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  2. Probably because I didn't PM you about it, first time for everything Jerome
  3. Spider-man pages from Web of Spider-man 26 - That was the first Spider-man comic I ever bought. Spider-man pages from Amazing Spider-man 292 - That was the first Amazing Spider-man I ever bought. Any page from Whitman Road Runner 97 - First Comic I ever received. Of course there are always some GI Joe, Transformers, and Indiana Jones pages I am looking for.
  4. One of the most powerful pages was in Fantastic Four when Ben Grimm, after finally being turned into a normal human again, had to be turned back into the Thing to defeat Dr. Doom. Enraged, he wades through all of Doom's defenses and then crushes his armor. I think the OA is owned by a former boardie.
  5. I was going to post this but saw that you already had. @Buzzetta would agree, one of the best pages ever
  6. After thinking about it, I have to add 2 more.
  7. Ghost Rider 29 signed by Joe & Andy Kubert goes to ... Thee... Unstoppable! ... Jay! .... DEEEEEE!!!! Thank you sir!
  9. That's all I have shot right now. Remember, I have most of Walking Dead #72-154 here but won't be shooting it all, maybe just a couple. Everything looks high grade at a quick glance. PM #'s if you need any and I can take and send pix.
  10. So Hulk 181 has now shot passed GSX1 and X94... do you guys think this is permanent or will the trend be cyclical?
  11. SOLD! Scarlet #'s 1,23,5 NM, Bendis, optioned, Cinemax, hot, rare, yadda yadda whatever. $10
  12. Today
  13. Jumbo lot Scarce issues #163 GD #166 Fair + solid copy but there is a 2 inch cut on the cover and first 4 pages, the 2nd page tear is larger $300
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