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  2. E-Bay buck offers stink. I have a hard enough time justifying grabbing books if I get a 15% coupon let alone a future 8% off.
  3. Nice orangy-red cover on that one. Someone should snag it quickly.
  4. I will play the devils advocate here... IMO... 5.0 VERY GOOD/FINE (VG/FN): Back to TopAn above-average but well used comic book. An accumulation of bindery/printing defects is allowed. Minor to moderate cover wear apparent, with minor to moderate creases and/or dimples. Inks have moderate to low reflectivity. Blunted corners are increasingly common, as is minor to moderate staining, discoloration, and/or foxing. Stamped or inked arrival dates may be present. A minor to moderate spine roll is allowed. A spine split of up to 1/2" may be present. Staples may show minor discoloration. Minor staple tears and minor stress lines may also be present, as well as minor rust migration. Paper is tan to brown with no signs of brittleness. Centerfold may be loose. Minor interior tears may also be present.
  5. Great research and information, Scrooge - and great examples from each publisher/category (well, except Charlton, of course....)! ....and kaculler - now I know who beat me out on the Dale Evans lot recently!
  6. What he said, ^^^^^, also some closer pics of the spine. If there are no "visible" spine ticks from what I can see I would give this book a... 9.0 VERY FINE/NEAR MINT (VF/NM): Back to TopNearly perfect with outstanding eye appeal. A limited number of bindery/printing defects are allowed. Cover is almost flat with almost imperceptible wear. Inks are bright with slightly diminished reflectivity. An 1/8" bend is allowed if color is not broken. Corners are cut square and sharp with ever-so-slight blunting permitted but no creases. Several lightly penciled, stamped or inked arrival dates are acceptable. Very minor foxing. Spine is tight and flat. Staples may show some discoloration. Only the slightest staple tears are allowed. A very minor accumulation of stress lines may be present if they are nearly imperceptible. Paper is off-white to cream and supple. Very minor interior tears may be present. Either way that is a GREAT BOOK!!!, Enjoy.
  7. Sounds right. I would have thought maybe prevents it from grading no more than 9.6. Thanks I will investigate
  8. I tried and failed to find discussion in search. What I want to know is has anyone at CGC provided an explanation as to why special label books ( Marvel labels) have to have their own shipping and invoice fee?
  9. Hello and Thank you for the response, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you again.
  10. You better be talking about me or my feelings are going to be hurt.
  11. I just started reading this -- it's great and thanks for the link. I love an old-fashioned deep dive into shenanigans.
  12. I get it when an actor has become so associated with a role it is hard to shake that off. In this film, I didn't have that problem.
  13. Is there a link? No, kind of why I asked, because it might not be for everyone, but I got it in my regular email, it hasn't even hit my ebay messages yet Just curious, as it might be a "sign" of further coupons and such coming when the ebay bucks promotions are over...... this ebay bucks at 8% was for 2 days of shopping, starting today.... Hopefully other's will get it
  14. Did someone say photorealistic comic book covers?
  15. Look, Jeremy Renner is great and the best Olson sister is good, but I just don't think I can watch them in anything else and not see them as Avengers.
  16. Which your personal comics have increased in price the most since 2016? I was just trying to sell off a few comics last week, I happened to check the prices of my Supergirl Legion of Superheroes 23 9.6 which is around 700? I remember buying it for 400 in 2016. This price jump has really surprised me. Anyway, just wondering what everyone else's experiences have been like? The only rule of this thread is this has to be a book bought since 2016; nothing from your childhood collections.
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