get their hands on a page from FF 2 as an example. I believe the market which includes international bidders easily will absorb all of this fine inventory. If we were relying on just a U S buyers pool maybe not.
  12. With all the flippers, speculators, and CPR it seems more like the 1980-1990 crack epidemic...
  13. I've seen some disasters with other pressers!!!!!
  14. At least with that one being stabbed you could always send it in for an evaluation for a possible grade bump. I agree with this as I have seen some of the magic he has worked.
  15. Just be careful who presses it! I recommend Joey!!!
  16. Truly this is the Golden Age or Renaissance of Comics General!!!
  17. I don't know.. with a skilled press and clean..
  18. DONT CRACK IT! That book is not your Huckleberry!!!
  19. Paid 82 bucks for this on a 9 am ending auction in Aug of ‘18.
  20. I'll take All Star 63A, 64A ,73 Planet of Vampires 3 Ragman 1,2 Hillbilly 1 Masters of the Universe 1 Gold Foil Copy B Gotham City Sirens 14, 16
  21. Sure, but my point was about the collecting and collectability of the original books. It would be a shame if the original books were tossed into the dustbin of history, just because the stories were reprinted and no one cares about their collectability.
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