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  2. I tend to agree now. At the time I thought it was brilliant, but the better ending to the story in the film version has really put me off Ozymandias’ fake alien squid invasion masterplan in the original graphic novel. For me, still a very significant classic, but flawed, spoiled by a poor concluding section.
  3. In honor of my old ship's hull number - $1,058.00
  4. I am one of the collectors who does not pay more for signed books. In fact, if the signature is on the cover and in sharpie I will just pass on it. Inside the book is OK, and even on the cover in ball point pen is OK, but I don't think it really raises the value. Yours is more valuable to you because you got the signatures done. My Kirby and Barks signatures are valuable to me because I got them done. It's funny, because I write books (not comics) and the people that buy them want them signed and personalized every time. I joke that the unsigned copies will be more valuable than the signed books because the signed books amount to 95% of them.
  5. I think that was a rhetorical question...
  6. Take Maus vol 1, Dark Horse Presents 55, 58, 59, 61, 62, Detective 598, 599, 600
  7. Aside from the golden age era of black terror, daredevil, dollman etc. I think that gold key bunch had the best potential, except maybe Dr. solar, he overlaps a few of the 2 bigs characters. magnus and turok could fit in though and be in a better place.
  8. That 9.6ses don't do so well may limit submissions too: $25 (from the other company): $41 (from cgc): most of the cgc ones do better than that though never understood why this cover didn't do better:
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  10. I can't answer your question to your or even my own satisfaction. It's up to George to decide what sources of information to use for GPA. I have no influence in that. It's up to me to decide if I want to pay $120 a year for his service. I find the service useful enough to me to pay the price. But it's only ONE tool, one pricing source I use. I use and pay for others. if George decides to open it up a lot more dealers, a lot of LCS, I might decide differently.
  11. 147 + 15 + 9.8s from the other guys sound like plenty, particularly now as it is worth like $50 less than 10 years ago... My 100-200 estimate was not off. 9.4 for under $25, ouch: I never understood why folks thought census numbers back then were reflective of much. I have to wonder how many collectors are like me and have never slabbed a book? (although I'm on the cusp of doing it...). 25-30,000 comics and never.
  12. Graded books total sales value eclipsing raw? I'm confident that is not true. I've been a dealer (mail order) for decades. I typically have my best books slabbed. A good buddy owns a LCS. I'm there on Wednesdays as a cooperative good for both our businesses thing. He gets his best books slabbed - which isn't at all common for LCS. The other two LCS in this town slab nothing. For me and for my friend, all those $5-$50 raw sales add up to VASTLY more money that the good stuff that gets slabbed. The good stuff getting slabbed is sometimes very profitable. The good stuff slabbed is much more liquid. I do agree that very high value transactions is where slabbed books show strength. The more expensive the book, the more comfortable buyers feel in buying when the book is third party graded and encapsulated. But even with the high dollar books plenty do change hands raw. Because the buyer trusts the seller. Bob (blazingbob) sells lots of expensive raw books. So does say MCS and Metropolis Comics. Customers trust them.
  13. Well if you only trust Publicly recorded sales that would only come from Auction houses why are dealer provided sales currently on GPA then?
  14. Shill bidding isn't the potential problem with show dealers and LCS reporting. I'm a comic book dealer as well, so I'm not throwing shade on any particular person or way of selling comic books. . But LCS owners and dealers at shows have their favorite books. They have books they are deep in stock with and would like to sell and they have books they believe ought to be worth more. Dealers sending in printed lists of books that they say they sold and the price might be rock solid and might be completely made up numbers. Numbers harvested automatically and electronically from live auctions I have a lot more faith in. Yes. GPA only captures data from one part of the market. Which is why successful sellers don't just use one source (like GPA) for pricing information.
  15. Overrated: Watchmen Underrated: Conan (Especially SSOC)
  16. if the shoe fits ... And Peter, how would you know if the shoe fits if you've never seen my foot or the actual shoe? But really I just wanted to quote you saying that insulting people is OK.
  17. Look, I'm not going to waste any more time on you. I could put you on ignore but where would be the fun in that. This thread will become interesting again in January with the Heritage 9.4. Till then, I'm out.
  18. Throwing insults. Wow, is this high school again? Even my kids don't act like this and the oldest is 24. Everyone talks about everyone on here, unfortunately. There's lots of gossip and backstabbing. Even stories about you. And most of it is heresy and very few people really care about getting the facts right or going to the root of the problem. It's much easier and more satisfying to just pile on with the mob.
  19. This conversation sucks. I'm out. Will visit this thread when the Heritage AF15 sells.
  20. I’ve always thought he’s one of the greatest comic characters ever created. Intimidating evil.
  21. Well, he's a dealer. And a very respected one. And has been one for decades. Dealer. You know. The kind that hold inventory, have shops, set up at shows, etc. Oh right, you wouldn't. And I've been on the boards for 10 yrs. Enough time to have read enough stories about you from people that DO in fact know you.
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